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Result Content Idea Research
1 Gavin Williamson tinkers at the edges of GCSEs when they are fundamentally broken
2 Covid: How might GCSE and A-levels work this summer?
3 GCSE and A-level exams in England to be marked leniently for a second year
4 Will GCSEs go ahead? By Helena Mogg, Surbiton High School
5 GCSEs: Exam uncertainty for Wales' home-schooled students
6 GCSE exams ‘could be marked more generously’ in England in 2021
7 Welsh move to cancel GCSE and A-level exams puts pressure on No 10
8 Coronavirus: GCSE and A-level pupils 'can wear face coverings' for exams
9 GCSE grades 2020: What the data really tells us
10 GCSEs 2021: Are we ready for another grading crisis?
11 GCSE and A-level pupils will be told what is on their exam papers in advance
12 Exams 2021: International sector calls for clarity
13 Entries for GCSE: November 2020 exam series
14 GCSE and A-level exams should be cancelled next summer, experts say
15 GCSE pupils 'over-tested' in some schools, says Weir
16 Gibraltar prepares as UK announces changes to A-level and GCSE exams
17 Calls for GCSE and A-level grades to be set regionally this summer because of differing Covid levels
18 Student-level equalities analyses for GCSE and A level
19 History GCSE to be given Black Lives Matter makeover
20 Richmond Council calls for review of 2021 GCSE and A-Level exams
21 GCSEs should be scrapped next year and replaced with school-based assessments, leading head says
22 GCSEs: 1000s of private school grades may be inflated
23 Interactive GCSE and A level data visualisations updated
24 GCSEs 2021: Regional grading rejected by Ofqual adviser
25 GCSEs 2021: Covid impact may be flagged next to grades
26 GCSEs and A-levels 2021: Ofqual to make exams ‘less daunting’ and to grade ‘more generously’
27 GCSEs 2021: Deadline for exams plan to be missed by DfE
28 Coronavirus: Wales scraps GCSE, AS and A-level exams for 2021 to ensure 'fairness'
29 GCSE exams in Wales due to take place in January are scrapped
30 GCSEs and A-levels 2021: Teachers may choose which exam papers their students take and which will be dropped
31 “GCSEs and A levels are a matter of life chances” – why it is important that exams take place next year
32 University admissions overhaul predicted to be the ‘nail in the coffin’ of GCSEs
33 'I took GCSE at 5 and went to Cambridge at 15
34 Exclusive: Tests reveal 'dramatic' GCSE learning loss
35 Taking exams away from GCSE students prepares them poorly for the future
36 Times letters: Uncertainty over next summer's GCSE exams
37 Exclusive: Students to be told in advance which topics will appear on 2021 exams, under Ofqual plans
38 Scrap GCSEs and introduce `transition year', union urges
39 Exclusive: Regional GCSE grades are on table for 2021
40 If Gavin Williamson were in Year 9...
41 GCSEs 2021: Pretending it's all OK won't help anyone
42 GCSEs should be axed next year, ex-Education Secretary says
43 Exclusive: GCSEs can’t solve Covid mess says exam board
44 How to solve a problem like GCSE maths
45 GCSEs 2021: More exam material may be shown in advance
46 Revealed: Insider’s view on 6 options for GCSEs 2021
47 Exclusive: GCSE 2021 grading ‘needs to be regional’
48 DfE warning over early GCSE entries as research shows some pupils do worse
49 Children in care 'shock': 92% get no GCSE passes
50 GCSEs resits 2020: reflections from the front line
51 GCSEs 2021: Exam papers may be partly shown in advance
52 Colleges grapple with exam costs as GCSE resit students excluded from government's support
53 92% of Jersey's children in care leave school with no GCSEs | ITV News
54 GCSE results: proportion of entries with highest grades soars
55 Pupils in England likely to face reduced GCSE courses and delayed exams
56 Coronavirus and schools: LIVE 4/12
57 Are 2021 exam measures enough for pupils in the North?
58 GCSE students on results day: 'The last few weeks were terrifying'
59 GCSEs: What's different with this year's exams?
60 'As You Like It'
61 GCSE and A-level exams in all subjects to be available in autumn
62 Next year's GCSE and A-level exams in England may be delayed
63 Students retaking GSCE exams in November 'may pose public health risk'
64 Cancellation of GCSE is unfair to some students
65 Exam regulator unveils GCSE and A-level plans for coronavirus crisis
66 Private and state schools bid to kill off GCSEs
67 Tory MPs back ditching GCSE exams in English school system overhaul
68 Delay A-level and GCSE exams to give pupils more time, says Labour
69 Wales urged to scrap GCSE exams in favour of assessments
70 Share your reaction and experiences on GCSE results day 2020
71 Disadvantaged pupils will be biggest winners from GCSE results
72 A-level and GCSE results to be higher this summer
73 GCSEs: NI results to be based on teacher predictions
74 'I’m just delighted': huge relief for GCSE students after results U-turn
75 GCSEs: CCEA to close the book on English literature novel study
76 Confirmed: Most GCSE and A-level exams pushed back three weeks
77 Cut back GCSEs and A-levels next year, say heads
78 GCSE and A-level results 'could be affected by bias'
79 Coronavirus: Homeschooled pupil 'in limbo' by GCSE move
80 Covid-19: November GCSE exams in NI postponed for two weeks
81 GCSEs and A-level exams to start later in NI next summer
82 Making poetry optional in GCSE English literature is out of tune with the times
83 Exams chaos: Never again, say parents, pupils, teachers
84 GCSE choices will narrow next year, says academy chain
85 DJing formally offered at GCSE: a challenge to a 'colonialised curriculum'
86 Decision to review how GCSE grades are awarded applies in Falklands
87 Unions say government has 'head in sand' over 2021 GCSEs and A-levels
88 Coronavirus: A-level and GCSE course changes considered
89 Our GCSE exam system is beyond repair – the wasteful system needs to be brought to an end
90 'Judged on how we used to be': improving schools cry foul over GCSE and A-level grading
91 Results days announced for GCSE and A-level grades
92 Will GCSE grade inflation cause problems for future students? And other questions
93 Ditch GCSEs and make education more inclusive
94 Entries for GCSE: autumn 2020 exam series
95 Will GCSE and A-level students get a fair deal when coronavirus has cancelled exams?
96 This year, GCSE and A-level results depend on teachers being unbiased. That's the real test
97 GCSE and A-level students could sit open-book exams in 2021
98 Spare British teenagers like me the agony of GCSE exams
99 Many GCSE pupils never study a book by a black author
100 GCSEs: Here's why you shouldn't give up on poetry