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1 Bulk of California's GHG reductions come from biobased diesel |
2 Renewable Diesel, Biodiesel Cut GHG Emissions in California
3 Beef industry emissions can be 'reduced substantially', claim researchers
4 Biden administration pushes steps to lower US building sector GHG emissions
5 Representatives Introduce Legislation Aimed at Reducing GHG Emissions
6 Study Finds Ghost Forest 'Tree Farts' Contribute to Greenhouse Gas Emissions
7 Greenhouse gas and aerosol emissions are lengthening and intensifying droughts: Human-sourced boost to drying in Americas, Africa and Asia
8 Climate Summit: US Aims For 50% Cut In Greenhouse Gas Emissions
9 What is Driving Reductions in Residential Greenhouse Gas Emissions in the US?
10 EPA Releases 28th Annual GHG Inventory
11 China's Greenhouse Gas Emissions Exceed Those of All Other Developed Countries Combined
12 Washington governor signs clean fuels bill into law; 20% reduction in GHG by 2038 from 2017 levels
13 'Tree farts' in ghost forests increase greenhouse gas
14 Press Release: D.C. Becomes First in the Nation to Set GHG Reduction Target for Food Purchases
15 FACT SHEET: President Biden Sets 2030 Greenhouse Gas Pollution Reduction Target Aimed at Creating Good-Paying Union Jobs and Securing US Leadership on Clean Energy Technologies
16 Biden sets goal to cut US GHG emissions in half by 2030 |
17 Critically Examining Environmental Justice Critiques of GHG Auction-Cap-and-Trade
18 Food systems drive a third of greenhouse gas emissions, study estimates
19 Biden Sets Ambitious Goal for Reduction in Greenhouse Gas Emissions by 2030; Recommits US to Battling Climate Change
20 WA Clean Fuels Prog. Linked to OR & CA Low-Carbon Fuel Std.
21 5 Steps to Reduce Your Property’s Greenhouse Gas Emissions
22 Ascend commits to 80% GHG reduction by 2030 USA
23 Greenhouse Gas Emissions Are Shrinking Earth's Stratosphere! | The Weather Channel
24 Biden Sets New Paris Agreement GHG Target: 50-52% below 2005 levels by 2030
25 EPA Says It Will Phase Out Harmful Greenhouse Gas
26 NAU team finds US greenhouse gas emissions decline during COVID lockdown 3x greater than previously reported – NAU News
27 Dragon in the room: Why China's target of carbon neutrality is misleading
28 Environmental concerns propel research into marine biofuels
29 Ghost Forest “Tree Farts” Contribute to Greenhouse Gas Emissions
30 LNG customers hold power over producers in rush to quantify GHG: Chevron
31 Biden Infrastructure Proposal Climate Change and GHG
32 Ghost Tree 'Farts' Are a Silent Contributor to Greenhouse Gas Emissions
33 Rule Limiting EPA Regulation Of GHG Emissions Vacated By DC Circuit
34 Biden Administration Pledges 50-52% GHG Reduction By 2030
35 Electric truck quotas to supplement US GHG targets
36 Is GreenTree Hospitality Group Ltd.'s (NYSE:GHG) Latest Stock Performance Being Led By Its Strong Fundamentals?
37 Greenhouse gas emissions are shrinking the stratosphere: Study
38 UGI Corporation Announces Commitment to Reduce Scope I GHG Emissions by 55% by 2025; Establishes Ambitious Safety Goals; and Advances D&I Initiatives
39 Uponor's new GHG emission reduction targets approved by the
40 Overriding water table control on managed peatland greenhouse gas emissions
41 The Senate just took a step toward lowering US greenhouse gas emissions
42 Opinion/Quinn: Let's move RI to a clean transportation future
43 California is Blazing the Greenhouse Gas Vehicle Standard Trail
44 U.S. To Pledge To Cut Greenhouse Gas Emissions In Half
45 IMO's GMN project extended to help developing countries curb GHG emissions
46 Greenhouse-gas emissions are set to rise fast in 2021
47 St. John's Adopts Plan to Reduce Greenhouse Gas Emissions
48 Newcrest sets goal of net zero carbon emissions by 2050
49 UK to toughen targets on greenhouse gas emissions for next 15 years
50 Climate Summit: How Do You Cut 50% of Greenhouse-Gas Emissions by 2030?
51 Putin calls for Russian greenhouse gas emissions to be lower than EU's
52 The Latest News and Data About Ethanol Production
53 AFPM supports sustainability, carbon emission reductions – CEO
54 New data shows Vermont’s greenhouse gas emissions declining — slowly
55 Using CO2 in products to help reduce the climate change contribution of the greenhouse gas
56 Newcrest sets target of net zero emissions by 2050
57 OMB Seeks Public Comments on Its Interim Social Cost of Carbon Metrics
58 Greenhouse Gas Emissions Tender Awarded
59 Natural Gas Said 'Part of the Solution' as Biden Pledges to Halve US GHG Emissions
60 Guest Opinion: Klaus Holzapfel: Preparing Colorado for 2025 and beyond
61 Earth's Stratosphere Is Shrinking Because of Greenhouse Gas Emissions, Scientists Say | The Weather Channel
62 Guest Article: An EU Carbon Border Adjustment Mechanism: Can it Make Global Trade Greener While Respecting WTO Rules? | SDG Knowledge Hub | IISD
63 EU reaches provisional deal on 55% greenhouse gas cut by 2030
64 After FERC policy shift, Northern Natural adds GHG data on project, seeks action
65 Greenhouse Gas Emissions Cap-and-Trade Program Enacted by Washington Legislature
66 Here's how to ditch the world's most potent greenhouse gas
67 US role in global greenhouse gas constellation still up in the air
68 Soaring Greenhouse Gas Emissions Are Shrinking the Stratosphere, Study Shows
69 Restaurant company vows to fight greenhouse gas emissions
70 SDG&E Pledges To Reach Net Zero GHG Emissions By 2045
71 The EPA proposes ban on potent greenhouse gas emitted by Louisville chemical plant
72 IEA presents energy roadmap to net zero by 2050 : Energy & Environment
73 A bill to reduce Colorado greenhouse gas emissions faces opposition from energy industry, governor
74 Earth Day Highlights Agriculture's Success in Greenhouse Gas Emissions
75 Misleading Minderoo Report Fails To Factor In Plastics' Key Role In Lowering Greenhouse Gas Emissions
76 Climate: Are major greenhouse gas emitters ambitious enough?
77 Governor Baker Signs Executive Order to Reduce Greenhouse Gas Emissions at State Facilities
78 Biden plans to cut greenhouse gas emissions. These stocks will win, says Morgan Stanley
79 We can’t beat the climate crisis without rethinking land use
80 LETTERS: Colorado needs a strong plan to reduce greenhouse gas emissions
81 NextDecade and Project Canary Launch GHG Measurement and Certification Framework, First for Global LNG Industry
82 Wipro aims to reach net-zero greenhouse gas emissions by 2040
83 Alectra announces plans to be Net-Zero Emissions by 2050
84 New research paper warns government policy can increase food waste
85 Study finds that corn ethanol reduces greenhouse gas emissions
86 Ports Can Have Key GHG-Curbing Role, Say Academics
87 Greif Announces New Science-Aligned Greenhouse Gas Emissions Reduction Target
88 John Kerry Discusses Biden's Pledge To Cut Greenhouse Gas Emissions
89 Posting NHTSA's Proposed Rule to Overturn Federal Preemption of California's Motor Vehicle GHG Regulations
90 Coram: Budget, greenhouse gas emissions dominate session | Opinion |
91 Researchers aim to cut greenhouse gas emissions from cow belches : The Asahi Shimbun
92 US climate envoy Kerry, Pope Francis discuss greenhouse gas emissions
93 Greenhouse gas emissions spike in Permian Basin, as climate change pressure mounts
94 Air Quality Technical Advisory Board votes in favor of RGGI rulemaking
95 New tool helps Canadian municipalities reduce greenhouse gas emissions
96 Report: China's 2019 greenhouse gas emissions exceeded all other industrialized nations combined
97 City leaders introducing proposal to decrease roadway congestion, greenhouse gas emissions
98 S Korea's 2050 carbon neutrality goal “out of reach” with current policy
99 Climate change sectors heat up
100 MassDEP Seeks Stakeholder Input in Electricity Sector Regulation Review