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1 FlyersRights praises Biden's air travel mask executive order
2 For flight attendants, getting people to wear masks is now one of the hardest parts of the job
3 Parents of Max crash victim from Sheffield to feds on Boeing fine: 'It's not justice'
4 Flyers Rights Among Chorus Of Stakeholders Objecting To FAA's Proposed 737 MAX Changes
5 Upheaval in the Aviation Sector: Challenges for the Biden Administration
6 and Aviation Experts Ask Federal Court to Break FAA and Boeing's Secrecy Pact and Release 737 MAX Documents
7 Flyers Rights Appeals the FAA's 737 MAX Ungrounding Decision
8 COVID-19: Visibly ill people aren't being kept off planes
9 FlyersRights Petitions DOT To Protect The Public With A Mask Rule
10 FlyersRights, Aviation Experts Cast Doubt on Safety of Boeing 737 MAX Ungrounding, Ask Court to Order Disclosure of Key Documents and Tests
11 DOT Refuses Air Travel Mask Mandate as President Trump Travels To Walter Reed, Reports
12 Calls For Increased Protection Of Air Travelers Against Spread Of COVID-19
13 DC Circuit is Considering Issuance of an Emergency Order to Re-Ground the Boeing 737 MAX Aircraft
14 Sues DOT Over Its Refusal to Ensure Reasonable Change Fees
15 Airlines Must Adopt Health and Safety Guidelines, Says FlyersRights President
16 President Biden signs order mandating masks on planes: Will it reduce number of in-flight scofflaws?
17 Is the government doing enough to protect air travelers?
18 FlyersRights: Masks should be required at airports and on airplanes
19 DOT Coronavirus Guidance: Too Little, Too Late?
20 Department of Transportation's Aviation Consumer Protection Advisory Committee is failing consumers
21 Aviation Watch: The 737 Max Returns To Flight
22 Airplane capacity limits deliberated
23 DC Circ. Won't Block 737 Max Return In Flyers' FAA Challenge
24 American Airlines is quietly bringing back the 737 Max. Here's why that's disturbing
25 The Boeing 737 MAX remains a risky ride
26 Boeing 737 MAX still faces questions over MCAS flight control update before flying again**
27 Where's My Airline Refund? What to Know if Your Flight Was Canceled By an Airline
28 Ground all helicopters without crashworthy safety features now, urges FAA
29 Flight Refunds: US Airlines Using People As Piggy Banks During Covid-19
30 In Fine Print, Airlines Make It Harder to Fight for Passenger Rights
31 Airlines Want Flyers To Feel Safe, But Grab Bag Of COVID Policies Adds Turbulence
32 Consumer Alert: Beware of hidden fees when it comes to air travel
33 Airlines are on the brink of bankruptcy — what happens to your voucher, travel miles and airline credit card if they go belly up?
34 Is flying safe amid coronavirus? Guess what airlines say
35 FAA is unconcerned about comfort
36 How to get a refund for coronavirus-canceled travel
37 Airlines’ Seat Pitch Gets Shorter And Passengers Reach Their Limits
38 Steps Up to Cover "Diverted Flights" Loophole for 3-Hour Rule
39 COVID-19 has blown up air travel for nearly four months. The next four could shape it even more.
40 What To Do If Your Flight Is Full
41 F.A.A. Declines to Regulate Airplane Seat Size
42 Airline Frustration: Passengers Face New Headaches Trying to Use Travel Credit
43 FAA To Passengers: Not Our Job To Regulate Seat Size, Legroom On Planes
44 Consumer Groups Urge Congress to Insist on Consumer Protections In Airline Taxpayer Bailout
45 The FAA's Grounding Of The Boeing 737 Max Fleet Means Some Cancellations
46 No mask required on planes in the United States: DOT Ruling is horrible
47 What rights do airplane passengers have?
48 Advocacy Group Calls For Airport, Airline Reforms
49 Flyers rights group: $0 for consumers as airlines allowed to spread COVID-19
50 FAA will test new, closer airline seats for evacuation safety
51 With little oversight, patchwork of airline coronavirus policies leaves flyers wary
52 FAA declines to put a stop to the ‘incredible shrinking airline seat’
53 Founder Kate Hanni Honored as 'Top 100 Visionary Game Changer' by the Huffington Post
54 Cramped Legroom On Flights Unlikely To Change, Despite Congressional Mandate
55 Coronavirus canceled their flights and concerts. But they can’t get refunds.
56 Feds ignored reports of sexual assaults of airline passengers, consumer group charges
57 Bumping is Back: Federal Data Shows More Airline Passengers Denied Boarding
58 DOT Suspends Proposed Rule Requiring Airlines To Show Baggage Fee At Booking
59 Why are airlines paying fewer federal fines?
60 Safety Questions Arise After Two Fatal Boeing 737 Max 8 Crashes
61 Opinion | Are Airlines Sure We Can Flee Planes Fast? No Way
62 How do Houston airports rate when it comes to flight delays?
63 Here’s how to find out whether your next flight is on a Boeing 737 Max
64 The Monopoly Harms That Antitrust Keeps Missing
65 Don’t blame the ever-shrinking airline seat on Thanksgiving alone. Could this be the year the FAA does something about it?
66 Boeing 737 Max May Stay Grounded Into Summer
67 How the Trump administration is looking to change rules protecting air travelers
68 Airline boarding is a mess. Can these changes fix it?
69 FAIR Fees Act seeks prohibition on excessive airline charges – Transportation Today
70 Rugunda goes into self-isolation after contacts test COVID 19 positive
71 Report: Airlines stranded a record number of passengers last year
72 FAA Chief To Appear Before Congress Concerning 737 Max Crashes
73 Critics question influence of airline travel perks on Congress
74 Economy seats have shrunk and a court wants the FAA to prove that they're still safe
75 Report: Airlines have to know that cramming more people into smaller seats is unsafe
76 Next 4 Months Will Define the State of the Airline Industry
77 As federal fines for airlines go down, will passenger dissatisfaction go up?
78 Tight quarters: Airline seats are uncomfortable, but are they unsafe?
79 Buffeting Boeing CEO’s Rope-a-Dope in Congress
80 Passenger Safety: Boeing puts pressure on FAA to get Boeing 737MAX flying and worry later
81 Paul Hudson on the FAA Boeing and Corporate Crime
82 Why you, too, could get dragged off a plane if the airline overbooks your flight
83 An exit strategy | The Blade
84 Your airplane seat is going to keep shrinking
85 Boeing's 737 Max cleared to return 20 months after it was pulled from the skies
86 Breaking Travel News: Kobe Bryant did not have to die? FAA informed!
87 Airlines eye crueler ways of making passengers miserable
88 Want to avoid flying on the Boeing 737 Max when it returns? That may be tough to do.
89 Airplanes' space wars are shifting to the human rights front
90 Airlines try new ways to make boarding smoother
91 New Flight May Be The Longest, But What About Comfort In The Coach Cabin?
92 If your flight is canceled, is your airline obligated to get you to your destination?
93 A judge rules on the case of the “incredible shrinking airline seat”
94 Stuck on the Tarmac? Not in August
95 A passenger revolt against squashed legroom
96 Inside the Messed Up World of Airline Change Fees | Outside Online
97 Is Now The Time For An Airline Passengers' Bill Of Rights?
98 Do You Know Your Airline Rights? Probably Not, Says Survey
99 Tuesday Buzz: The Cramped Airline Seat Blues
100 Leaky Cabin Spoils Passenger's Flight to Chicago