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1 Franz Ferdinand’s Alex Kapranos and Clara Luciani are teasing a collaboration together
2 Alex Kapranos shares new Clara Luciani duet ‘Summer Wine’ and tells us what’s next for Franz Ferdinand
3 Spanish Flu, WWI and WWII—Key Dates and Facts About the Major 20th Century Events
4 Franz Ferdinand’s Alex Kapranos teams up with Clara Luciani for cover of Summer Wine
5 Nine Theses on US-China Relations
6 This Week in History: Franz Ferdinand Assassinated
7 Nick McCarthy (ex Franz Ferdinand) announces the details of the first album of his project The Nix
8 Franz Ferdinand Are Trending After Suleimani Assassination
9 Peter Jackson’s They Shall Not Grow Old is an extraordinary experience
10 The King's Man Includes 'Seeds' For Kingsman 3, Says Matthew Vaughn – Exclusive Images
11 Sir Paul McCartney 'had his shoelaces tied by an aide before he performed at Glastonbury'
12 Ben White: The Brighton defender who is loved by Leeds fans, compared to Ferdinand and Terry, and linked to
13 Front Row at Celine With Franz Ferdinand’s Alex Kapranos
14 Did Franz Ferdinand’s Assassination Cause World War I?
15 Market Morning Special: Franz Ferdinand Moment? Iranian General Soleimani Rests in Pieces
16 FRANZ FERDINAND MUST DIE Will Make Toronto Premiere
17 How a Wrong Turn Started World War I
18 8 things you didn't know about Franz Ferdinand
19 Reliving Franz Ferdinand's famous Edinburgh flat party which has gone down in Hogmanay history
20 Franz Ferdinand, Whose Assassination Sparked a World War
21 Poli Savvy: Turning WW3 and Franz Ferdinand into hashtags
22 The Assassination of Franz Ferdinand: The Archduke Who Despised Hungarians
23 Tim Burgess is running weekday album listening parties with Liam Gallagher, Franz Ferdinand and more
24 What if Archduke Franz Ferdinand had lived in 1914?
25 With Soleimani dead, the U.S. must brace for the wrath of Iranian hardliners
26 The Assassination of Archduke Franz Ferdinand of Austria
27 Curses! Archduke Franz Ferdinand and His Astounding Death Car
28 Franz Ferdinand Must Die
29 What everyone gets wrong about the start of World War I
30 Archduke Franz Ferdinand 'radiated an aura of strangeness,' killed almost 300,000 animals
31 A turn for the worse – Frank McNally on a street corner that changed the course of history
32 Old world order — the rise and fall of the Habsburgs
33 On this day in 1914: Archduke Franz Ferdinand is assassinated in Sarajevo
34 Today in History
35 Imagine This: No World War I If This One Person Lived?
36 June 28 in history: the beginning and end of World War One
37 Andy Gill, Radical Guitarist With Gang of Four, Dies at 64
38 Archduke Franz Ferdinand descendant: don't blame us for first world war
39 How Two People's Deaths Led to Millions Killed (And World War I)
40 Who was Franz Ferdinand?
41 The shot in Sarajevo : The DONG-A ILBO
42 Pop Quiz: Franz Ferdinand singer Alex Kapranos on channeling Billy Idol, covering Drake and searching for goosebumps
43 Ty: UK rapper dies aged 47 after contracting coronavirus
44 'A II II 18': Franz Ferdinand's prophetic number plate
45 World War I: The Assassination Of Archduke Franz Ferdinand
46 Man accused of murdering Archduke Ferdinand goes on trial – archive, 1914
47 Watch Franz Ferdinand debut new song ‘Black Tuesday’
48 Franz Ferdinand Nearly Called It Quits—and Came Back Brasher and Gutsier Than Ever
49 Profile: Franz Ferdinand
50 Franz Ferdinand drummer drops out of tour after his “finger was crushed by an ugly piece of art”
51 Assassination of Archduke Franz Ferdinand caused the deaths of 16 million people
52 UBC Okanagan presentation reveals Franz Ferdinand's connection to Okanagan
53 The Car That Witnessed the Spark of World War I
54 On This Day: Archduke Franz Ferdinand Assassinated
55 Here's The Story Of Franz Ferdinand's Supposedly Haunted Vehicle
56 June 28, 1914: Gavrilo Princip Assassinates Archduke Franz Ferdinand in Sarajevo, Sparking World War I
57 Franz Ferdinand Plot North American Tour in First Shows Since 2014
58 America's Cold War with China could spark an 'Archduke Franz Ferdinand moment' in Iran
59 From the Archives: shooting of Archduke Franz Ferdinand, June 1914
60 Archduke Franz Ferdinand: Catalyst of WWI and Blue Mountains Fan
61 The eastern European country that offers skiers a fascinating alternative to the Alps
62 Hear Franz Ferdinand Break Down Their New Album ‘Always Ascending’
63 All We Are & Franz Ferdinand's Alex Kapranos team up for Speedy Wunderground single
64 How Franz Ferdinand rocked Sacramento and helped set a record at the same time
65 Atwood Magazine's Weekly Roundup: August 7, 2020
66 Princess and Heir of Franz Ferdinand Fights to Repeal a Law and Gain a Castle
67 Franz Ferdinand
68 Franz Ferdinand – ‘Always Ascending’ Review
69 Sarajevo: the crossroads of history
70 Watch Franz Ferdinand’s Vivid ‘Always Ascending’ Video
71 ‘This is the start of a whole new era’ – Franz Ferdinand announce tour and return with new single and album ‘Always Ascending’
72 Franz Ferdinand are a band reborn
73 Peasant’s son Gavrilo Princip set world on course for Great War
74 Franz Ferdinand returns to Jakarta cheekier than ever
75 The Origin of the Tale that Gavrilo Princip Was Eating a Sandwich When He Assassinated Franz Ferdinand
76 Review: Franz Ferdinand Return and the Dapper Crew Wants to Dance
77 Review: Fifth Franz Ferdinand album turns over a new leaf
78 Franz Ferdinand Introduce Two New Members
79 Archduke Franz Ferdinand Lives! A World Without World War I by Richard Ned Lebow – review
80 “Ugly art” injury puts Franz Ferdinand drummer out of action
81 Franz Ferdinand on "Always Ascending" | Under the Radar
82 Franz Ferdinand: Always Ascending review – feel the Caledonian funk
83 Franz Ferdinand: Always Ascending | Review
84 World War I facts and information
85 Hear Franz Ferdinand Slam Donald Trump in ‘Demagogue’
86 A World Without World War I, Featuring Health-Nut Hitler
87 Franz Ferdinand on Leaving Post-Punk Roots
88 Franz Ferdinand talk life on the road at Mexico’s Pa’l Norte festival
89 In the heart of Europe, Habsburg family homes offer a haunting glimpse into history
90 Archduke Franz Ferdinand's Czech connections
91 How Bad Directions (And A Sandwich?) Started World War I
92 Franz Ferdinand: 'We'd become the opposite of what we wanted to be'
93 Looking back on Franz Ferdinand's self-titled debut album
94 Franz Ferdinand is playful, if not depthful, with 'Always Ascending'
95 Franz Ferdinand Rocks 2019 ‘Jazzablanca’ Festival
96 100 years after an assassination: Sarajevo remembers and forgets an anniversary
97 Udo Wachtveitl sees an excessive amount of “68 kitsch” in “Tatort” – WELT
98 Franz Ferdinand's Alex Kapranos On The Importance Of Structure
99 The History of the World: Archduke Franz Ferdinand is assassinated and the Treaty of Versailles
100 Shots echoed round Europe