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1 Nevada releases sweeping ‘State Climate Strategy’ to cut greenhouse gas emissions by 2050
2 U.S. greenhouse gas emissions set to drop to lowest level in three decades
3 Ending greenhouse gas emissions may not stop global warming: study
4 RefNat4LIFE Projects GHG Emission Cuts for EU's Small Food Retailers
5 RFA: CFS can help Colorado reduce GHG emissions
6 California GHG in the plus column. Emissions-reduction steps state can take to get back on...
7 Greenhouse Gas Inventory Report for FY2019 Released
8 A Global Breakdown of Greenhouse Gas Emissions by Sector
9 Truck, Engine Makers Refine Products to Meet 2021 GHG Emission Standards
10 Using materials efficiently can substantially cut greenhouse gas emissions
11 Let’s Feed Seaweed To Cows & Reduce Their Methane Burping
12 Portland General Electric sets 2040 goal for net-zero GHG
13 Making long-term low GHG emissions development strategies a reality
14 Rail manufacturers Wabtec and Greenbrier share plans to fight climate change
15 3 Advances in Sequestering Carbon in the Built Environment
16 Pandemic has not curbed record levels of GHG emissions: UN
17 Release: Mozilla's Greenhouse Gas emissions baseline
18 EUROPE: EC: 'EU GHG emissions fell in 2019 to the lowest level in three decades'
19 Oil giants joining electric utilities in pushing federal leaders to strengthen GHG emission rules
20 Farming faces 'historic' shift to cut greenhouse gas emissions
21 Global standard for reporting of financed greenhouse gas emissions unveiled
22 Has The Time Come For A Greenhouse Gas NAAQS? Law Students Will Argue The Isssue At The 33rd Annual National Environmental Moot Court Competition
23 The Latest News and Data About Ethanol Production
24 Decarbonization: how will Nova Scotia Power get to “net zero” greenhouse gas emissions?
25 Range Resources Announces Goal of Net-Zero Direct Greenhouse Gas Emissions by 2025
26 Occidental Petroleum announces net-zero target for greenhouse gas emissions
27 How can the fashion industry become more sustainable?
28 AP7 says lobbying against Paris pact a globally widespread problem
29 ClimeCoGreen Launches a New Website to Calculate and Reduce Your Carbon Footprint
30 Greenhouse Gas Mitigation Measure Allowing Purchase of Offset Credits Fails to Comply With CEQA
31 4 Things to Know About CARB’s Clean Miles Standard
32 AI carbon neutrality challenge
33 Brazilian fashion brands falling short on supply chain transparency
34 Leaders look to local solutions for Pleasanton's Climate Action Plan 2.0
35 The Perversities of Biden Rejoining the Paris Climate Agreement
36 Canada Said to Need Low-Carbon Tech, Policy Changes to Meet Net-Zero Emissions Goal
37 Unforced variations: Dec 2020 « RealClimate
38 San Jose City Council takes historic step to ban natural gas in new buildings
39 SAP : The First Step to Managing a Product's Carbon Footprint
40 Climate Change Tracker: Global emissions rise despite pandemic lockdowns
41 Pressure growing on gold mining firms to up game in GHG emission stakes
42 Global Shipping Outlook Revised to Stable on Balance of Risks
43 Lansinoh Commits to Climate Neutrality by 2030
44 After MEPC 75 ESPO calls for more ambition on GHG reductions
45 EU on track to meet greenhouse gas emissions and renewable energy 2020 targets, progress in 2019 shows more ambitious long-term objectives are reachable
46 Ontario's Low-Carbon Hydrogen Strategy
47 ORC Tallies Up Its Own Greenhouse Gas Emissions | Scoop News
48 World Vision Policy Position: Climate Action
49 The Loadstar teams up with Smart Freight Centre to help cut emissions in supply chains
50 EU Set To Achieve 2 of its 3 Climate And Energy Targets For 2020
51 Rebuilding Versus Building Anew
52 VPS Unveils New Look, Branding
53 MOL joins “Wind Hunter Project” for combination of sails and fuel cells on ships
54 IMO Advances Measures to Reduce Emissions from International Shipping | News
55 Climate crisis: 2020 set to be ‘one of hottest years’ on record
56 Global warming is real and 2020 is among 3 warmest year ever
57 Switzerland closes CO2 law revision gap
58 You Should Care About Transportation Emissions. Here’s Why
59 Quesnel sets out climate plan for city operations, community
60 GHG: GreenTree Hospitality Group: A Chinese Stock That Could Breakout in 2021
61 Boosting the bottom line through sustainability | Greenbiz
62 Agriculture's Greenhouse Gas Emissions and Sinks
63 You say old coal plant, I say new green hydrogen facility | Greenbiz
64 Could This Innovation Be An Answer To Fashion’s Plastic Problem?
65 New Research Review Finds Climate Impact of Methane May Be Overstated
66 New Bill To Incentivize SAF Expansion | Business Aviation News
67 Global Hemp Group Expands its Hemp R&D Team in Mexico
68 IMO has approved short-term GHG reduction measures
69 Eco-conscious EV drivers unlikely to transform Taiwan's emissions
70 Advanced High-strength Steel Market Growth, Key Opportunities, Trends And Forecast 2023
71 OECD report criticizes LNG and methanol for not being climate-friendly fuels
72 The Rapid Assessment of Burkina Faso Greenhouse Gas (GHG) Monitoring, Reporting and verification (MRV) system
73 Encinitas City Council amends Climate Action Plan
74 California Partners With NASA For Climate Change Data
75 Boston roadmap details 10-minute EV access for all
76 CIMAC Says IMO's Draft GCG Regulations Lack Ambition
77 Interferry GHG Data Survey Bids for Fair Application of IMO Proposals
78 ePURE: The EU is still failing on fuel quality target
79 Nutrien Launching Industry's Most Comprehensive Carbon Program to Drive Sustainability in Agriculture
80 San José Moves to Make Nearly All New Buildings All-Electric
81 "Wind Hunter Project" starts zero-emission project with wind propulsion and hydrogen
82 Appeal Launched Against Federal Court's Dismissal Of Youth Climate Change Lawsuit
83 Local Youth Advocate Against Natural Gas Usage Locally, Abroad
84 Crop insurance for climate practices gets attention, but is the science there?
85 3 Questions: Hessam AzariJafari on mitigating climate change with reflective pavements
86 Nutrien Launches New End-to-End Carbon Program
87 Oregon PUC Plans Take on Decarbonization
88 GLOBAL: Interferry to conduct GHG short term measures survey
89 The Government of Canada is leading by example on combatting climate change
90 Wood pellets: the gateway to innovation for BC's bioenergy sector
91 Making America Decent Again: Biden and the Future of U.S. Human Rights Policy
92 Orderbook Analysis Hints at Importance of Drop in Bunkers, Retrofit Solutions to Meet IMO Emissions Targets
93 World's First Tradable Carbon Token Is Set To Democratize Access To One Of The Most Important New Asset Classes
94 Global Wood Pellet Market (2020 to 2025)
95 Coming to grips with the great green shipping challenge
96 Pledges and progress: Steps toward greenhouse gas emissions reductions in the 100 largest cities across the United States
97 Greenhouse gas emissions plunged 17 percent during pandemic
98 Combating Climate Change with the Clean Air Act’s International Air Pollution Provision
99 Canada's crude oil, gas consumption peaking, output set to rise on strong exports
100 Total bets big on LNG bunkering