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1 According to specialists, the aggressiveness of dogs depends on their upbringing.
2 Police drop investigation into owner of dog that attacked Freddie the Seal
3 Fila Brasileiro: Breed Facts and Temperament | Pet Side
4 An Open Letter To People Who Think That All Pitbulls Are Mean
5 He looked like a cute puppy. Then DNA tests revealed he was a wolf
6 Taipei owner of pit bull that fatally attacked poodle faces hefty fine
7 Around the world in 50 dogs: Incredible international breeds
8 Gone to the dogs?
9 Which dogs are banned in the UK? The full list of breeds you're not allowed to own
10 MPs to examine Dangerous Dogs Act
11 Police put down dangerous dog in Cambridge after spate of bloody attacks
12 Taiwan mulls total ban on pit bulls
13 Pit bull terrier injured child in Cornwall play park
14 New rankings: Seattle's least popular dog breeds for 2020
15 Pet project
16 The 9 rules that every dog owner must follow
17 This Is the Most Commonly Banned Dog Breed in the US
18 Petition: Repeal Discriminatory Breed Specific Legislation in the UK
19 Temperament test proposed for interned dogs
20 Pack of outsized metal dogs and cats to inhabit Miami park, raising critics’ hackles
21 Working to End Dog Breed Ban in Public Housing
22 5 dogs that are too dangerous to breed
23 Stockton man accused of having 'custody of fighting dog'
24 Watchman mauled to death by dangerous dogs?
25 Dogs kill man at actor Ving Rhames' LA home
26 Dangerous dogs: PM urged not to treat pit bulls as 'collateral damage'
27 How your dog could be branded dangerous
28 Banned dog breeds have been given code names so they can be sold online to those in the know
29 Dangerous dogs law needs changing, says MPs' committee
30 High Risk
31 Dog definitely attacked man, but almost 2,500 still petition to save it
32 Thousands of dogs have been killed unnecessarily due to misguided ideas about breeds
33 Christopher Serju | Collar dog owners | In Focus
34 Organisations 'disappointed' at BSL review refusal
35 Police search for owner of banned Japanese fighting dog after incident with elderly man
36 Does Banning Specific Dog Breeds Improve Public Safety?
37 20 of the World's Rarest Dog Breeds | Outside Online
38 Dog shot after boy bitten on Queen Street
39 How 'Batman' Actor Burt Ward Became A Real Life Super Hero For Dogs
40 Top 25 Most Dangerous Dog Breeds in the World
41 What Dog Breeds Are Banned On Airlines? Some Dogs Can't Safely Fly On Planes
42 What dogs are dangerous and which breeds are banned in the UK?...
43 17 Of The Biggest And Most Beautiful Mastiff Breeds In The World
44 United lifts ban on 9 breeds of dog
45 Amazing but Rare Dog Breeds Only a True Dog Expert Would Know
46 Dog killed man a week after police handed it back to owner
47 Dog that attacked Brigmantas before he died bit him in the past, too
48 Fatal Cornwall attack sparks call to reform dangerous dog laws
49 Taiwan mulls tougher control on aggressive pet dogs as attacks rise
50 Dangerous Dogs Act has never worked
51 Controlling your dog in public: Banned dogs
52 Irish Wolfhound on Famous Pottery
53 Excluded breeds
54 Why are pit bulls banned in the UK?
55 Nationwide study shows short-nosed dogs are less healthy
56 Charity warns against 'demonising' certain dog breeds as attacks and police seizures rise
57 Jade Anderson death: Brutal crime or tragic accident?
58 United Airlines' new pet policy bans these dogs and cats
59 National Dogs of Different Countries
60 Hyderabad: Rare dogs featured in Petex
61 It's the owner not the breed that makes a dog a danger
62 Dangerous Dogs Act under review
63 Selling of cats, dogs at pet shops to be banned across Turkey: Ministry
64 My partner was mauled to death by a dog not classed as dangerous
65 Banned dog breeds are almost history for Ipswich
66 Breeders are selling banned dogs online using code words for those in the know
67 The Dystopian Future Has Arrived for British Dogs
68 Dogtime: Dog Breed Info Center
69 The 10 Rarest Dog Breeds In The World | TheThings
70 Dogs seized, beaten, drowned as Hangzhou launches harsh crackdown on canines
71 How Many Breeds of Dogs Are There in the World?
72 Staffies not to be added to banned breed list
73 The Dangerous Dogs Act 25 years on: How effective has it been?
74 Which dangerous dogs are banned in the UK?
75 Dog ban could be coming soon – NationNews Barbados —
76 Police taking the lead in banned dogs crackdown
77 MPs to probe dangerous dogs laws after the RSPCA called for them to be scrapped
78 Dog laws in Scotland: Everything you need to know about controlling your pet
79 These Are the Worst Dog Breeds to Travel With
80 Dangerous Dogs Act inquiry launched
81 Owner defends savage dog attack after woman’s pet dachshund was mauled to death
82 Dog fighting: Campaigners call for action against owners
83 Top 5 Dog Breeds That Are Banned In Many Countries As House Pets
84 USA: Pit bull reportedly kills new dog adoption owner
85 Dog attack not the cause of Hamilton man's death: police
86 Demands for law change after boy, 10, killed by dog
87 Don't tar all dogs with the same brush
89 Dogs attack female Frigate Bay resident
90 Aggression and Fear Can Be Reduced in Specific Dog Breeds
91 Man killed, woman injured in horror dog attack in Melbourne backyard
92 Dangerous Dogs Act change urged by Blue Cross charity
93 Searching for Sampson
94 RSPCA calls for urgent changes to '˜flawed' Dangerous Dogs Act
95 Call to save staffy that mauled dachshund to death from being put down
96 American Staffordshire terriers have killed four Australians this year
97 Dramatic moment cops gun down dangerous dogs before arresting owner after ‘five pitbulls’ rampage through s...
98 Dangerous dog owners face jail
99 Bichon frise mauled to death by two bull terriers, man injured
100 The Dog Control Act