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1 USAMMA recognizes longest-serving civilian employee after 46-year career
2 News
3 Iowa’s COVID-19 death rate among highest in US, report says
4 20-50-100 Years Ago — Oct. 15 | News |
5 Housing Satisfaction Rates Improve as Efforts Continue to Increase
6 Study links SARS-CoV-2 seasonality to increased spread at lower temperatures
7 Much of the science behind COVID still unproven | Letter
8 Iowa native says superior officers in the army sexually assaulted and harassed her
9 Fort Detrick breaks ground on $22 million facility
10 Fort Detrick laboratory restored to full operations after being shut down by CDC
11 The Fort Detrick horror: a closer look at the US' largest biochemical weapons research center
12 Army specialist from Iowa says military officials mishandled her claims of sexual assault
13 Defense Department withholds money from Fort Detrick lab
14 Sleuths at National Center for Medical Intelligence at Fort Detrick in Maryland tracked, warned of the new coronavirus
15 CDC Lifts Shutdown Order on Army Biolabs at Fort Detrick
16 Medical research director: Army ‘uniquely poised’ to battle global pandemic
17 A to Z: How the coronavirus pandemic has affected our vocabulary
18 Fort Detrick laboratory studying new coronavirus | Coronavirus
19 DoD memo: Funding being withheld from USAMRIID at Fort Detrick until conditions are met
20 Former USAMRIID scientist reflects on time at Fort Detrick in new book
21 The research team discovers molecular processes in kidney cells that attract...
22 A Onetime Germ-Warfare Site Is Army’s Front Line in Coronavirus Battle
23 The mind-blowing history at Fort Detrick
24 Fort Detrick general holds Pentagon briefing on coronavirus
25 Maryland lawmakers applaud CDC's decision to reopen Fort Detrick facility
26 Army researchers start coronavirus vaccine testing on primates at Maryland’s Fort Detrick
27 Fort Detrick officials address local concerns over COVID-19
28 Army command continues work on COVID-19 vaccine, treatment | Hospital near Fort Detrick to setup drive-through testing site
29 Fort Detrick Installation Utilizes Whole of Government Approach to Tackle COVID-19
30 Rubella Virus Relatives Found in Diverse Animal Species
31 Van Hollen, Cardin tour Fort Detrick's USAMRIID after funding withheld
32 Operations at USAMRIID lab on Fort Detrick to resume on limited basis
33 CDC Inspection Findings Reveal More about Fort Detrick Research Suspension
34 Frederick containment committee finds little risk to community from Fort Detrick lab shutdown
35 inFocus: Fort Detrick laboratories play role in pandemic research
36 Maryland representative pushes to restore funding to Fort Detrick
37 Soldiers from Fort Detrick to deploy to the Middle East
38 Concerns raised over U.S. Fort Detrick Lab as COVID-19 rages
39 Army lab fights coronavirus and its own demons
40 Maryland lawmakers challenge Department of Defense withholding of Fort Detrick funding
41 Defense secretary tours Fort Detrick | Coronavirus
42 The Secret History of Fort Detrick, the CIA’s Base for Mind Control Experiments
43 Inside the Maryland military lab working on a COVID-19 vaccine and treatment
44 Fort Detrick part of FDA-approved Ebola vaccine
45 Army germ lab shut down by CDC in 2019 had several 'serious' protocol violations that year
46 Secret fort in US must come clean on its work
47 Deadly Germ Research Is Shut Down at Army Lab Over Safety Concerns
48 How green energy makes the military stronger
49 SARS-CoV-2 antibodies that are detectable up to seven months after the...
50 Fort Detrick to close Veterans Gate at Seventh Street
51 SARS-CoV-2 and anti-COVID-19 drugs activate Kaposi sarcoma-associated herpesvirus
52 The veil of secrecy surrounding the U.S. Fort Detrick Lab and COVID-19
53 Fort Detrick to receive $27.8M for new building through defense bill
54 China, Philippines to work on joint energy projects
55 Fort Detrick considering new incinerator
56 Fort Detrick will host Labor Day Softball Tournament
57 Pentagon withholding funds from Army's top medical bio and chem labs
58 Fort Detrick lab shut down after failed safety inspection; all research halted indefinitely
59 Fort Detrick contractor donates hair for cancer patient wigs
60 C-130 makes final trip from Frederick Municipal Airport to Fort Detrick
61 Manitoba reports two deaths, 80 new cases of COVID-19
62 Britain Accuses Russia of Vaccine Disinformation Campaign
63 Fort Detrick honors its 97 fallen heroes with Memorial Day display
64 COVID-19 can cause sudden permanent hearing loss in rare cases
65 Fort Detrick virologists, Frederick-based company behind new drug for Sudan virus
66 Fort Detrick observes Patriot Day with ceremonial lowering of the flag
67 Harrison Street acquires Fort Detrick energy production facility from Blackrock
68 The rocky history of the Army lab fighting COVID-19
69 Senators Tour Fort Detrick's USAMRIID After Funding Withheld
70 Safety at Fort Detrick | Letters to the Editor
71 USAMRIID working to restart operations at Fort Detrick
72 Infographic: Dark history of Fort Detrick biological warfare lab
73 Fort Detrick microbiologist known for rabbit fever vaccine dies at 100
74 Chinese Again Float US Biolab Conspiracy Theories
75 A Ft. Detrick Lab Is One Of Many Working On Coronavirus Vaccine
76 A comparative analysis reveals frequent weaknesses in coronaviruses
77 Army leadership share details on changes made to reopen Fort Detrick labs
78 Harrison Street buys BlackRock's stake in Fort Detrick's energy production facility
79 Chinese Disinfo Hits US Biolab With New COVID-19 Conspiracy
80 Army Researchers Begin Animal Testing of Coronavirus Vaccine
81 Access to Fort Detrick Gets Easier With Survivor Access Badge
82 The call of service: Women at Fort Detrick thankful for military opportunities
83 Unique Army lab answers nation’s call in supporting COVID-19 response
84 COVID-19 response solidifies medical logistical partnerships, training opportunities
85 CDC: Labs at Fort Detrick allowed to conduct limited studies
86 CDC inspection at Fort Detrick's USAMRIID underscores need for regulations at other labs
87 Fort Detrick employee's passion is giving back
88 Petition urges US to clarify army lab's 8-month closure
89 Fort Detrick research labs suspended after order from CDC
90 'Right Arm Night' event at Fort Detrick 'builds a team of teams'
91 National Geographic show on Ebola has strong ties to Fort Detrick
92 Chinese Officials Blame US Army for Coronavirus
93 Chinese State Media Pushes Conspiracy Theory That Coronavirus Escaped From Maryland Military Base
94 Fort Detrick USAMRIID Biological Disease Research Lab Shut Down by CDC
95 Center Stage on COVID-19 | Article | The United States Army
96 Suspicions About Fort Detrick Laboratories Causing The Outbreak of COVID-19
97 The army quietly re-opens its infamous germ warfare lab
98 Spying on coronavirus: A little-known U.S. intel outfit has its most important mission yet
99 Fort Detrick's connection to a new smallpox vaccine
100 Community requests open dialogue with Fort Detrick