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Result Content Idea Research
1 ‘Obey what the Führer wanted’: Commissioner compares Riley County mask mandate to Nazi Germany
2 Adolf Hitler's humiliation at Neville Chamberlain's 'little dog' assessment of Fuhrer
3 'The Meaning of Hitler': Film Review | DOC NYC 2020
4 Filthy Fuhrer, Alaskan White Supremacists Face RICO charges
5 Hitler and Trump: 2 megalomaniacs inside same bunker of defeat and disbelief
6 Israeli envoy to Belarus flamed for shaking hands with 'tyrant'
7 1930s Germany and 2020 USA: Should we fear the parallels?
8 Madison Cawthorn controversies: 5 stories to emerge on the way to his election
9 Op-Ed: Triangle Jewish Voice for Peace Responds to Pompeo's Visit and Anti-Semitism
10 A family feud, a mystery firm and the Botticelli masterpiece that quietly vanished
11 Adolf Hitler's chef made fake last meal to cover up his suicide
12 Why not 'My Fuhrer'? Appeals court grills public college on forcing professor to call male student 'miss'
13 Kansas official: ‘We’re getting real close to pre-World War II Germany’ with mask orders
14 The Mixed-Orientation Couple: a dramatic development in Canadian immigration law
15 Guest opinion: Paul Dougan: Trump, the American Hitler
16 The Führer’s man in Manhattan
17 Fullmetal Alchemist: Edward's 5 Greatest Strengths (& 5 Biggest Weaknesses)
18 Michael Pascoe: Why the Big Money is worried about civic unrest
19 Mysteries: She Drew a Bead on the Führer
20 Your Letters: Nov. 18, 2020
21 SSU professor continues legal fight against university
22 A Flawed Premise
23 Jackson Wins Frank Fuhrer, III Award
24 The Fuhrer’s latest biographer: Hitler was ‘blithely underestimated’
25 Why Hitler Secretly Met With a Japanese General During WWII
26 Ford and the Führer
27 Trump runs for Führer
28 Madison Cawthorn’s visit to Hitler’s vacation home alarms his NC district’s Jews
29 Swastikas, the führer and a letter to my grandfather | Opinion
30 Beauties who had babies for Hitler: Fuhrer ordered German soldiers to impregnate Norwegian girls
31 Vincent Fabian Fuemmeler, Sr.
32 Could Morrison pull a trump and refuse to concede?
33 Major sports headlines from the year you were born
34 How Irmgard Keun captured a generation of bold young women
35 Dan McCarthy takes one-shot lead at Frank B. Fuhrer Invitational
36 Hitler at home: How the Nazi PR machine remade the Führer's domestic image and duped the world
37 Trump Was No Fluke: George W. Bush Blazed the Trail
38 Why did Utah officials approve a 'FUHRER' license plate? They won't say.
39 Professor Challenges University Pronoun Policy at Sixth Circuit
40 Dan McCarthy shoots 66 in final round for another Frank B. Fuhrer Invitational win
41 Cambridge author’s uplifting story of feral children escaping the Gestapo’s clutches
42 Confession: I was wrong about the Great Pandemic Panic
43 Protesters Brand Murphy a Communist, Fascist and the Fuhrer
44 Terry Southern's Lucid Absurdities
45 Irwin's Dan Obremski leads field after three rounds at Frank B. Fuhrer Invitational
46 The July Plot: When German Elites Tried to Kill Hitler
47 Lockdowns Aren’t Funny. But You’ve Still Got to Laugh.
48 Nazi Shanghai: 'Stalin's James Bond' Who Fooled the Führer
49 New tavern opens at familiar Slate Belt watering hole
50 Charil Fuhrer honored by Agency on Aging for her work at BNOC in Bellville
51 How Did Hitler Gain Power And Become German Chancellor?
52 GOP candidate who called Hitler ‘the Fuhrer’ attacks opponent as enemy of white men
53 US congressional candidate deletes pictures from vacation at Hitler’s retreat
54 My Turn: When Trump's spell wears off
55 Hitler shot himself 75 years ago, ending an era of war, genocide and destruction
56 Boyle column: Madison Cawthorn has a problem, but will it matter?
57 Tasting Food For The Führer At 'The Wolf's Table'
58 'Sad, disappointed, worried': Madison Cawthorn's visit to Hitler's vacation home alarms his NC district's Jews
59 Western Pa. golfers look to end drought at Fuhrer Invitational
60 Hans Posse: The man who curated Hitler's stolen art
61 Bellville turns out to honor Charil Fuhrer
62 Obremski takes 3-stroke lead at Frank B. Fuhrer Jr. Invitational
63 Why Donald Trump isn't Hitler – he poses a new threat
64 Mary Jane Fuhrer
65 Would-be führer Trump steps up coup plotting
66 Hitler and the Holocaust: inside the mind of the Fuhrer
67 ‘The Führer’s child’: How Hitler came to embrace a girl with Jewish roots
68 The Screenwriting Mystic Who Wanted to Be the American Führer
69 August 03 in history: Hitler labelled 'Führer', India's partition plan and more
70 Trump Refuses To Play By The Rules Of The Game
71 The Sound and the Führer | Film | Bend
72 New photos of Hitler and his commanders during the 1930s
73 The Bishop Who Took On the Führer
74 A Group of German Leaders Tried to Kill Hitler in 1944. Here’s Why They Failed
75 Notre Dame standout, Franklin Regional grad Palmer Jackson receives local golf award
76 Why 13 percent of Germans would welcome a 'Führer'
77 Hitler's Last Bodyguard Dies; Was With The Fuhrer In Bunker
78 Retail Watch: Quakertown woman spreading joy with new clothing boutique, her ‘lifelong dream’
79 Nuke, I Am Your Führer: The Timelessness and Timeliness of ‘Dr. Strangelove’
80 August 19 in history: Beginning of the only Olympic cricket match, Hitler becomes 'Führer' and more
81 What to expect from Fuhrer Invitational: 'The best one we've ever had'
82 Hitler wannabe has a similar past to the Führer
83 Fire and Fuhrer: Why Hollywood Is So Focused on Adolf Hitler These Days (Guest Blog)
84 Nazi-killing series Hunters shows fascism is never far away
85 Mein Waifu Is The Fuhrer: What Happens When You Mix Anime And Nazis
86 How fascist is President Trump? There’s still a formula for that.
87 Hi, Hitler: What creators looking to satirise the Führer must remember about the perils of parody
88 What a Biography of Hitler Tells Us About the Supporters of Authoritarian Leaders
89 Marin Voice: Congressman sees act of ‘would-be Fuehrer’ in Trump’s protest reaction
90 Inside the Nazi Anime Video Game That's Raised Over $50000 on Kickstarter
91 What the Führer means for Germans today
92 The Fuhrer's child': How Hitler came to adore a girl with Jewish roots
93 American Fuhrer: Delusionary, Dictatorial Donald Trump Is Drunk on Power
94 Hitler-Brand Wines and Europe's Debate Over the Limits of Free Speech
95 The Farm Belt führer: the making of a neo-Nazi
96 Backstory: Take 'mein Führer'... please!
97 Fuhrer for a week: The 'comic opera' of how Hitler’s successor kept showing up for work after Nazi defeat
98 Hitler’s former maid remembers the good life at Der Fuhrer’s mountain retreat
99 Duty Calls: Dinner With the Führer
100 Forging the Führer: inside the sinister trend for fake Hitler paintings