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1 Radboudumc researchers publish new insights into COVID-19
2 Follow-up: Bradykinin and the search for a corona drug
3 Is a Bradykinin Storm Brewing in COVID-19?
4 Researchers say COVID-19 therapeutics needed for blood vessel leakage
5 Success Reported With HAE Tx in Severe COVID-19
6 Hypoxia in hospitalized COVID-19 patients may be treatable
7 Genetic mutations predispose individuals to severe COVID-19
8 Bradykinin
9 COVID-19 patients with hypoxia respond positively to a treatment, study shows
10 Bradykinin Hypothesis of COVID-19 Offers Hope for Already-Approved Drugs
11 Arthritis drug may improve respiratory function in some patients with severe COVID-19
12 Bradykinin storms might explain “Covid toes” and severe, long-term symptoms of the disease
13 A minimal common outcome measure set for COVID-19 clinical research
14 Kicking Up an Immune System Storm: COVID-19 and Hyper-Inflammation
15 Researchers publish new insights into COVID-19
16 Defect in One Specific Gene Can Cause Severe COVID-19 Complications in Young People: Study | The Weather Channel
17 The Hindu Explains | Is COVID-19 setting off a bradykinin storm in the body?
18 Generic BCG Vaccine Could Be Effective Against COVID-19
19 A Supercomputer's Covid-19 Analysis Yields a New Way to Understand the Virus | Elemental
20 Pharming Group Might Have An Effective COVID-19 Treatment Ready For Use
21 Genetic Mutation Found to Cause Severe COVID-19 Symptoms in Individuals
22 How genetic mutations in healthy young men made them susceptible to severe Covid-19
23 Using protons to tune interlayer forces in van-der-Waals materials: Interlayer coupling in FGT successfully increased by insertion of protons
24 Elevated clotting factor V levels linked to worse outcomes in severe COVID-19 infections
25 SARS‐CoV‐2 infection in India bucks the trend: Trained innate immunity?
26 Boys lacrosse: Who are the players to watch in the Lower Hudson Valley this season?
27 Source of degradation in sodium batteries
28 Inflammasome Antagonism by Human Parainfluenza Virus Type 3 C Protein
29 Cosmology Journal for Theoretical Science
30 An Epstein-Barr Virus MicroRNA Blocks Interleukin-1 (IL-1) Signaling by Targeting IL-1 Receptor 1
31 Inhibiting the immunoproteasome exacerbates the pathogenesis of systemic Candida albicans infection in mice