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1 College of Charleston's Top 15 grads: Some feed the mind, others the body, soul and spirit
2 Richard Plotkin | Department of Physics
3 How Can Fast Radio Bursts be Produced in Binary Neutron Star Systems?
4 UNLV Newsmakers 2020: Research and Economic Development | News Center | University of Nevada, Las Vegas
5 How the Pentagon Started Taking UFOs Seriously
6 UNLV and University of Rochester Physicists Observe Room-Temperature Superconductivity
7 UNLV Newsmakers 2021: January | News Center | University of Nevada, Las Vegas
8 Astronomers Discover Clues that Unveil the Mystery of Fast Radio Bursts
9 Columbia Business School Professor: 'decreasing importance' of economic relationship between US and China
10 The (Remote) Interview: Ashkan Salamat | News Center | University of Nevada, Las Vegas
11 NSHE announces Brian Sandoval as new UNR president
12 Candidates for UNR president announced in meeting agenda
13 Astronomers Find X-rays Lingering Years After Neutron Star Collision
14 U of Texas will stop using controversial algorithm to evaluate Ph.D. applicants
15 RECAP: All 4 UNR presidential finalists attend forums with campus groups
16 A new technique to synthesize superconducting materials
17 Fast Radio Burst Detected from Magnetar in Milky Way | Astronomy
18 UNLV Professor Earns Early Career Award from U.S. Department of Energy
19 News & Events | College of Science
20 Unveiling the strong interaction among hadrons at the LHC
21 Why Clouds Form Near Black Holes | News Center | University of Nevada, Las Vegas
22 Meet UCR's new faculty members | Inside UCR
23 World Health Awareness 2021: Resources for researchers
24 A triple-star system with a misaligned and warped circumstellar disk shaped by disk tearing
25 Competing magnetic phases and fluctuation-driven scalar spin chirality in the kagome metal YMn6Sn6
26 News and Events | Department of Geological Sciences and Engineering
27 X-rays Mark the Spot | News Center | University of Nevada, Las Vegas
28 Taking tenuous helium molecules for a spin
29 Sontag Competition Resources | College of Business
30 Study shows cactus pear as drought-tolerant crop for sustainable fuel and food
31 Balancing Homework and A.P. Classes, These High Schoolers Discovered Four Exoplanets
32 High School Students Tend to Get More Motivated Over Time: Feeling of Belongingness Key to Improvement
33 Texas universities promised action after summer’s racial reckoning. But they’re still reluctant to shed Confederate relics.
34 UNLV Astrophysicist Awarded Sloan Research Fellowship | News Center | University of Nevada, Las Vegas
35 Atomic motion is captured in 4D for the first time
36 Space is the place for impossible molecules
37 Four direct measurements of the fine-structure constant 13 billion years ago
38 Cactus pear as drought-tolerant crop for sustainable fuel and food: Cactus crops remove carbon from the atmosphere, provide biofuel, food and livestock feed
39 Room temperature coherent control of spin defects in hexagonal boron nitride
40 2020 reflections: A year of accomplishments, challenges and compassion
41 'Use it or lose it': Regular social engagement linked to healthier brain microstructure in older adults
42 Round Earth Clues: How Science Proves that our Home is a Globe
43 Femtosecond quantification of void evolution during rapid material failure
44 Viscoelastic properties of biopolymer hydrogels determined by Brillouin spectroscopy: A probe of tissue micromechanics
45 The Brains and the Beast (Mode) | News Center | University of Nevada, Las Vegas
46 A pebble accretion model for the formation of the terrestrial planets in the Solar System
47 Water heavily fractionated as it ascends on Mars as revealed by ExoMars/NOMAD
48 RSS feed builder for taxonomy | Carson City Nevada News
49 The real science behind SETI’s hunt for intelligent aliens
50 Ediacaran metazoan reveals lophotrochozoan affinity and deepens root of Cambrian Explosion
51 Poorer Mental Health Smolders After Deadly, Devastating Wildfire
52 Roger Hildebrand, U. of C. physicist who worked on the Manhattan Project, dies at 98
53 Armenian Academics Issue Petition to Stop Azerbaijan's Military Aggression Toward Armenians
54 Einstein's Theory of Relativity, Vital For GPS, Seen In Distant Stars
55 Bright lights drew a plague of grasshoppers to 'Sin City'
56 The 10 Best Small Colleges in the U.S.
57 Looking for Alien Life at Ole Miss
58 Study shows impact of climate change on Neotropical freshwater ecosystems
59 EPSCoR: Directors by State/Jurisdiction
60 Quick Take: Transit of Mercury | News Center | University of Nevada, Las Vegas
61 Volume 67 Number 8
62 NASA picks University of Arizona team to build small satellite with big mission
63 X-ray pulse detected near event horizon as black hole devours star
64 Milkweed, only food source for monarch caterpillars, ubiquitously contaminated: Harmful pesticides found in Western Monarch breeding ground
65 Dr. Andrea Ghez, Only the Fourth Woman to Win the Nobel Prize for Physics, Shows the Rarity of High-Achieving Women in Science
66 The alien hunter of Harvard
67 COVID‐19 Crisis Reduces Free Tropospheric Ozone Across the Northern Hemisphere
68 Identifying Microbial Markers in Martian Clay: Subsoil at Earth’s Driest Place May Signal Life on Mars
69 Chasing Einstein's Shadow: UA Helps Capture First Image of a Black Hole
70 First transiting exoplanet's 'chemical fingerprint' reveals its distant birthplace
71 These gels jump into the air with a snap and a pop
72 New Scholarship to Reduce Barrier for Most Promising Medical Students
73 Papers published by APHA in 2020
74 Model for predicting mountain snowpack provides clearer picture of spring runoff, impacts of climate change
75 Homegrown Scholar | News Center | University of Nevada, Las Vegas
76 Mysterious Gigantic Carbon Cocoons Discovered Surrounding Growing Galaxies
77 Quick Take: Why the Aug. 21 Eclipse is A Big Deal
78 2017 May 20 stellar occultation by the elongated centaur (95626) 2002 GZ32
79 Some Planets May Be Better for Life Than Earth: Researchers Identify 24 Superhabitable Exoplanets
80 Environmental factors affect the distribution of Iberian spiders
81 EQSIM: Exascale Computing Project Moves Needle on Earthquake Risk Assessment
82 Massive Arecibo Telescope Collapses in Puerto Rico | Smart News
83 Century-Old Problem Solved With First-Ever 3D Atomic Imaging of an Amorphous Solid
84 Neuroscientists Find Thin Line Between Love and Hate in the Mouse Brain
85 How the 'right stuff' to be an astronaut has changed over the years
86 New analysis shows potential for 'solar canals' in California
87 Determination of strewn fields for meteorite falls | Monthly Notices of the Royal Astronomical Society | Oxford Academic
88 Aiming for the Stars | Smithsonian Voices | Smithsonian Education
89 International Day of Women and Girls in Science: Unsung pioneers who changed the world
90 Tachyum Moves US Worldwide HQ to Nevada
91 US must unify atmospheric biology research or risk national security, experts urge: China, Russia and Europe prioritize research on airborne life, but US programs remain small, isolated and fragmented
92 How does the mass and activity history of the host star affect the population of low-mass planets?
93 A Cosmic Odyssey: Decades of Discovery at the Palomar Observatory
94 Diamond defects reveal viscous currents in graphene – Physics World
95 Observing the Universe at the Speed of Light | News Center
96 New research sheds light on declining star formation in Milky Way
97 One step closer to defining dark matter, GPS satellite atomic clocks on the hunt
98 Could Climate Change Be More Extreme Than We Think?
99 'Mother of Hubble' Nancy Grace Roman Led the Way for Women in Astronomy
100 Tired of 101? Try These 7 Cool Classes | News Center | University of Nevada, Las Vegas