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Result Content Idea Research
1 Queen Elizabeth and Margaret Thatcher's Relationship, in Photos
2 Roy Exum: God Bless America!
3 France grants researcher access to Mitterrand’s archive on Rwandan genocide
4 It happened today
5 German Film Focuses on Lebanon’s Troubled History
6 The strange tale of the Irish republicans and François Mitterrand
7 Mitterrand seduces France again with letters to his lover
8 François Mitterrand: The great deceiver
9 A French politician’s secret child re-evaluates her life
10 In François Mitterrand Letters, an Intimate Portrait of the Other Woman
11 Francois Mitterrand, the Man with a Plan
12 François Mitterrand High School / Jean Dubus + José Luiz Tabith
13 Macron reassures protesters after meeting Lebanon's symbol of unity, singer Fairouz
14 Mitterrand’s mistress blames her silence on ‘submissive’ upbringing
15 Mitterrand's War
16 My plan to revive the United Kingdom
17 Thirty years after reunification, Germany is shouldering more responsibility
18 'A Taste for Intrigue: The Multiple Lives of François Mitterrand' by Philip Short
19 Mitterrand reveals his support for pro-Nazi regime during World War II
20 Mazarine Pingeot, Mitterrand Daughter, Looks Back
21 Mitterrand: A Study in Ambiguity by Philip Short – review
22 Papers show Mitterrand approved Rainbow Warrior bombing
23 The Margot Affair — a teen's tale of lost identity
24 ‘Okay, François Mitterrand was my dad,’ Swedish politician reveals
25 Mixed legacy for Mitterrand on French left, 20 years after death
26 François Mitterrand's passion for secret mistress laid bare in love letters published for first time
27 French Socialists celebrate Mitterrand and slam Hollande
28 The sphinx
29 François Mitterrand's love letters to secret mistress to be published
30 Was Francois Mitterrand an Anti-Semite? It’s Complicated.
31 What the butler saw: sex secrets of French presidents' palace revealed
32 French politicians have a long history of keeping their serious illnesses secret
33 François Mitterrand’s love letters reveal passion for mistress
34 Diego Goldberg – François Mitterrand
35 Thirty years on, Mitterrand mania grips France
36 Mitterrand: France's Citizen King
37 Wife of Former French Leader Mitterrand Dies
38 Re-living Pierre Paulin’s 1970s Paris
39 The Franc Zone, a Tool of French Neocolonialism in Africa
40 5th Republic poll: Mitterrand 'best' French President
41 Chirac: A life in French politics
42 French lessons: what Corbyn can learn from Mitterrand's mistakes
43 Jacques Chirac remembered by François Hollande | World news
44 Philippe Marlière · Republican King: François Mitterrand · LRB 16 April 2014
45 Simon Kuper in Paris: where to power dine like a president
46 Mitterrand granddaughter exposed as French minister Nicolas Hulot's accuser
47 François Mitterand: A womanising president who shaped Europe
48 Culinary Battles of Mitterrand's Chef Go From Kitchen to Screen (Published 2012)
49 Mitterrand feared emergence of ‘bad’ Germans
50 How French Socialism Built -- and Destroyed -- the European Union
51 Milton Friedman on How Francois Mitterrand (and Failed Lefty Economics) Helped Re-elect Margaret Thatcher
52 Danièle Mazet-Delpeuch found fame in high-level cooking, for French President Francois Mitterrand
53 Helmut Kohl, provincial warhorse
54 The Ortolan: A Tiny Bird as a French Cause Célèbre
55 France's role casts a long shadow, 25 years after the Rwandan genocide
56 Is France's Socialist Party dead?
57 Inside Edward Mitterrand and Iana Moreno's Lush Estate in Provence
58 Haughey insisted Mitterrand stop off at his home for champagne
59 President Trump Calls the US-France Relationship 'Unbreakable.' History Shows He's Right.
60 How The Fall Of The Berlin Wall 25 Years Ago Caused The Euro Crisis
61 Colum McCann's Apeirogon: an ambitious work of “documentary fiction”
62 Ryanair and wild geese: What the French President said to Haughey during his 'historic' 1988 Irish visit
63 ‘Haute Cuisine,’ About Mitterrand’s Private Cook
64 Europe, knowing and not knowing about Bosnia
65 Book review: How Francois Mitterrand shaped Europe
66 President Mitterrand's death was assisted suicide
67 EU ARROGANCE: How French PM claimed he made Thatcher CRY despite BRILLIANT rebate victory
68 Captured, blinded, bloated and drowned: how Haughey and Mitterrand showed their baser instincts
69 François Hollande's Legacy
70 FT Interview: Emmanuel Macron says it is time to think the unthinkable
71 Rwanda Accuses France of Complicity in 1994 Genocide
72 National Archives: French hid explosives in London to test Scotland Yard before Francois Mitterrand visit
73 Report Says Mitterrand Approved Sinking of Greenpeace Ship (Published 2005)
74 No longer an island: when the Channel Tunnel opened – May 1994
75 Macron fights 'president of the rich' tag after ending wealth tax
76 Former French president's love child swore schoolfriends to secrecy
77 The French Left's Long March to the Right
78 Tunisian MPs reject asking France to apologise for 'colonial crimes'
79 French Official Refuses to Quit Over Sex Admission
80 Thatcher’s ‘looks, charm and bearing’ left minister swooning
81 Prague to recreate 1988 Mitterrand breakfast in human rights gesture
82 French presidents and wine: Macron's blind tasting skills
83 French film 'Haute Cuisine,' about Mitterrand's private cook, opens Friday
84 Thirty years on, Louvre's pyramid scheme pays off
85 I.M. Pei, the architect known for the Louvre Pyramid, dies at age 102
86 France bids farewell to ex-President Chirac
87 Why French president Emmanuel Macron is a gift for would-be sleuths everywhere
88 Europe: An uneven entente
89 France's Philosopher-Presidents
90 Love Letters Of A French President
91 Flashback 1988: Exclusive audience with Francois Mitterrand
92 Austerity Reaches France’s Presidential Wine Cellar
93 The Benalla Affair: the latest in a long history of French presidential scandals
94 France's President Wonders: What Happened To My Privacy?
95 Margaret Thatcher's war with treacherous Francois Mitterrand over Exocet missile
96 12 people who ruined France
97 Former French Prime Minister Michel Rocard dies
98 Verdun: France and Germany mark centenary with EU unity call
99 Mitterrand could have schooled Haughey in mistress etiquette
100 Mitterrand, Hollande, and France's Socialist Legacy