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1 Mizzou Stats, Analysis & Reaction: Study Hall vs. Kentucky
2 Mizzou Basketball Study Hall vs South Carolina: Stats, Analysis & Reaction
3 Mizzou Basketball Stats Analysis, Reaction: Study Hall vs Ole Miss
4 Dabo Swinney speaks to why Derion Kendrick is no longer with Clemson’s program
5 South County Spartans Football And Cheerleading Program Moves To FishHawk In Merger With FishHawk Wolves
6 Bengals focus on correcting mistakes as they move on to Southern Utah
7 Broncos 3 Most Egregious Hall-of-Fame Snubs & Why Each Deserves Enshrinement
8 BYU football: Can Jacob Conover pick up where Zach Wilson left off?
9 Hall of Fame Game hoping for first full stadium since COVID began
10 Sign of inspiration: Callie Brownson helps women follow trail she's blazing with Browns
11 Ready for Prime Time? As Deion Sanders looks to change Jackson State and HBCU football, the world watches
12 Mizzou Basketball Stats, Analysis, and Reaction: Study Hall vs Tennessee
13 Gibson Hall | University of Arkansas
14 Sports briefs|CR resumes football program
15 Live Updates: Latest News on Coronavirus and Higher Education
16 WATCH: Jimbo Fisher talks Texas A&M recruiting at NSD Press Conference
17 1999 had star power, story lines, and one hell of a national title matchup
18 The 1988 college football season would have been a playoff committee's nightmare
19 Chat Transcript: Talking Notre Dame spring predictions, twisted promotions, dreaded 'traits'
20 Revisiting the 2003 college football season, in which the BCS again couldn't fit 3 teams on 1 field
21 1997 is a nice reminder of how dumb college football's postseason used to be
22 Revisiting the 2004 college football season: Picking Oklahoma over Auburn was justifiable
23 Mizzou Basketball Stats & Analysis: Study Hall vs Liberty
24 Mizzou Basketball Stats, Analysis, and Reactions: Study Hall vs Arkansas
25 The 1998 college football season broke so, so, so, so, so many hearts
26 In 1981, college football was ruled by teams from Pennsylvania and South Carolina
27 My favorite things that I wrote in 2016
28 The 2015 Advanced College Football Stats Glossary
29 A playoff would have given us one hell of a Notre Dame-Alabama game in 1977
30 We could have had Bo Jackson vs. Mike Rozier for the 1983 national title. That we didn't makes me angry.
31 The 1991 season produced two national champions ... but only one all-time great team
32 Barry Switzer couldn't solve Miami's defense, and it cost Oklahoma a national title in 1986
33 Mizzou Basketball Stats, Analysis, Reaction: Study Hall vs TCU
34 Where do college football players come from?
35 2015 college football receiver stats show no one was as efficient and explosive as JuJu Smith-Schuster
36 The five factors: College football's most important stats
37 A new look at college football tempo
38 FRC athletes take to the fields and courts; first games scheduled
39 A 1973 College Football Playoff selection would have set the Midwest on fire
40 Community news from around the area | News, Sports, Jobs
41 BYU winning the national title in 1984 was fine because no one else deserved it either
42 The 2015 FBS College Football Media Guides
43 Tempo in college football
44 I think I've been selling 1993 Florida State (and the crazy 1993 college football season) short
45 College football in the 2000s: Oklahoma may have had the best team and the best program
46 Mizzou Basketball Stats & Analysis: Study Hall vs Illinois
47 Notre Dame wrecked some dreams in the 1970s
48 Mizzou Basketball Stats & Analysis: Study Hall vs Bradley
49 Mizzou Basketball Stats & Analysis: Study Hall vs Wichita State
50 An Advanced College Football Stats Glossary
51 On college football recruiting rankings, semantics, and a perfect world
52 Using the Five Factors as predictors
53 2014 College football rankings: Initial S&P+ Projections
54 Comparing advanced college football stats to traditional stats: Defense edition
55 College football's imbalance of recruiting power
56 Kiszla: Broncos should dare to go big with Richard Sherman or Lavonte David in NFL free agency
57 Pace in college football: 2012
58 Popular nightspot in Clemson perfect place for football players to escape
59 Sheldon schools talk high school schedule | News |
60 Is TCU in trouble on defense?
61 Louisville football by the numbers: Turnovers and what could have been
62 Mizzou Basketball Stats, Analysis, Reaction; Study Hall vs Mississippi State
63 2013 College Football rushing stats
64 Peeking under the S&P+ hood
65 Sugar Bowl Study Hall: Ohio State 42, Alabama 35
66 College football tempo: A Quick Look at Pace of Play through Week 3
67 The best football program of the 1980s won zero national titles in the 1980s
68 Why college football recruiting rankings are flawed metrics
69 Do bye weeks actually help?
70 Getting Into the College Football Final Four
71 Don't ask Nebraska fans about Penn State's 1982 national title. Just don't do it.
72 In 1980, Georgia became one of the least likely champions in college football history
73 The offense formerly known as “pro-style”
74 Week 9 college football win probability graphs
75 Can Oklahoma's new defense finally subdue Big 12 offenses?
76 In the middle of a decade ruled by bluebloods, the 1976 season belonged to Pitt
77 Weekend concert at downtown Clemson bar spurs legal action from city, citing COVID fears
78 Harbaugh v Meyer: Round II
79 Five Factors: Isolating explosiveness with IsoPPP
80 2010 Auburn, 1968 Houston, and college football's *almost* perfect offenses
81 Why college spread teams are better at running than passing
82 Comparing QB play across the power five conferences
83 College football's best conferences and their ups and downs
84 The 4 main schools of spread offense
85 The 1975 college football season had a pretty funky November (and some great mid-majors)
86 2016 Pac-12 win projections: S&P+ sees a Washington-UCLA title game
87 The 2014 FBS College Football Media Guides
88 College football drive outcomes: A visual presentation
89 The predictive power of second-order wins
90 How does the Washington Husky offense work?
91 Film Study: Offense vs Oregon State
92 College football advanced stats: Explaining the deep S&P+ system
93 Pinstripe Bowl Study Hall: Penn State 31, Boston College 30
94 Positive college football coaching effect: Mike Gundy
95 Third down in college football
96 Washington Football Film Study: Huskies have their way with Arizona
97 Return of the fullback: Part III
98 The return of the classic box safety
99 Why almost every team runs Inside Zone
100 Establishing Rhule’s rule at Baylor