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1 To Our Readers: On the Future of Futurism
2 Mysterious Monolith Has Been There For Years, According to Google Earth
3 Physicists Say Universe Filled With Mystery Substance Called "Quintessence"
4 Scientists Decipher the Sun's Nuclear Fusion for the First Time
5 The US Army Is Developing Tech That Reads Soldiers' Minds
6 Mystery "Monolith" Disappears From Utah Desert
7 Futurism Is Workless: Calling G20 2020
8 Elon Musk: First Mars City Will Start With Glass Domes
9 Protect Yourself and Others With This Personal Air Purifying Shield
10 NASA Data Shows Evidence of Ancient "Megafloods" on Mars
11 SpaceX Fires Up Starship Engines Ahead of Miles-High Flight Test
12 Get a Head Start on Black Friday With Futurism’s Favorite Early Black Friday Deals
13 NASA Is Officially Assembling the SLS in Florida
14 Scientists: The Human Brain Has Odd Similarities to the Entire Universe
15 Trick Your Kids Into Learning Science With This Awesome Chemistry Set Subscription Service
16 Scientists Create Living Factories That Churn Out Hydrogen Fuel
17 Astronomers Can't Explain Where Half the Universe's Light Is Coming From
18 The futurists
19 NASA Figured Out How Much Less We Polluted Under Lockdown
20 Venus Life Finding Might Be Based on a Data Mistake
21 UK Officials: Useless Emails Are Killing the Planet
22 Scientists Create Diamonds at Room Temperature
23 Scientists Find Remnants of "Fossil Galaxy" Inside the Milky Way
24 UN: Despite the Pandemic, Greenhouse Gases Are at an All-Time High
25 SpaceX Better Than Shuttle or Soyuz, Says Astronaut Who Flew All Three
26 US Government Seizes $1 Billion in Silk Road Bitcoin
27 Elon Musk Just Became the Second Richest Person in the World
28 NASA Project Could Peer Inside Europa to Find Alien Life
29 Huge Meta-Study: This Food Appears to Actually Make You Live Longer
30 China Successfully Launches Lunar Sample Return Mission
31 Scientists Say Laser Device Can Make Lightning Strike Specific Targets
32 Experts Urge NASA to Return Mars Samples to Earth
33 Electric Wingsuit Lets You Fly at 186 MPH
34 Bioethicist: We Should Give Sex Robots to Lonely Seniors
35 A Stolen Chunk of Earth's Moon Seems to Be Orbiting Mars
36 This Japanese Spaceport Concept is Absolutely Gorgeous
37 Walmart Is Giving Up on Its Inventory Robots
38 Toyota Patents Autonomous Battery Drone That Recharges Your Car
39 The Universe Is Getting Steadily Hotter, According to New Research
40 Elon Musk: This Fan-Made Video Is "Very Close" to Showing Actual Starship Flight
41 Astronomers Propose Giant "Liquid Mirror" Telescope on the Moon
42 Scientists Say They've Found the Missing 40 Percent of the Universe's Matter
43 UN Official Warns of "Famines of Biblical Proportions" in 2021
44 Man Seen Shooting Flamethrower on Roof of NYC Bus
45 Iconic Arecibo Alien-Hunting Observatory Will Be Demolished
46 These are the 5 most valuable skills to learn right now, says futurist—and where to find free online courses
47 NASA Officially Certifies SpaceX For Human Space Travel
48 Dr. Fauci Says That Santa Claus Is Immune to COVID
49 The Army's New Night Vision Goggles Let Soldiers Look Around Corners
50 NASA Is Looking for Someone to Put Nuclear Reactors on the Moon
51 Tesla Crashes at 100 MPH, Sending Flaming Batteries Into Multiple Homes
52 New Technique Claims to Extract Breathable Oxygen From Moon Dust
53 Scientists Are Pretty Sure They Just Saw Two Stars Crash Into Each Other
54 Italian Lambo Police Car Covers 300 Miles in 2 Hours to Deliver Kidney
55 Upcoming Space Telescope Will Study the Atmospheres of Distant Exoplanets
56 NASA Admits It Probably Won't Be Able to Land Moon Astronauts by 2024
57 NASA Data Appears to Show That Giant Asteroid Is Hollow
58 New Evidence: There Was Another Planet in the Solar System That Escaped
59 New Hack Steals a Tesla in Minutes via Bluetooth
60 Astronomers Pinpoint Source of Mysterious Radio Burst Signal
61 An Entire Island Nation Is Banning Facebook
62 Jetpack Test Pilot Dies During Training Accident
63 Top General Says "Robot Soldiers" Could Make Up 25 Percent of British Army
64 People Are Buying Negative COVID-19 Tests on the Black Market
65 New Research Shows How a Microbe Could Survive Journey Between Planets
66 The role of a futurist in predicting what's next in cybersecurity
67 Starship Test Flight to 50,000 Feet Could Happen as Soon as Next Week
68 The Head of NASA Is Quitting After Trump Defeat
69 Scientists Found a Way to Make Infrared Light Visible to Humans
70 Robot Camera Mistakes Soccer Ref's Bald Head For Ball
71 Disney Builds Horrifying Skinless Robot With Terrifyingly Human Eyes
72 Progressive Groups Call For Elimination of Space Force
73 NASA Says This Company's Giant 5G Satellites Could Cause "Catastrophic Collision"
74 Giant Arecibo SETI Telescope Could Collapse After Mysterious Damage
75 There's a Chance This Giant Asteroid Will Smash Earth in 2068
76 China Is About to Launch a Lunar Sample Return Mission
77 Third Major COVID Vaccine Turns Out to Be Super Effective
78 Amazon Patent Makes the Most Horrible Gamers Play With Each Other
79 Honda Cleared to Begin Selling First Level 3 Autonomous Cars
80 Monkeys in Zoo Prefer Traffic Noise to Nature Sounds
81 This Guy Is Creating Actual Diamonds From Reclaimed CO2
82 DuPont ties-up with food futurists at IFTF to 'better navigate uncertainties in the future'
83 Scientists in Japan Build Robot to Hold Hands With Lonely People
84 US Formally Ditches Paris Climate Agreement
85 McDonald's Is Making a Huge, High Tech Push Into Fake Meats
86 "New Futurists" have the talent and drive to make their visions a reality
87 Two Futurists Discuss Why Your Business Shouldn't Play It Too Safe in a Pandemic
88 Houston gets the nation’s first show of Italian drawings from the 20th century
89 Estée Lauder Futurist Hydra Rescue review
90 Japan Is Still Trying to Hold the Olympics in 2021
91 Features | Craft/Work | Slipped Discs: Record Sleeves By Contemporary Artists
92 Build Your Own Drones With Black Friday Access To These DIY Kits
93 Pick Up a New Language With a Lifetime Subscription to Top-Rated Babbel for 50% Off
94 Growth hacker? Digital futurist? Job titles get a creative spin again
95 Tesla Accused of Covering Up Safety Issues in Class Action Lawsuit
96 Because of COVID, Joe Biden Says He's Not Spending Thanksgiving With His Family
97 After COVID, Your Favorite Foods May Smell Like Rotting Meat
98 CARIBBEAT: After a tumultuous 2020, it’s time to choose Everybody’s Magazine’s ‘Person of the Year’
99 What is Futurism? Italy's Art Movement that Love Speed and Technology
100 Remember Vape Lung? It's Still Happening.