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1 Linux Foundation to host open-source Servo web engine
2 Amazon: We're hiring software engineers who know programming language Rust
3 Basilisk 2020.11.25
4 A preview of the upcoming Waterfox Browser third-generation release is now available
5 Servo Rehomed With Linux Foundation
6 Open Source Web Engine Servo to be Hosted at Linux Foundation
7 Strange redirect when accessing Huawei H112-370
8 Microsoft has a fake extensions problem in its Microsoft Edge Store
9 Microsoft engineer spanked for proposing Mozilla gives up on Gecko Firefox rendering engine
10 Mozilla's Renewed Deal with Google Puts Firefox on Steadier Ground
11 Has Chromium Already Won the Browser War? | by Vivek Vaishya | The Startup | Nov, 2020
12 Programming language Rust: 5 years on from v1.0, here's the good and the bad news
13 Mozilla helps modernize feature phones powered by Firefox tech
14 Mozilla Fires 250 Employees, 25 Percent of Existing Workforce
15 Microsoft guy: Mozilla should give up on Firefox and go with Chromium too
16 Mozilla launches GeckoView-powered Firefox Preview for Android, pauses Focus development
17 Mozilla promises expanded extensions support following controversial Firefox Android update
18 YouTube Picture In Picture Not Working In iOS 14? Here's Is The Fix
19 Firefox Nightly flips on new JIT “Warp” code for greater JavaScript performance
20 Mozilla's next-gen Firefox hits stable after a year of previews, without full extension support (APK Download)
21 Mozilla launches the next phase of its Firefox Private Network VPN beta
22 Mozilla Firefox's UNFCK The Internet Campaign
23 Basilisk 2020.09.11
24 Firefox OS Successor: Mozilla and KaiOS announce partnership
25 The 2020 Browser Battle: Surfing With Speed
26 The new Firefox for Android won’t support all existing addons at launch
27 Mozilla throttles rollout of Firefox 82 update
28 Mozilla Layoffs
29 Firefox finally supports pull-to-refresh, now in the Nightly release
30 The Best Web Browsers
31 GeckoView and the New Firefox Preview for Android
32 Mozilla explores radically different browser as Firefox leaks share
33 Here is what is new and changed in Firefox 82.0
34 Firefox's New Android Browser Is a Pretty Placebo For Your Privacy Woes
35 Firefox 82 for Android is now available
36 Firefox 79 for Android tweaks and tips
37 No, Safari isn't switching from WebKit to Chromium FFS
38 Chrome wants to kill browser user agent strings, cites compatibility and privacy concerns
39 Firefox 75 on Wayland now to have full WebGL, working VA-API acceleration
40 The browser wars are back, but it’s different this time
41 Here is what is new and changed in Firefox 78.0
42 CVE-2018-18500: write-after-free vulnerability in Firefox, Analysis and Exploitation
43 Latest Vivaldi browser snapshot lets you customize menus
44 Mozilla Firefox Replacing Gecko With Servo
45 Mozilla: End of Firefox for Android slated for 2020 as Fenix rises
46 Firefox Focus is switching from Chrome WebView to the Gecko engine
47 Experimental Code Allows Vulkan-Accelerated Gecko/Firefox On Linux
48 [Update: APK] Firefox Focus is moving from WebView to the Gecko engine starting with the latest Nightly builds
49 New KaiOS update might make Nokia feature phones better
50 Firefox 80.0.1 will be released today. Here is what is new
51 Mozilla adds two Firefox add-on badges (verified and by Firefox)
52 Firefox 79 makes some links more secure
53 Here is what is new and changed in Firefox 81.0
54 Google to phase out user-agent strings in Chrome
55 Mozilla Add-ons developers may soon pay Mozilla for reviews and promoted listings
56 Mozilla is Removing Firefox OS code from the Gecko Engine
57 Mozilla announces Project Quantum, an improved rendering engine for Firefox
58 Mozilla removes site specific user-agent override option from Firefox 71
59 Mozilla gives Firefox Focus a browser brain transplant on Android
60 Developers of Firefox Focus set to replace Android’s WebView with GeckoView
61 Mapping the power of Mozilla's Rebel Alliance
62 Can Firefox survive in a Google world?
63 Why You Shouldn’t Use Firefox Forks Like Waterfox, Pale Moon, or Basilisk
64 Firefox Quantum vs Chrome: Are the tides shifting?
65 Firefox 68: about:compat launches
66 Morph into a Gecko & Learn About Reptiles with PetSmart's Snapchat AR Lens
67 Firefox 73 Released With Security Fixes, New DoH Provider, More
68 Firefox OS likely to face HTML5, Boot-to-Gecko attacks
69 Firefox 76 gets optional HTTPS-only mode
70 How to Get the Old Twitter Website Back
71 Here is what you need to know about the 2020 Firefox for Android upgrade
72 Google and Mozilla to extend search deal according to reports
73 New Firefox Focus comes with search suggestions, revamped visual design and an under-the-hood surprise for Android users
74 Firefox in 2020: what's next for the feisty underdog?
75 Mozilla outlines plan to replace Firefox for Android with 'Fenix'
76 Mozilla: We will keep Thunderbird after all, so long as it's not a burden to Firefox
77 FireFox Voice gives you full-browser voice control and Siri-like natural language features
78 Mozilla CEO resigns, opening the door for more changes for Firefox
79 About:config is blocked in Firefox Preview Stable and Beta
80 Firefox Mobile Just Got Faster — New Browser Engine Brings Quantum's Speed to Android
81 The GeckoView Alternative To WebView
82 Firefox 78 Nightly build fixes a huge problem: Here are the details
83 Firefox may have stored personal Twitter data in its cache
84 Google proposed Web Bundles could threaten the Web as we know it
85 Firefox OS likely to face HTML5, Boot-to-Gecko process attacks
86 Firefox will soon support hardware media controls
87 How to restore the old Firefox address bar
88 New Firefox Beta Released With New User Interface, New Core Engine
89 Mozilla re-enables TLS 1.0 and 1.1 because of Coronavirus (and Google)
90 Introducing Basilisk, an open source XUL based browser and “close twin” to pre-Servo Firefox
91 Firefox and the 4-year battle to get Google to treat it as a first-class citizen
92 Mozilla omits CPU architecture information from Firefox's user agent
93 Firefox Quantum: A cheat sheet for professionals
94 Please Mozilla, don't touch the user.js functionality in Firefox
95 Firefox OS doesn't stand a chance
96 Mozilla begins process of letting Firefox rust
97 Firefox Quantum is a Really Great Browser
98 Here's What You Need to Know About Mozilla's New Firefox Browser Coming Next Week
99 Firefox for Android migration is about to begin
100 Firefox 72.0 release information