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1 Coronavirus vaccine technology is paving the way for a whole new approach to flu shots
2 Seasonal flu cases in Central Oregon nearly nonexistent
3 Flu season is winding down: A closer look at why numbers are at historic lows
4 Op-Ed: COVID Holds Prescription for the Flu
5 U.S. has lowest pediatric and general population flu infection and death rates in years…it can be a problem
6 Chicago's Top Doctor Explains Differences Between COVID-19 and Flu Vaccine Protections, Mutations
7 Friday Mailbag: What happened to flu season? Also lawmaker pay raises, Georgia's voting laws, medals for cops, and the modern relevance of Nemiah Scudder
8 The pandemic dramatically reduced flu cases. That could backfire.
9 Flu may play part in plaque-rupturing heart attacks
10 CA License Plate ASN FLU Ignites Online Controversy
11 COVID-19 precautions lead to historic lows in flu cases across Indiana
12 MS and the flu: Tips to avoid and more
13 Despite warnings, a flu season that wasn't | TheHill
14 AHA News: Flu May Play Part in Plaque-Rupturing Heart Attacks
15 Flu News Remains Very Positive
16 Spanish Flu topic in Lunch and Learn bounce back
17 Extremely Low Influenza Rates Challenge Next Season's Flu Shot
18 Pandemic Side Effect: Colds and Flu Have Almost Disappeared
19 Dramatic Drop In Colds And Flu Raises Question: Masks Forever? : Shots
20 Covid-19 Meant a Year Without the Flu. That’s Not All Good News
21 ADH reports 27 new flu cases, no new deaths in weekly flu report
22 Flu Vaccination Associated With Fewer COVID-19 Cases, Less Severe Symptoms
23 'ASN FLU' License Plate in California Sparks Outrage on Social Media
24 Mandatory Flu Vaccine Decision Highlights Risks Of Mandating COVID-19 Vaccine
25 Feared 'twindemic' never came, as flu season has been almost non-existent in Del.
26 Flu shot associated with fewer coronavirus cases, researchers suggest
27 Springfield university encourages staff to get vaccinated for COVID-19, flu
28 Wisconsin sees little to no flu cases this season
29 Metro doctors say flu was practically 'nonexistent' this season
30 Flu activity stays minimal across Indiana | COVID-19
31 Can Diarrhea and a Cold Co-Occur, or Is It More Serious?
32 COVID measures likely led to mildflu season
33 Covid-19 causes twice as many complications as flu, Russian health minister says
34 Where is the flu? Cases have gone down but not gone away in SWGA.
35 Michigan flu cases double from last week, but still remain low
36 A ‘remarkable’ flu season: It nearly disappeared
37 Rusty Rogers: CDC claims just one case of flu this past year – what's up with that?
38 Viewpoint: After COVID, let’s keep the masks to fight the flu
39 ‘ASN FLU’ licence plate sparks outrage amid anti-Asian hate crime spike
40 COVID-19 killed more Alabamians in a single year than flu did in a decade
41 What happened to flu season amid COVID pandemic?
42 Metro doctors say flu was practically ‘non-existent’ this season in Georgia
43 Q&A: Treating pregnant women with flu
44 Flu shot associated with fewer, less severe COVID cases
45 Flu Vaccine Receives Expanded Age Indication
46 Some Arsenal fans have major doubts Aubameyang has the flu
47 Masks bring down flu cases for 2020-2021 flu season
48 OUR VIEW:By any other name, it’s been just as deadly
49 US records minimal flu activity 6th week in a row — 5 CDC FluView takeaways
50 Flu cases significantly down during COVID-19 pandemic
51 Recovering from stomach flu? Check out the foods you should eat and avoid
52 Social distancing will continue as Covid and flu threaten to return next winter, says Government adviser
53 COVID-19 precautions shut down flu this season, but what will next winter bring?
54 New York sees 97% fewer cases of the flu this season compared to last
55 J&J looks ahead at potential flu therapy after approval of its COVID-19 vaccine
56 Masks every winter? A 99% drop in flu cases says it would help
57 Rapid Flu Tests Reduced Antibiotic Prescribing and Increase Antiviral Use
58 LIVESTOCK-Lean hogs gain as African Swine Flu worries open up export markets
59 Have cold medicine sales declined during the COVID-19 crisis?
60 Substantially higher burden of COVID-19 compared to flu, new research shows
61 Flu guidance the same as last season: AAP
62 Sanofi To Build New $700M Flu Vaccine Facility In Canada
63 Flu prevention concept. Medical face mask on blue background top view copy space frame
64 Nanoparticle-based flu vaccine
65 Swine flu spread from illegally imported pigs into Mizoram: Dr K. Beichhua
66 Patterson reports to health board on COVID, flu numbers
67 With second wave of bird flu, hundred birds found dead in Himachal Pradesh
68 Preventing the next pandemic: the search for a universal flu vaccine
69 People gave up on flu pandemic measures a century ago when they tired of them – and paid a price
70 Chembio Jumps on Launch of Test Distinguishing COVID, Flu
71 Like the flu shot? ok, no problem | Virginia Tech Football Board
72 Second wave of bird flu kills hundred birds in Himachal Pradesh
73 'Never had a flu like this, COVID was unusual', shares Milind Soman on recovery
74 Ireland plans to lift bird flu housing measures on 9 April
75 More people following health guidelines lead to decrease in flu cases
76 New cell-based flu vaccine to be rolled out this month
77 Global Canine Flu Therapeutics Market – Expected To Propel Market In The Future – The Courier
78 Poland reveals new spike in avian flu cases
79 Mizoram: Prevailing swine flu spread through imported pigs says Minister
80 Two Hong Kong Scholars Receive Prestigious Award for Work on Avian Flu and SARS
81 Milind Soman, Who Has "Not Had Any Flu Like Symptoms For More Than 25 Years," Explains Why COVID-19 Felt "Unusual"
82 Don't Mask Flu-Like Symptoms In Order To Get Vaccine – Dr. Ennis – Jamaica Information Service
83 Covid-19: Flu vaccine delays add pressure as GPs ramp up for Pfizer vaccine
84 Global Flu Treatment Market Competitive Analysis, New Business Developments And Top Companies:Bristol-Myers Squibb Company, Eli Lilly and Company, Merck & Co., Inc., Novartis AG, Pfizer Inc., Sun Pharmaceutical Industries
85 Researcher says coronavirus variants could require annual vaccinations, like the flu
86 Dyson’s new gadget will KILL the flu and other nasty dangers hiding in your home
87 Column: What Michigan's response to the 1918 flu epidemic can teach us about the COVID pandemic ⋆ Michigan Advance
88 Flu Diagnosis Market Poised for Growth | Key Players –Market is set for Lucrative Growth | Top Companies – Quidel Corporation, Meridian Bioscience, Thermo Fisher Scientific, Danaher Corporation, Luminex Corporation
89 Northern Ireland's bird flu measures to lift on 13 April
90 Shingles after COVID vaccine: How long should you wait? Latest |
91 News What Happened to Flu Season?
92 COVID-19 measures also suppress flu—for now
93 The flu killed nearly 200 children last season. This time, 1 has died.
94 Flu season 2020-2021: Flu activity is at historic lows with mask-wearing
95 Fears of a ‘Twindemic’ Recede as Flu Lies Low
96 Flu season 2020-2021: It didn’t happen. Can we repeat this next season?
97 Dual Infections: When Coronavirus And Flu Virus Compete : Shots
98 Flu Scan for Dec 28, 2020
99 Flu Vaccine Effectiveness and Duration for Adults and Children
100 What happened to the flu? Here’s why influenza spread is way down this season