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1 Futurist Deborah Westphal Releases New Book, "Convergence: Technology, Business, and the Human-Centric Future"
2 Cornell Scientist: NASA May Have Accidentally Spread Life to Mars
3 Tony Hawk Reveals Electric Minivan With Built-In Electric Longboard
4 China: Actually, Our Hurtling Deathrocket Was Totally Fine
5 TBD brings neo-futurism to the present through short plays
6 A Brain Implant Made Mice Immediately Become Friends
7 Tesla Cybertruck Hits Streets of NYC, Breaks Several Traffic Laws
8 Scientists Claim to Spot Fungus Growing on Mars in NASA Rover Photos
9 Elon Musk's Name Appears in 69-Year-Old Book About Colonizing Mars
10 A Mysterious Brain Disease Is Spreading in Canada
11 Experts Shred Paper Claiming to Identify Mushrooms on Mars
12 Plummeting Chinese Rocket Crashes Into Indian Ocean
13 SpaceX Could Cut Your Starlink Internet Service If You Pirate Movies
14 White House Approves United States' First Massive Offshore Wind Farm
15 Scientists Turn Radio Signal From Venus Into Audio You Can Listen to
16 Residents Furious at Release of 500 Million Gene-Hacked Mosquitoes
17 Trump Just Got Kicked Off Twitter AGAIN
18 Scientists Fear New Disaster at Chernobyl Meltdown Site
19 Secretary of Defense: We Will Not Shoot Down Plummeting Chinese Deathrocket
20 Scientists Turned HIV Into a Life-Saving Gene Therapy
21 Study: Mars Could Still Have Active Volcanoes
22 Russia Announces Plans to Test Nuclear Weapon Called "Satan II"
23 The Pentagon Is Investigating Potential Mishandling of UFO Evidence
24 Fact-check: Did a NASA rover find fungi growing on Mars?
25 Bill Gates Funded the Company Releasing Gene-Hacked Mosquitoes
26 SpaceX's Spacecraft Just Had a Near Collision With an Unidentified Object
27 Scientists Claim That Actually, Radiation Is Good For You
28 Neuralink Co-Founder Leaves Company For Unknown Reasons
29 Man Unlocks Smartphone Using Severed Finger
30 NASA Detects "Hum" Coming From Beyond Solar System
31 Elon Musk Tweets About Doge Being a Guest on SNL, Dogecoin Prices Soar
32 CRISPR Has a Problem: It Mangles DNA It Wasn't Supposed to Touch
33 Editorial—“Survivance”
34 Watch a UK Marine Jetpack onto Speeding Ship, Pull Out Gun
35 Analyst Predicts 50 Percent Drop in Bitcoin Value
36 RIT alumni 'futurists' discuss blend of technology, art, and design at Imagine RIT symposium | RIT
37 Man Sighted Flying Through City on Giant Drone
38 Elon Musk Hints Tesla Might Soon Accept Dogecoin
39 Outcry as Video Shows Robodog Patrolling With NYPD
40 A Harvard Scientist Is Selling His Genetic Code as an NFT
41 Google Testing Feature That Scolds You For Using Smartphone While Walking
42 Former Senator Says Military Wouldn't Let Him See UFO Wreckage
43 MIT Researchers Release Music Made by Spiders
44 Cybertruck RV Attachment Sells $50 Million in Preorders
45 NASA's Perseverance Rover Just Turned Martian CO2 Into Oxygen
46 Astronomers Discover Closest-Ever Black Hole to Earth
47 Woman Brutally Attacked With Hammer for Wearing Mask
48 Startup Says It Will Launch Fighters Into Space For Brutal Zero-G Combat
49 This Amazing Laser Therapy Cap Helps Fight Baldness From the Comfort of Home
50 China's Population Is About to Start Declining, and Its Leaders Are Worried
51 Bitcoin Creator Satoshi Nakomoto Is Now One of the World's Wealthiest People
52 Harvard/MIT Researcher: COVID Definitely Could Have Leaked From a Lab
53 China Is Planning an Interstellar Space Mission
54 Influential Voices On The Future Of Work: Brian David Johnson, Futurist
55 For First Time Ever, Scientists Create Part-Human, Part-Monkey Embryos
56 Before Divorce, Melinda Gates Was Furious at Bill Gates for Epstein Relationship
57 Innovative alumni share vision at Imagine RIT Futurists Symposium | RIT
58 Expert: Neuralink Could Sell Your Private Thoughts to the "Highest Bidder"
59 Japanese Prime Minister Challenged to Drink Radioactive Water Before Dumping It Into the Ocean
60 Terrifying Mutated-Looking "Creature" Turns Out to Be a Croissant
61 Elon Musk Says He Is Now the "Imperator of Mars"
62 SpaceX's Starship May Fly Again "In the Days Ahead"
63 Pay What You Want To Learn JavaScript And Discover How Websites Are Built
64 Chinese Firefighters Issued Exoskeletons to Make Them Stronger
65 Bill Gates, Who Wants to Geoengineer the Earth, Is Getting a Divorce
66 The Stuff Beer Cans Are Made From Is Linked to Alzheimer's Disease
67 Investigators Release New Details About Deadly Tesla Crash
68 Futurist and 'digital anthropologist' Solis helps Greater Akron Chamber look ahead
69 NASA Takes Emergency Action to Save Dying Mars Lander
70 Scientist Spot Star That's Been Stretched Out and Wrapped Around a Black Hole
71 Tesla Admits Elon Musk Exaggerated Autopilot Capabilities
72 A Bitcoin IRA Earns You Major Tax Breaks When Buying Cryptocurrency for Retirement
73 Biotech Company Officially Unleashes Gene-Hacked Mosquitoes in Florida
74 Code The Video Games Of Your Dreams With This Pay-What-You-Want Training Bundle
75 This Theory Could Explain Many Military UFO Sightings
76 Cops Clear Beach in Preparation for Starship Launch
77 This no-nonsense technique can get you to the retirement you want
78 Giant Asteroid Hits Europe After NASA Fails to Stop It, In a Simulation
79 Authorities Seize "Atomik" Booze Made Near Chernobyl Disaster
80 African futurism through Sahel Sounds
81 Professor Warns of "Nightmare" Bots That Prey on Vulnerable People
82 Pay What You Want To Master The Adobe Creative Cloud With This Training
83 They Are Their Own Monuments
84 People Caught Using AI to Role-Play Sexual Abuse of Children
85 Unspoken History
86 Economics Professor: UFOs Could Be a Big Deal For the Economy
87 Jeff Bezos' Blue Origin Puts First Seat to Space Up for Auction
88 Great Big Beautiful Tomorrow: The Futurism Of Walt Disney
89 New York May Ban All Bitcoin Mining
90 World’s Biggest Jeweler Will Only Sell Lab-Grown Diamonds
91 Ford Patents Tech to Annoy Drivers With In-Car Advertisements
92 Street Art in the Age of Basquiat: Rammellzee is Not a Name, But an Equation
93 a stylish collection for futurists made from clothing surplus, off-cuts + dead-stock fabrics
94 Boeing Is Still Trying to Get Its Doomed Space Shuttle Off the Ground
95 Something Is Frizzling Up the Brains of Old White Guys
96 Mysterious Biotech Startup Gave Anti-Aging Gene Therapy to Dementia Patients
97 Jeff Bezos Is Reportedly Very Jealous of Elon Musk's SpaceX
98 UCT as an example for embedding a 'futures' culture
99 No, rover photos aren't proof that scientists have found fungi growing on Mars
100 How futurism can help you spot trends and prepare for the future post-COVID