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1 Researchers uncover the unique way stem cells protect their chromosome ends
2 Mechanisms of Telomere Protection Are Unique in Stem Cells
3 Study of ancient dog DNA traces canine diversity to the Ice Age
4 Pre-existing coronavirus antibodies could help protect children against new pandemic strain
5 KQ Labs Accelerator welcomes ten new innovative start-ups
6 Some People – Mainly Children – Have Pre-existing Coronavirus Antibodies That Could Help Protect Against COVID-19
7 Data-driven health for compassionate and ethical care
8 How using data and tech speeded response to Covid-19
9 Myricx Pharma Launches with £4.5M Financing to Progress its Novel NMT inhibitors in Cancer
10 Imperial startup wins £4.5m investment to develop new cancer drugs | Imperial News
11 Severe Infections Wreak Havoc on Mouse Blood Cell Production
12 The Children Never Had Covid. So Why Did They Have Coronavirus Antibodies?
13 Design Triangulation: My Thanksgiving Gift to All
14 Common Cold Antibodies Could Protect Against COVID-19
15 Radical roundup: 10 stories that got buried – 25th Nov 2020
16 Everything you ever wanted to know about... the biology of life with Sir Paul Nurse
17 Covid antibodies 'last at least six months'
18 Chris Thomas: It's time to save our medical research charities
19 Never give up. Here's what can happen!
20 COVID-19: Who is immune without having an infection?
21 Pandemic 'transformative' for digital health sector
22 How DIY technologies are democratizing science
23 'Groundbreaking' injunction could prevent the 'unlawful' sacking of a security worker, UVW reveals
24 Adapting to the Coronavirus Pandemic: Building and Incorporating a Diagnostic Pipeline in a Shared Resource Laboratory
25 Best books of 2020: Science
26 Funding to fight cancer: UK biotech startup Achilles Therapeutics bags £52.7M
27 The Physics of COVID-19 –“People are Like Galaxies”
28 London security guard suspended for opposing outsourcing
29 Italian study suggesting COVID predates China outbreak sparks scepticism
30 Form 6-K ASTRAZENECA PLC For: Nov 23
31 Security guard who led strike against outsourcing to take action against threatened dismissal
32 Medical technology gives healthcare a shot in the arm
33 UK COVID-19 Update: Oxford Vaccine Latest, T-cell Data
34 New report showcases resourceful leaders in UK bioscience for challenging times
35 The power of philanthropy: The rise and rise of the Francis Crick Institute
36 Rubrik's Pioneering Cloud Data Management Platform Gets Major Update
37 Startup Hadean to Accelerate Francis Crick Virus Simulation With Breakthrough Compute Platform
38 British EV charging startup sparks £1.5M to develop UK network
39 'We were bound to have pandemics': Sir Paul Nurse, director, Francis Crick Institute
40 Startup Collaborates With the Francis Crick Institute To Model COVID-19's Spread Between (and Within) People
41 How backing-up sensitive data enabled the Francis Crick Institute’s COVID-19 testing and research programme
42 Smug China claims PROOF Italy is to blame for coronavirus crisis instead with new study
43 Testing for COVID-19 coronavirus at the Francis Crick Institute
44 Scientists uncover the structural mechanism of coronavirus receptor binding
45 News briefing: Alnylam wins EC OK for its third drug, putting them out front on PH1; Big biotech VC Qiming closes out Fund VII with $1.2B
46 Rosalind Franklin centenary: 'She would have been totally amazed'
47 Cetin's story: 'We're there looking after everyone while everyone else is at home and being paid'
48 These cancer scientists turned their lab into a coronavirus-testing facility
49 The four pillars of a successful science spin-off company
50 Natural coronavirus immunity could be TWICE as common as experts thought, PHE says
51 Structural analysis of COVID-19 spike protein provides insight into its evolution
52 Francis Crick: Co-Discoverer of DNA's Double Helix
53 Francis Crick and the History of DNA Discovery – Now. Powered by
54 A space for contemplation
55 The Scientist Who First Showed Us The Double Helix: A Personal Look At Rosalind Franklin
56 The Crick HTS facility – facilitating research through large-scale screening
57 Francis Crick superlab steps in to help increase coronavirus tests
58 The scientists who made a 'home-brew' coronavirus test
59 Steve Ojomoh was an England rugby star... so why DID he have a stroke at 48?
60 Coronavirus: Inside test-and-trace
61 Placenta is initiated first, as cells of a fertilised egg divide and specialise
62 Coronavirus testing support offered by the Francis Crick Institute
63 Cancer cells cause inflammation to protect themselves from viruses
64 Mini-organs could offer treatment hope for children with intestinal failure
65 Researchers uncover drivers of healthy gut maintenance
66 UK government 'thwarting independent labs' efforts to step up Covid-19 testing'
67 Exclusive: Former BP Chief Executive – and Chair of the Francis Crick Institute – Lord John Browne on the Oil Industry's Post-COVID-19 Future; How Pandemic Has Led to a Greater Realization of Climate Change and Why Government is “Back, Big Time”
68 A protein that helps to fight viruses can also block lung damage repair
69 Sexism pushed Rosalind Franklin toward the scientific sidelines during her short life, but her work still shines on her 100th birthday
70 British Library collaborates with UCLH and The Crick to increase COVID-19 testing
71 Vaccine to treat and prevent lung, bowel and pancreatic cancer shows promise in the lab
72 Debunking the myth of Rosalind Franklin as ‘feminist icon’
73 Cloud data protection keeps the Crick’s medical research Covid-secure
74 Covid-19 study in Italy claims it has found proof cases as far back as September last year
75 MSD and Francis Crick Institute unite to tackle Motor Neurone Disease
76 Proteins in the Blood of COVID-19 Patients Could Help To Predict How Ill They Will Become
77 Merck to build £1B London R&D hub for its first ex-U.S. early research center
78 Malaria's secret to surviving in the blood uncovered
79 Messrs. Mendel, Watson and Crick left a legacy
80 What does it mean to be alive? Paul Nurse on defining 'life'
81 Remembering the bold and brilliant Francis Crick
82 Francis Crick Institute and collaborators to offer COVID-19 testing for key workers
83 1953: Rosalind Franklin
84 Coronavirus: Immune clue sparks treatment hope
85 Who Is Rosalind Franklin?
86 Rosalind Franklin the Scientist
87 Coronavirus means science is suddenly being done differently – and so is politics
88 Francis Crick Institute sets up coronavirus laboratory for NHS staff testing
89 Podcast: A world without Rosalind Franklin
90 Novel vaccine protects mice from lung, bowel and pancreatic cancer
91 Q&A: Francis Crick's granddaughter on her genomic sculpture
92 The Crick-Turing Biomedical Data Science Award | Imperial News
93 Genetic cause of difference in sexual development uncovered
94 Sir Paul Nurse: 'The UK has taken a leap several decades into the past'
95 SARS-CoV-2 mechanism of infection revealed using cryo-EM
96 Researchers unravel protective properties of telomere t-loops
97 Francis Crick portrait unveiled to honour breakthrough DNA work
98 Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde -- Enzyme targeted by TB antibiotic later stops the drug destroying it
99 How Sir Paul Nurse got 1,200 scientists safely back to work with the 'easy' test and trace method
100 Charpentier and Doudna's Nobel Prize in Chemistry Honors a Revolution