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Result Content Idea Research
1 Here comes a new solar cycle
2 NASA Confirms We've Officially Entered a Brand New Solar Cycle
3 Our sun begins a new solar cycle, experts say
4 Solar Cycle 25 Has Begun. Experts From NASA and NOAA Explain What It Means
5 How NASA & Scientists Around the World Track the Solar Cycle
6 Solar Cycle 25: What is it, How will it affect our lives (new research)
7 Spotty sunspot record gets a makeover
8 To Understand Future Solar Activity, One Has to Know the Past
9 Astronomers trash sunspot theory of global warming
10 Sunspot science throws wrench in favorite climate denialism claim
11 Wild Sunspot Activity Looks Tamer in 400-Year Recount
12 The Sun's activity in the 18th century was similar to that now
13 Corrected sunspot history suggests climate change since the Industria
14 Astronomers take the heat out of sunspots theory
15 Sun's activity in 18th century was similar to that now
16 Does our Fading Sun mean we face a mini ice age?