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1 Insomnia treatment offers relief
2 Thales and Flinders University to study AUV automation
3 Flinders University leads first study into long-term health of sperm donor-conceived adults revealing higher risk of auto-immune diseases and allergies
4 Flinders University CIO to depart
5 Food-focused phone apps help families
6 New Data on Infant Sleep During COVID-19 to Be Presented at 2020 European Sleep (ESRS) Congress
7 Flinders University ranks among world's best
8 Thales and Flinders University sign MoU
9 Adelaide Uni and Flinders offer places on Year 11 results
10 Cashing in on marine byproducts
11 Flinders University researchers find traces of meth years after homes were used as makeshift drug labs
12 Refined finish for fine fish oil
13 Vibrant mural strengthens sense of community at Flinders University Indigenous lounge
14 Newswire & Press Release / Thales and Flinders University Sign MOU to Automate Launch and Recovery System for Royal Australian Navy Underwater...
15 Flinders University research making DNA evidence visible using a portable microscope
16 Flinders, Adelaide and UniSA fear fee changes in job-ready reforms will set SA back
17 MTIANZ Welcomes Report From Flinders Uni On Ill Health Effects From Meth Contamination In Residences
18 Blood marker may reduce cancer burden
19 Relief for people who struggle with CPAP masks
20 Images of captive torment in art
21 Alice Gorman, Flinders University associate professor, convicted over failing to lodge tax returns
22 How universities can tackle COVID-19 challenges with digital agility
23 Top economists say boosting social housing and jobseeker key to Australia's prosperity
24 Why rats would win Australian survivor: Rodent skull size similar across habitats
25 Virus tests support masks against COVID-19
26 Returning international students will boost SA’s economy, universities say
27 Targeted cognitive behavioural therapy may help relieve insomnia, finds study
28 Cognitive behavioral therapy for insomnia provides relief
29 AI acceleration of vaccine research hinges on data quality
30 Giant spider provides promise of pain relief for irritable bowel syndrome
31 Top economists back boosts to JobSeeker and social housing over tax cuts in pre-budget poll
32 SA uni merger is part of education plan
33 The CIO Show: Biz-managed IT, coming out from the shadows
34 Tonsley rail line to Flinders University and Medical Centre gets 2288 extra services each year
35 Thales and Flinders to automate Royal Navy underwater vessels
36 Seafood shells full of goodness and flavour
37 South Surging Into Major Round
38 A sea change – from biowaste to dietary protein
39 Koala Row Threatens Leader of Australia’s Biggest State
40 Teens are seeking help with gaming, phone addiction, but are struggling to find it
41 Study: New Device More Effective in Extracting Omega-3s From Fish Oil
42 Why rats would win 'Australian Survivor'
43 Asia Pacific 3MT 2020: Watch SA university finalists share their Three Minute theses
44 University art exhibitions are the home of the brave, review finds
45 Asteroid or space junk? Approaching object might become Earth’s mini-moon
46 Earth Is About to Capture a Minimoon, But There's Something Odd About This One
47 Device boosts omega-3 potency for dietary supplement use
48 Study finds financial services and payments boost needed to beat poverty
49 COVID-19: Virus tests support use of fabric masks
50 Refined finish for more functional fish oil
51 New Research in JNCCN Sheds Light on Multi-Organ Adverse Events from Immunotherapy
52 AstraZeneca and Oxford's coronavirus vaccine trial was put on hold. Here's what we know about independent safety committees
53 The artists un-Cooking our history books
54 World's largest eating disorder gene screen
55 Genetic detectives
56 Global chase for microbiome
57 Japanese POW art in Australasia analyzed for first time
58 Giant spider promises IBS relief
59 Covid 19 coronavirus: Study shows fabric face masks filter at least 50 per cent of virus particles
60 Economic growth and fiscal reform in Bangladesh
61 US virologists dispute Chinese whistleblower's claim that COVID-19 is man made
62 Fast-tracking research for COVID-19 patients
63 Mabion to licence COVID-19 jab from Vaxine Pty Ltd
64 Vector-Based Vaccines Come to the Fore in the COVID-19 Pandemic
65 Five straight for Falcons in SFL, Hahndorf in Hills threepeat, Jervois takes RMFL
66 Rats' secret survival skills revealed
67 The coronavirus crisis has left us fatigued. So how can we cope during these uncertain times?
68 Old Irish 'clachan' found in South Australia
69 Travel grant awards announced for three early-career geoscientists
70 Research Associate job with FLINDERS UNIVERSITY | 218747
71 What we know today, Thursday September 3
72 Protein-based Covid-19 vaccines could overshadow rivals | Business
73 Surgery hope for people with sleep apnoea
74 Round 12 Torrens University Cup Wrap
75 Verily Connect trial a success
76 Zhenhua Data Leak Reveals the Chinese Firm Is Harvesting Publicly Available Personal Information From Arou ...
77 Seafood waste is being turned into protein in a new trial, with benefits for fishers and the environment
78 Best of Last Week – New kind of electric current, AI Jesus and the hazards of unventilated busses
79 29000 years of Aboriginal history
80 Home ice lab air lingers for Aust families
81 Flinders University staff to go back on campus but student will wait until July for face-to-face lectures
82 Are Elon Musk's ‘megaconstellations’ a blight on the night sky?
83 Closing in on a COVID-19 vaccine
84 Round 14 Statewide Super League Teams
85 Flinders University to establish new warfare centre at Tonsley campus
86 Gravitas drawn to sleep study partnership with Flinders University
87 Zhenhua Data leak: personal details of millions around world gathered by China tech company
88 Coronavirus: Flinders University researchers launch world leading studies into death amid COVID-19
89 High hopes for new-age rubber
90 SARS-CoV-2 vaccine progress moving rapidly: Flinders University
91 No leg to stand on for Australia's flamingos
92 Political correctness The Advertiser and Sunday Mail Letters to the Editor September 14–20 | Adelaide Now
93 Editorial – Value our volunteers – Echonetdaily
94 Law students become app developers at Flinders Uni
95 Autism eye scan could lead to early detection
96 Flinders University student tests positive to coronavirus
97 Anti-bullying PEACE program packs a punch
98 Australian trials of COVID-19 vaccine
99 AI unlocks rhythms of 'deep sleep'
100 Flinders University conducts major overhaul of IT systems