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1 Is it ethical to vaccinate children to protect the elderly?
2 Study on infections after childbirth wins Research Paper of Year
3 Covid 19: Where's the strategy for testing?
4 Covid-19: A wake-up call
5 “There is real fear that when winter comes we will find ourselves in a very difficult position”, BMJ's Dr Fiona Godlee
6 Racism: the other pandemic
7 Covid-19: It's too soon to lift lockdown
8 The miracle cure
9 Crusading editor of the BMJ aims to shake things up
10 Pushing diabetics to take insulin is a medical scam: Fiona Godlee
11 BMJ editor Fiona Godlee takes on corruption in science
12 Protect health and social care workers and refer their deaths to the coroner, says The BMJ editor
13 Commercial influence in health: from transparency to independence
14 Doctors, researchers taking money or favours from drug sponsors called out as 'unacceptable'
15 Need strong medical research in India: Dr Fiona Godlee
16 Investing in humanity
17 Researchers Call to End Financial Conflicts in Medicine
18 India an extraordinary paradox: Dr Fiona Godlee
19 Inhabitants of Swedish-Somali origin are at great risk for covid-19
20 'Too much medicine': how over-medication could be harming you
21 How much medicine is too much?
22 Lessons from Leicester: a covid-19 testing system that's not fit for purpose
23 Managing type 2 diabetes
24 Healthcare information for all
25 Editorial staff
26 BMJ should retract flawed paper on chronic fatigue syndrome
27 Critics Assail J&J's Sponsorship Of High-Profile Physician Conference Exploring Conflict Of Interests
28 What should we do about vaccine hesitancy?
29 Commercial influence and covid-19
30 At Top Medical Journals, Women Are Gaining Ground -- Slowly
31 Should we legalise cannabis?
32 Coronavirus Food News Tracker: Best articles on the pandemic and our food system
33 British Medical Journal Praised for New Fossil Fuel Divestment Campaign
34 The British Medical Journal Joins the Fossil Fuel Divestment Movement
35 Time to stop commercial distortion of healthcare evidence and practice, experts urge
36 Debunking the myths of vaccinations: how immunization protects more than harms | Opinion
37 Wellbeing—for patients and doctors
38 Partha Kar: Diabetes—know your type
39 'Investing in Humanity': British Medical Journal Praised for New Fossil Fuel Divestment Campaign
40 How to make yourselves redundant
41 BMJ Awards 2020: nominations open with four new categories including climate action and women's health
42 MP calls for independent review of benefits and harms of statins
43 UK: NHS frontline staff and patients at risk through government negligence over pandemic
44 Disentangling ourselves from “Big Formula”
45 A tale of two vaccines
46 One of world's most influential doctors urges action to avoid evidence being 'distorted' by pharmaceutical industry
47 Scientists at war with ministers over Covid: Experts call for public inquiry into 'failures'
48 Richard Smith: Emerging thinking of a new chair of the UK Health Alliance on Climate Change
49 Richard Smith: Stephen Lock, one of the best BMJ editors, is 90
50 Re: Paying the ultimate price
51 Feb 21 2020 This Week in Cardiology
52 Statins review 'urgently needed' to find out if millions benefit
53 Lessons from Gosport
54 Experts set out plan to tackle “questionable integrity” of medical evidence
55 Coronavirus: FAI call into deaths of NHS and care workers
56 Locked Down and Locking in the New Global Order
57 Ninth international congress on peer review and scientific publication: call for research
58 Working to prevent overdiagnosis
59 Food for thought
60 Why aren't medical devices regulated like drugs?
61 Climate change
62 'We must prepare for a second wave of coronavirus'
63 What every doctor needs to know about the 'statin war'
64 Over 200000 patients stop treatment after statins controversy, study finds
65 COVID 19: The last straw that broke a weak camel's back
66 GMC in the spotlight
67 RCN president joins call for rapid review to prepare for second wave of Covid-19
68 The Lancet’s editor: ‘The UK response to coronavirus is the greatest science policy failure for a generation’
69 Calls for 'Sunshine Act' as GSK pays doctors to promote drugs again
70 UK needs urgent Covid-19 inquiry before we are hit by a second wave
71 Popular antidepressant Paxil (paroxetine) not safe or effective for teens, study finds
72 The Lancet Versus BMJ: A Dispatch From the Statin Wars
73 No more infant formula advertising in The BMJ
74 BMJ vs The Lancet: there are no winners in the 'statins war'
75 Prepare for a pandemic
76 Calling time on formula milk adverts
77 Can Salt Reduction Targets Be Achieved?
78 Do statins really work? Who benefits? Who has the power to cover up the side effects?
79 Thirty years and an ocean away, a medical scandal repeats itself
80 Retracted autism study an 'elaborate fraud,' British journal finds
81 We urgently need to start contact tracing to stop the spread of covid-19
82 Re: The Materiovigilance Programme Of India (MvPI).
83 Seven days in medicine: 3-9 June 2020
84 Whistleblower says nurses advised to 'walk away' from Covid-19 heart attacks
85 Failing to provide best PPE is 'playing roulette' with lives of health workers
86 British Medical Journal calls for all drugs to be legalised and taxed
87 Questioning coercive vaccination policy
88 The secret reasons why statins may not be as useful as we think |
89 June 23 coronavirus news
90 Meet Nature's new editor: She reads scientific papers like page-turners
91 To wear or not to wear: WHO's confusing guidance on masks in the covid-19 pandemic
92 'War on drugs' cash should be spent on public services
93 Open Data
94 Japan managed to win its war on drugs, why can't we?
95 Who should take statins? A vicious debate over cholesterol drugs.
96 Face to face with covid-19 on Hong Kong's dirty team
97 COVID 19 : Certain salient points
98 Are legal concerns stifling scientific debate?
99 Cow's Milk Allergy 'Trojan Horse for Infant Milk Industry'
100 At NEJM, change at top offers chance to reshape the world's oldest medical journal