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Result Content Idea Research
1 Missile Defense: Observations on Ground-based Midcourse Defense Acquisition Challenges and Potential Contract Strategy Changes
5 Aviation Consumer Protection: Increased Transparency Could Help Build Confidence in DOT's Enforcement Approach
6 Pentagon loses two bid protests that challenged $7 billion moving contract
7 Unaccompanied Children: Actions Needed to Improve Grant Application Reviews and Oversight of Care Facilities
8 Aviation Cybersecurity: FAA Should Fully Implement Key Practices to Strengthen Its Oversight of Avionics Risks
9 Information Technology: Selected Federal Agencies Need to Take Additional Actions to Reduce Contract Duplication
10 Data Security: Recent K-12 Data Breaches Show That Students Are Vulnerable to Harm
11 Federal Property: Formal Policies Could Enhance FDA's Property Management Efforts
12 Combating Wildlife Trafficking: Agencies Work to Address Human Rights Abuse Allegations in Overseas Conservation Programs
13 Small Business Administration: COVID-19 Loans Lack Controls and Are Susceptible to Fraud
14 Agile Assessment Guide: Best Practices for Agile Adoption and Implementation
15 The Nation's Fiscal Health: Effective Use of Fiscal Rules and Targets
16 Information Technology: IRS Needs to Address Operational Challenges and Opportunities to Improve Management
17 GAO report sheds additional light on misleading and deceptive marketing practices among non-compliant health plans
18 GAO to investigate whether White House influenced COVID-19 vaccine approval process, pandemic response
19 Government agency will investigate Trump administration political influence over FDA, CDC
20 VA Vet Centers: Evaluations Needed of Expectations for Counselor Productivity and Centers' Staffing
21 USAJOBS Website: OPM Has Taken Actions to Assess and Enhance the User Experience
22 Nuclear Weapons: NNSA Should Further Develop Cost, Schedule, and Risk Information for the W87-1 Warhead Program
23 Financial Management: DOD Needs to Implement Comprehensive Plans to Improve Its Systems Environment
24 VA Acquisition Management: Actions Needed to Improve Management of Medical-Surgical Prime Vendor Program and Inform Future Decisions
25 Army Modernization: Army Should Improve Use of Alternative Agreements and Approaches by Enhancing Oversight and Communication of Lessons Learned
26 GAO Finds that DOT's Enforcement Approach Lacks Transparency and Clarity (Oct. 2020)
27 GAO Says Coast Guard Wrongly Rejected Perspecta Unit's Bid
28 GAO developing secure file transfer capability to share sensitive data during pandemic
29 GAO Backs Renewed Protests Over $20B Military Moving Deal
30 GAO Urges Caution In Shifting Missile Defense Oversight
31 GAO highlights continued PPE shortages in COVID-19 report
32 Taxpayer Service: IRS Could Improve the Taxpayer Experience by Using Better Service Performance Measures
33 Army Tripled OTA Prototyping To $4.8B In Just 3 Years: GAO
34 $20 billion plan to outsource management of military household moves hits roadblock
36 GAO Says DHS Must Improve Component Acquisition Oversight
37 Transit Asset Management: FTA Should Clarify Performance Data and Develop a Plan to Guide Future Program Improvements
38 Intellectual Property: Additional Agency Actions Can Improve Assistance to Small Businesses and Inventors
39 GAO to Probe CDC, FDA Meddling; Vax Challenge Trial Slated; Syringe Stockpile Set
40 Watchdog: DHS needs to keep a closer eye on acquisition qualifications
41 Federal Criminal Restitution: Department of Justice Has Ongoing Efforts to Improve Its Oversight of the Collection of Restitution and Tracking the Use of Forfeited Assets
42 Department of the Interior, Fish and Wildlife Service: Migratory Bird Hunting; Migratory Bird Hunting Regulations on Certain Federal Indian Reservations and Ceded Lands for the 2020–21 Season
43 GAO To Investigate Trump Admin Attacks On Scientific Integrity At FDA, CDC
44 GAO details ongoing problems with FDA's lab safety oversight
45 GAO to probe political interference at health agencies; FDA panel to review COVID-19 vaccines — 5 updates
46 GAO Examines K-12 Breaches, Finds PII Risks – MeriTalk
47 Earnings lag, but GAO predicts home care job growth of 40%
48 GAO: DHS Chief Acquisition Officer Must Improve Vetting of Components' Procurement Executives
49 GAO Issues Guide to Agile Software for Agencies
50 Reforming Agencies to be Ready for the Future
51 GAO Review of COVID-19 Response Finds Medical Supply Chain Problems, Calls for National Vaccine Plan
52 Time to Review and Reduce Duplicative Housing Programs
53 GAO: Army Should Share Lessons Learned from Alternative Contracting
54 Gao Guqi's independent furniture brand Fnji launches 2020 collection
55 Federal watchdog finds escalating cyberattacks on schools pose potential harm to students | TheHill
56 Wallenius Wilhelmsen's billion-dollar contract at risk after complaint in the US
57 Velázquez blasts SBA for 'obstruction' in probe of massive aid programs
58 Pandemic Piles on Schools Still Reeling From Fires, Floods, and Storms
59 GAO Faults IRS For Tax-Exempt Hospital Oversight
60 Do Robots Need a Sense of Touch?
61 Fiscal Year 2021 Budget Request: U.S. Government Accountability Office
62 USAJOBS Overhaul: GAO Reviews, Previews Changes
63 Political Pressure or No, Most of Us Trust the FDA
64 Federal Workforce: Key Considerations for Agencies Returning Employees to Workplaces during Pandemics
65 GAO: Additional Actions Needed to Strengthen FEMA's Individuals and Households Program
66 Why Voting Matters for the Disability Community
67 COVID-19: Brief Update on Initial Federal Response to the Pandemic
68 If Your Proposal Makes the Agency Work Too Hard, You Have Only Yourself to Blame If You Don't Win
69 GAO Calls Foul on Foosball: Social Gatherings Taint NASA Acquisition
70 Covid-19: Opportunities to Improve Federal Response and Recovery Efforts
71 Neoadjuvant dual immune-checkpoint blockade shows promise in UC
72 GAO Audits Involving DOD: Status of Efforts to Schedule and Hold Timely Entrance Conferences
73 2020 Census: Recent Decision to Compress Census Timeframes Poses Additional Risks to an Accurate Count
74 Prison term, fine for defense firm executive 'deterrent to corruption'
75 Propagandist Who Purged Cutting-Edge Chinese Media Edits People's Daily
76 House Energy and Commerce leaders seek GAO review of HHS's cybersecurity
77 Inspectors General: Independence Principles and Considerations for Reform
78 Time and Attendance: Agencies Generally Compiled Data on Misconduct, and Reported Using Various Internal Controls for Monitoring
79 GAO Audits Involving DOD: Status of DOD's Efforts to Schedule and Hold Timely Entrance Conferences
81 Cybersecurity: Selected Federal Agencies Need to Coordinate on Requirements and Assessments of States
82 K-12 Education: School Districts Frequently Identified Multiple Building Systems Needing Updates or Replacement
83 DOD announces funding for massive 5G testing program at Hill AFB
84 Native American Youth: Agencies Incorporated Almost All Leading Practices When Assessing Grant Programs That Could Prevent or Address Delinquency [Reissued with revisions on Aug. 27, 2020.]
85 Dentist’s Viral TikTok Explains Why You’re Probably Using the Wrong Amount of Toothpaste
86 Federal Management: Selected Reforms Could Be Strengthened By Following Additional Planning, Communication, and Leadership Practices
87 Lake Ontario-St. Lawrence River Plan: Improved Communication and Adaptive Management Strategy Could Help Address Stakeholder Concerns
88 Walden, Burgess seek GAO tech study on coronavirus contact tracing apps
89 Information Technology: Federal Agencies and OMB Need to Continue to Improve Management and Cybersecurity
90 Federal Rulemaking: Information on Selected Agencies' Management of Public Comments
91 Drug Control: Actions Needed to Ensure Usefulness of Data on Suspicious Opioid Orders
92 Management Report: Improvements Needed in Controls over the Processes Used to Prepare the U.S. Consolidated Financial Statements
93 Navy Shipyards: Actions Needed to Address the Main Factors Causing Maintenance Delays for Aircraft Carriers and Submarines
94 Efforts to ensure export control law implementation
95 GAO report finds widespread delays in US government response to Coronavirus
96 Department of Homeland SecurityꟷLegality of Service of Acting Secretary of Homeland Security and Service of Senior Official Performing the Duties of Deputy Secretary of Homeland SecurityꟷReconsideration
97 K-12 Education: School Districts Need Better Information to Help Improve Access for People with Disabilities
98 COVID-19 Contracting: Observations on Contractor Paid Leave Reimbursement Guidance and Use
99 Federal Tactical Teams: Characteristics, Training, Deployments, and Inventory
100 Medicaid: State Views on Program Administration Challenges