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1 The International Brigades of Spain
2 The Endless Trench: Hiding for decades from the Spanish fascists
3 Daniel Cordier, French Resistance hero, dies at 100
4 Language wars in Spain stoked by schools bill
5 Was Spanish Dictator Francisco Franco a fascist?
6 Vatican denies it intervened on exhumation of former Spanish dictator, Francisco Franco
7 KSAT Kids: Today in History, Nov. 20
8 Franco's Stooges Still Dominate the Spanish Economy
9 Today in History | National |
10 Law Giving Redress to Franco Regime Victims Divides Spain
11 Friday, Nov. 20: This day in history
12 Spanish dictator Franco's family told to hand back summer palace
13 Vatican denies involvement in decision to exhume Francisco Franco, former Spanish dictator
14 Using a Law It Hates, Far Right in Spain Takes Aim at Franco’s Rivals
15 Why Is Spain Digging Up the Remains of Its Former Dictator Francisco Franco?
16 Spain Exhumes Former Dictator Francisco Franco's Remains
17 Belgium extradites former ETA member to Spain ---
18 Spanish Government to Ban Glorification of Franco Dictatorship
19 Foundation honouring Francisco Franco faces ban | World
20 Confronting its troubled past, Spain exhumes Franco
21 Franco's body can be exhumed, rules Spanish court
22 When Photographers Created a Cult of Personality Around General Franco
23 Spain Slowly Exhumes Victims of Franco’s Repression
24 Spain's New Memory Law Will Finally Recognize Franco's Victims
25 Spanish government plans bill to ban Francoist foundation
26 10 Excellent Monster Movies Streaming On Netflix (Ranked According To Rotten Tomatoes)
27 About to Exhume Franco, Spain Faces 33,000 Others Buried With Him
28 Spain still paying bonuses to 115 police given medals by Franco
29 Was Franco the 'good' fascist?
30 In the shadow of Franco’s legacy, Spain faces its fascist history
31 New Spanish bill aims to outlaw glorification of Franco era
32 The memory of Generalissimo Francisco Franco is still alive
33 Spanish government gives Franco family ultimatum in effort to exhume dictator's remains
34 Notorious Franco-era police officer dies of COVID-19
35 Nixon Worked to Shape a Post-Franco Spain, New Tapes Show
36 The Spanish government proposes a new law on history
37 In Spain, Franco Still Lives
38 For Spain, Franco's exhumation causes consternation
39 Ex-Spanish Minister, 85, to Testify Over Franco-Era Deaths
40 Franco exhumation: Why is Spain moving a dictator's remains?
41 Spanish Court: Dictator Francisco Franco's Remains Can Be Moved
42 Spain to Exhume Franco From Monument He Had Built
43 Spain feels Franco's legacy 40 years after his death
44 How Franco's 40-Year Rule Changed the Course of Spanish Wine and Cheese
45 Spain tackles Franco’s ghost (again)
46 Beyond the Grave: Franco’s Memory Exhumed
47 Spain takes Franco's family to court over summer house 'obtained through fraud'
48 Spanish government approves exhumation of Francisco Franco
49 Exhumation and reburial of former dictator Gen. Franco divides Spain
50 Antonio González Pacheco, Accused Policeman in Franco’s Spain, Dies at 73
51 Francisco Franco's remains to be moved in next two weeks
52 Echoes of Franco as Spain’s far right tells PM his government is ‘worst in 80 years’
53 Digging up Franco: why Spain still can't decide what to do with the dictator's body
54 Spanish dictator Francisco Franco to be exhumed on Thursday
55 With fascist salutes, defenders of Spanish dictator Franco protest plan to dig up his remains
56 Must Reads: Spain is still divided over the legacy of its former dictator. But will exhuming his body help th
57 Franco’s shadow: reburial battle sees Spain confront its darkest days
58 Spain Plans To Remove Franco's Remains From A Memorial, Angering His Supporters
59 Spain to outlaw groups honoring dictator Francisco Franco
60 Spain's right secures removal of plaque honouring anti-fascist leader
61 Vatican denies involvement in decision to exhume Franco
62 Franco Exhumation Inflames Spain's Political Tensions
63 Historians rubbish Spanish supreme court's position on Franco's reign
64 Spain Orders Franco's Body Exhumed From Mausoleum
65 Supreme Court authorizes immediate exhumation of Francisco Franco
66 Spanish government vows to exhume Franco before election
67 Franco's Exhumation Shows Political Divides in Spain
68 Franco’s remains exhumed, after years of controversy
69 Spanish government claims disputed palace from Franco family
70 Will Franco’s Body Ever Be Removed From Spanish Civil War Monument?
71 Franco Took Decades to Leave the World Stage. His Statue? Only Days.
72 Spain’s Franco plan: Bring up the body
73 ETA’s bloody history: 853 killings in 60 years of violence
74 General Franco, Real Madrid & the king: The history behind club's link to Spain's establishment
75 Spain's Dictator Is Dead, but the Debate About Him Lives On
76 Plan to Exhume Franco Renews Spain’s Wrestle With History
77 Franco's Forgotten Crimes
78 Franco fortune causing controversy with his grandchildren
79 The Dictator's Playbook | Ep 5: Francisco Franco | Prologue | Episode 5
80 Q&A: How the Franco dictatorship destroyed Spanish science
81 Fascist Supporters, Socialists at Odds in Spain Again
82 America’s shameful rapprochement to the Franco dictatorship
83 How Francisco Franco borrowed from Spain's fascist and popular political movements to install a successful dictatorship.
84 Kaczyński turning Poland into 'Franco's Spain'
85 The legacy of Franco
86 The end of the Spanish civil war
87 Spain launches truth commission to probe Franco-era crimes
88 Spain Creates Commission to Investigate Crimes of Former Dictator Francisco Franco
89 Franco’s victims, stolen from their graves, to be exhumed
90 Spain’s Supreme Court suspends the planned exhumation of Franco
91 Franco homage to be dropped from Spanish town
92 Digging up Franco: Spain divided over dictator’s legacy
93 Spain’s reckoning with its past shows Francoism is far from dead
94 Spain's Long-Dead Dictator Lives Again in an Impossible Election
95 Franco: a spectre from the past in Spain
96 Raza: The strange story of Franco's 'lost' film
97 Vatican: exhumation of Franco 'internal Spanish matter'
98 From Franco’s ‘stolen babies’ to Nazi Germany, social services have a dark past — it’s time for a global reckoning
99 Spain's supreme court to rule on Franco exhumation
100 Eighty years after fall of Catalonia, Spain will dig up Franco