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1 Fukushima nuclear plant operator: Seismometers were broken
2 Water Leaks Indicate New Damage at Fukushima Nuclear Plant
3 Ten years after Fukushima: could new fuels make nuclear power safer? – Physics World
4 Fukushima's Legacy: Japan's Hard Turn Toward Renewables
5 Magnitude 7.3 earthquake strikes near site of Fukushima nuclear disaster in Japan
6 Photographing Fukushima for the future
7 Increased rate of water leakage at Fukushima reactors : Regulation & Safety
8 Hesitancy to ask for help slows earthquake recovery in part of Fukushima
9 Normalcy returning to Fukushima fishery, but new reactor cooling water releases loom
10 Newly found Fukushima plant contamination may delay cleanup
11 Pressure drops inside vessel at Fukushima plant
12 New Highly Ra­dio­act­ive Mineral Particles Found In Fukushima
13 Tepco admits not repairing Fukushima No. 1 seismometers that broke last year
14 Lessons of Fukushima must not be forgotten
15 Fukushima poll: 74% say nuclear disaster work not promising : The Asahi Shimbun
16 New highly radioactive particles found in Fukushima
17 Fukushima Continues To Supply Surprises
18 Dynamics of radiocesium in forests after the Fukushima disaster: Concerns and some hope
19 Ex-Tokyo fire chief recalls tense days of Fukushima disaster response
20 CAT-i Bulletin: Mw 7.1 Fukushima Earthquake, Japan February 13
21 Fukushima struggling to get people back, 10 years after disaster
22 Rare access inside Fukushima
23 Fish contaminated with radiation caught off northeastern Fukushima Prefecture
24 Fukushima rice farmers innovate to survive, 10 years after disaster
25 Tokyo earthquake might've caused additional damage to the Fukushima nuclear plant
26 Catholic bishops of Japan, Korea criticize Fukushima radioactivity clean-up plans
27 Recent major quake damages Fukushima nuclear plant
28 Taiwan's Audrey Tang discusses Fukushima challenges with students
29 Broken devices at Fukushima plant fail to record vital quake data : The Asahi Shimbun
30 Shares in Fukushima operator Tepco surge amid hopes for nuclear restart
31 Processed video sheds light on black smoke at Fukushima Daiichi
32 Oscars: ‘The Toxic Pigs of Fukushima’ Filmmaker and DP on Radiated Boars and Paying Homage to Japanese Cinema
33 Fukushima plant operator claims seismometers out of order for a year before 15 Feb quake
34 Taiwan's Digital Minister Interacts with Fukushima Students
35 Fukushima earthquake hits automotive and semiconductor supply chains
36 Fukushima town reopens with street art dedicated to the 2011 disaster
37 REFINERY NEWS: Earthquake offshore Japan's Fukushima shuts ENEOS' 145,000 b/d Sendai plant
38 Dozens injured in strong quake off Japan's Fukushima
39 Lessons learned, Fukushima locals are prepared for next big quake : The Asahi Shimbun
40 Impact on LNG fundamentals limited from recent Fukushima earthquake: sources
41 Strong earthquake shakes Fukushima
42 An earthquake at the Olympic torch relay start point is just the beleaguered Tokyo 2020 Games' latest crisis
43 Magnitude 4.3 earthquake strikes near Iwaki, Iwaki-shi, Fukushima, Japan
44 Life in Fukushima -10 Years after the Disaster
45 Fukushima 10 years on: Remembering the loss of a young journalist and the life he saved
46 Man shot dead in Japan's Fukushima Prefecture
47 Govt. ordered to compensate Fukushima evacuees
48 7.1-magnitude quake strikes off Japan's Fukushima Prefecture
49 At least 80 injured in Miyagi and Fukushima
50 Fukushima 50 (Us Trailer 1)
51 Japan reportedly decides to release treated Fukushima water into the sea
52 5.3-magnitude quake strikes off Japan's Fukushima Prefecture: JMA
53 Japan faces another Fukushima disaster crisis
54 Erratum for the Perspective “Opening the floodgates at Fukushima”
55 Fukushima water release could change human DNA, Greenpeace warns
56 Lethal Levels of Radiation Found in Damaged Fukushima Reactor, Impacting its Shutdown
57 Fukushima's Radioactive Wastewater Dilemma
58 Japanese Government Is Ordered to Pay Damages Over Fukushima Disaster
59 Overcoming health consequences of Fukushima nuclear accident
60 Citizens Still Test For Radiation After Japan Says Some Fukushima Areas Safe
61 What Recovery Looks Like In Japan Almost A Decade After Fukushima Nuclear Disaster
62 How The Fukushima Nuclear Disaster Affected The Energy Industry In Japan
63 Fukushima nuclear debris removal to be delayed due to pandemic
64 Japan fishermen oppose 'catastrophic' release of Fukushima water to ocean
65 After 2011 Disaster, Fukushima Embraced Solar Power. The Rest Of Japan Has Not
66 Melted fuel removal from crippled Fukushima reactor to be delayed
67 How 2 Towns That Host Fukushima Power Plant Recover After 2011 Nuclear Disaster
68 Fukushima Daiichi meltdowns released particulates with plutonium
69 High court denies government responsibility for Fukushima nuclear crisis
70 Japan PM says plan to release Fukushima water coming soon
71 Robots to retrieve radioactive remnants from Fukushima, other retired nuclear plants
72 Almost A Decade After Fukushima Nuclear Disaster, Neighbors Fend Off Monkeys
73 Vice Acquires Doc ‘The Toxic Pigs Of Fukushima’ About Nuclear Disaster Aftermath
74 Fukushima surfers return nearly a decade after the nuclear disaster
75 The Fukushima Nuclear Disaster Put Japan's Climate Policy in a Decade-Long Purgatory
76 Particles from Fukushima meltdown contained plutonium
77 World worries about release of Fukushima nuclear water
78 Taiwanese helping spread Fukushima reconstruction information
79 Radiation levels at Fukushima plant far worse than was thought : The Asahi Shimbun
80 Emperor's evacuation to Kyoto weighed after Fukushima nuclear disaster
81 Fukushima Daiichi: Releasing Treated Water a Matter of Personal Concern
82 Forests affected by Fukushima Daiichi nuclear accident
83 Particulate plutonium released from the Fukushima Daiichi meltdowns
84 New Fukushima Disaster Memorial Museum Keeping the Messages of 3.11 Alive
85 Fukushima Pref. Creates PR Video Showing Status of Recovery from Disaster, Efforts for Food Safety
86 A Karaoke Bar Is Helping A Japanese Town Come Back To Life After Fukushima Disaster
87 Tenth reactor to restart in Japan following Fukushima disaster shutdown
88 Terrawatch: unearthing snow's 'Fukushima layer'
89 Nuclear disaster: Fukushima schools frozen in time
90 Court Rejects U.S. Sailors’ Lawsuit Over Fukushima Radiation Exposure
91 Radiation from Fukushima accident did not increase congenital heart disease surgeries
92 Japan lifts evacuation order for town hit by Fukushima disaster
93 Fukushima cleanup struggle focuses on what to do with contaminated water
94 IAEA ready to send monitor team for Fukushima water release
95 Local despair over Fukushima's radioactive mushrooms
96 Fukushima's fishing industry claws back from the brink
97 Tepco prepares to survey Fukushima Daiichi unit 2 fuel pool : Waste & Recycling
98 Japan postpones decision on release of Fukushima water
99 Wildlife flourishing in uninhabited areas around Fukushima
100 Nuclear disaster museum opens in Fukushima