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1 Dark matter hunter who found unexpected, giant 'Fermi bubbles' wins $100,000 physics prize
2 Beyond “Fermi’s Paradox” IX: What is the Brief Window Hypothesis?
3 Regulators didn't take anything for granted at Fermi 2 when earthquake occurred
4 No damage from quake reported at Fermi 2
5 Tag: Enrico Fermi
6 Postdoctoral Research Associate (Linac) in Batavia, IL for Fermi National Accelerator Laboratory
7 Unexpected Findings: International Team of Researchers Discover Cosmic “Heartbeat”
8 Ambarella, Inc. (AMBA) CEO Dr. Fermi Wang on Q2 2021 Results
9 Social Distancing on a Cosmic Scale
10 Picture Enfield
11 Readers ask about Mars dust storms, Fermi bubbles and more
12 A Fermi Spirograph and Women's Equality Day
13 As Fermi 2 emerges from outage, activist group renews fight
14 Tag: Fred Saberhagen
15 Is Anyone Out There?: The Fermi Paradox, Explained
16 First optical measurements of Milky Way's Fermi Bubbles probe their origin
17 Most work done, but will virus keep Fermi 2 offline much longer?
18 Probing the properties of a 2-D fermi gas
19 An ideal Josephson junction in an ultracold two-dimensional Fermi gas
20 Beyond “Fermi’s Paradox” V: What is the Aestivation Hypothesis?
21 Virus puts Fermi 2 refueling outage on hold
22 Fermi Links Nearby Pulsar's Gamma-ray 'Halo' to Antimatter Puzzle
23 Investigation of five-layered cuprate reveals Fermi pockets
24 Refueling outage at Fermi 2 complicated, delayed due to coronavirus cases among workers
25 Fermi 2 nuclear power plant 'stable' after earthquake near Detroit Beach
26 Coronavirus strikes Fermi 2 nuclear plant during refueling; utility keeps working
27 Fermilab to lead $115 million National Quantum Information Science Research Center to build revolutionary quantum computer with Rigetti Computing, Northwestern University, Ames Laboratory, NASA, INFN and additional partners
28 Mysterious 'Fermi Bubbles' may be the result of black hole indigestion 6 million years ago
29 Researchers reveal common origin of fermi bubbles and galactic center x-ray outflows
30 2D Fermi gas hosts ideal Josephson junction – Physics World
31 Powerful New Observatory Will Taste Neutrinos' Flavors
32 Partnership Between Art and Science: A Collaboration to Cherish
33 Things you can tell from Fermi bubbles
34 Fermi 2 down for refueling, awaiting word from NRC on scope of required work
35 Fermi-2 reactor in Michigan starting up after pandemic-delayed outage: DTE
36 Regulatory commission rejects activist group's challenge of Fermi 2 license extension
37 Common Origin of Colossal Fermi Bubbles and Galactic Center X-Ray Outflows Revealed
38 Beyond “Fermi’s Paradox” IV: What is the Rare Earth Hypothesis?
39 COVID-19 outbreak sparked Fermi work stand down
40 Fermi-2 reactor in Michigan sees over 200 workers test positive for novel coronavirus during outage
41 Physics
42 DTE temporarily suspends Fermi refueling work
43 Covid-19 may impact Fermi 2 refueling schedule
44 First Optical Measurements of Milky Ways Fermi Bubbles Probe Their Origin
45 The Milky Way’s giant gas bubbles were seen in visible light for the first time
46 Radio galaxy NGC 3894 investigated with Fermi
47 Fermi systems as a new state of matter
48 Nuclear Handicapping: How Enrico Fermi Will Make You Better
49 Groups petition NRC over Fermi 2 repair
50 Fermi 2 worker tests positive for coronavirus
51 Story of the Milky Way’s Fermi Bubbles –“As Large as the Galaxy Itself” (Weekend Feature)
52 A Probabilistic Analysis Of The Fermi Paradox In Terms Of The Drake Formula: The Role Of The L Factor
53 Quasiparticle interference evidence of the topological Fermi arc states in chiral fermionic semimetal CoSi
54 Fed board grants hearing to activist group challenging Fermi 2 license extension
55 Fermi mission links nearby pulsar's gamma-ray 'halo' to antimatter puzzle
56 Fermi 2 struggles with large COVID-19 outbreak among workers
57 Original Fermi Baseball Coach Gene Ryczek Dies | Enfield, CT Patch
58 NASA Missions Explore a 'TIE Fighter' Active Galaxy
59 Fermi 2 begins refueling, maintenance outage
60 Fermi 2 to extend maintenance shutdown due to virus outbreak
61 Two construction projects reach major milestones at Fermilab
62 A theoretical boost to nano-scale devices: Researchers calculate the quasi-Fermi levels in molecular junctions applying an initio approach.
63 Watchdog groups file safety concerns on Fermi 2 nuclear reactor
64 Incredible Power of Shock Waves in a Nova Explosion Revealed by NASA’s Fermi and NuSTAR
65 Physicists revive hunt for dark matter in the heart of the Milky Way
66 NASA's Fermi, swift missions enable a new era in gamma-ray science
67 Imaging magnetic polarons in the doped Fermi–Hubbard model
68 Nuke Workers Flock to U.S. Small Towns for Can't-Wait Refueling
69 Original Fermi High School Science Teacher James Cherry Dies
70 Suspected mayfly swarm causes power loss at nuclear plant in Michigan
71 Physicist Proposes a Pretty Depressing Explanation For Why We Never See Aliens
72 Fermi 2 worker tests positive for alcohol
73 Fermilab scientists publish quantum computing course for high school students
75 Do black holes have indigestion? That could explain mysterious bubbles belched into space
76 Fermi Energia secures investment by Last Energy
77 Fermi pressure issue not a danger, officials say
78 Cosmic heartbeat discovered in gas cloud synced with a black hole by Arecibo, Fermi telescopes
79 Fermi-arc diversity on surface terminations of the magnetic Weyl semimetal Co3Sn2S2
80 Press Release
81 Milky Way's giant gas-filled Fermi bubbles imaged in visible light for the first time
82 NASA’s Fermi, Swift Missions Enable a New Era in Gamma-ray Science
83 Something Strange Is Happening in the Fermi Bubbles
84 ‘Mayfly accumulation’ suspected cause of power loss at nuclear plant
85 Fermi Finds Enormous Gamma-Ray Halo around Nearby Pulsar | Astronomy
86 Estonia's Fermi Energia signs MoU on developing first nuclear reactor
87 Does Climate Change Offer a Compelling Answer to the Fermi Paradox?
88 These two celestial bodies share a heartbeat, puzzling scientists
89 Meet the Man Who Built the World's First Nuclear Reactor | Alexander Hammond
90 'Chilling' solution to Fermi paradox: Are intelligent life forms destined to destroy themselves?
91 Alone in a Crowded Milky Way
92 Enrico Fermi, flaws and all
93 Fermi Telescope: Studying the High-Energy Cosmos
94 The Winners Of The 2021 Breakthrough Prizes Have Been Announced
95 BDR Bureau gives 1960s Italian school a pastel pink makeover
96 New Fermi Explorers program receives funding to strengthen undergraduate diversity in STEM
97 Galaxy Simulations Offer a New Solution to the Fermi Paradox
98 CERN experiments announce first indications of a rare Higgs boson process
99 SENSEI gets quiet | News
100 A degenerate Fermi gas of polar molecules