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1 Sea of Galilee level rises as Israel braces for another soaking
2 Green Acres Nursery to buy Roseville-owned land for relocation
3 Greta Thunberg, John Belushi, more to appear in Docaviv Galilee festival
4 28-year-old motorcyclist killed in accident in Galilee area
5 Greater Galilee Baptist Church In Lawndale Offers Free Flu Shots And Coronavirus Testing
6 Three Palestinians killed in a shooting in Upper Galilee
7 Israeli Police Assault A Palestinian Priest In The Galilee – – IMEMC News
8 St. Andrew's Day Google Doodle: How did a fisherman from the Sea of Galilee become the patron saint of Scotland? OLD
9 Sea of Galilee's waterline rises by 1.5 centimeters
10 ‘Carmiel is a Jewish city,’ court tells Arab students seeking transportation
11 T-Shirt “Sea of Galilee”
12 Galilean Looking To Add Cary Grant Stakes To Growing Résumé
13 Malaria patient admitted to Galilee Medical Center in critical condition
14 Everybody Loves JNF-USA's Breakfast for Israel in New England
15 Visit the Town of the Relatives of Jesus
16 Galilean Set for Sunday's Cary Grant Stakes at Del Mar
17 Israel becoming powerhouse of first-crop olive oil
18 Netanyahu: Easing restrictions will halt if COVID infection keeps spiking
19 Marjorie Baum
20 Go back to your 'Galilee moment', says bishop
21 Juanpa Zurita’s reaction to knowing that Cuauhtémoc Blanco was Galilee’s boyfriend
22 Hizbullah Opposed Israeli Plans for Limited “Battle Days,” Views Them as War
23 Archaeologists Discover Remnants of 3,000-Year-Old Fort in Israel | Archaeology
24 Galilee Energy taps Canaccord for placement to fund exploration
25 Marjorie "Margie" J. Baum
26 Observations of Jupiter's moons
27 'When it comes to Hezbollah, IDF must always be a step ahead'
28 Everybody loves JNF-USA’s virtual breakfast for Israel
29 Bridge to replace washed-out Johnston County culvert where 2 children died amid heavy rains
30 French 'olim' help fill needed health-care gaps in northern Israel
31 Israel's periphery cities seeking smarter urban management solutions
32 Ancient Ruins Reveal 8th Century Earthquake in Sea of Galilee
33 Knesset committee approves string of new closures
34 He lost his mom but survived the virus. Now ‘long COVID’ is wrecking him again
35 Awode Donates 250-bed Hostel, 100-bed District House to Church
36 Palestinians and Israelis call for a single democratic state
37 Massive Increase in Lightning Strikes Across Israel
38 Gov. Bill Lee and Maria Lee help distribute Thanksgiving meals in Spring Hill
39 Top IDF bases underwater as rainy Tel Aviv hit by floods
40 What Type Of Shareholders Own The Most Number of Galilee Energy Limited (ASX:GLL) Shares?
41 Dalton Thomas Takes the Christian World by Storm with Frontier Alliance International's 9th and Most Creative Film to Date on the Book of Revelation Titled 'Ballads of the Revelation'
42 Galilean Beam Expander Market, Share, Growth, Trends And Forecast To 2025: Up Market Research
43 Galilee Blockade targets Allianz
44 Port of Galilee to undergo $5.2 million face-lift
45 Deeds: Beaver County
46 Israel creates plan to develop, protect Sea of Galilee
47 2000-year-old ritual bath airlifted from Galilee highway to nearby kibbutz
48 The Sea of Galilee is full, but the beaches and churches are empty
49 The Manifesto of Galilee | Jesus Creed | A Blog by Scot Mcknight
50 To Bethlehem or Not to Bethlehem (II) | Jonathan MS Pearce
51 Artza gift boxes bring Holy Land experiences to Christians in America after tourism lockdown
52 Willie Marie Jamison | Obituaries | The Daily News
53 Good works: Program is helping RI farmers, fishermen and the hungry
54 R.I., feds spending $5.2 million to rebuild 3 sagging piers at Port of Galilee
55 $5.2 million secured for improvements project at Port of Galilee
56 Coming Up
57 Galilean Beam Expander Market Trends Pegged to Expand Robustly| Classification, Application, Industry Chain Overview, SWOT Analysis and Competitive Landscape To 2026
58 Frontier Alliance International Announces a Deeper Journey Through the Book of Revelation With a Number of Free Multimedia Resources Release With the 'Ballads of the Revelation' Film's Premiere Nov 27th
59 1,300-year-old church with colorful mosaics discovered in the Galilee
60 Sea of Galilee water level at 27-year high for early September
61 Motzei Shabbos News Round-Up From Israel
62 Mysterious fortress may hold key to solve enigmas of biblical Galilee
63 littering and violent racism break record as Israelis flock to Sea of Galilee shores
64 Saturday's Insights: Pricey Uncle Mo Colt Debuts at Big A
65 Archaeologists unearth Galilee Christian town sacked by Persians in 7th century
66 Sea of Galilee surprises with highest September level in 27 years
67 Patriarch Pizzaballa entrusts new mission to prayer of contemplative orders
68 Village where Jesus’ disciples may have lived flooded by rising Sea of Galilee
69 Latest Innovative Report on Galilean Beam Expander Market | Research Report Explores The Trade Trends For The Forecast 2020 – 2026
70 For Advent
71 Deni Avdija is ‘the greatest talent in Israeli basketball history.’ But is he ready for the NBA?
72 Galilee fisherman nets $2,000 shark transmitter but not the shark
73 Sea of Galilee reaches highest level in 27 years, while heat wave breaks records
74 Tasting the Galilee
75 Stunning views, steeped in history: A guide to Sea of Galilee vantage points
76 For the first time in 17 years, Sea of Galilee is nearly full
77 The Sea of Galilee is finally completely full — and empty
78 10 stunning photographs of the Sea of Galilee
79 Roman-era ornament spotted by chance in Galilee national park
80 A Web of Buys
81 Narrowing the gaps
82 The 10 most beautiful churches at the Sea of Galilee
83 Galilee to celebrate 150th anniversary Sept. 20 | Church
84 Hives, honeycombs stolen in Galilee region
85 Israel's northernmost start-up hub opens in Upper Galilee
86 Bar-Ilan initiative aims to address health needs in disadvantaged Galilee
87 Sea of Galilee about to fill up for 1st time since 1992; dam opening possible
88 IDF exercise to take place in western Galilee
89 Neanderthal foot sheds light on prehistoric inhabitants of the Galilee
90 The Galilee: Art, culture & cuisine
91 Great conjunction: Saturn, Jupiter to converge, closest since middle ages
92 Sea of Galilee nears its full capacity after a weekend of heavy rainfall
93 Frontier Alliance International Officially Announces 'Ballads of the Revelation'; with a Shot of "All Hail the Bloody King" // World Premiere Nov 27 -- Exclusively on the FAI App
94 Jupiters moon Europa could release plumes of water into space from its icy crust
95 1800-year-old 'idolatrous' waterspout discovered in Galilee
96 Olives first domesticated 7000 years ago in Israel, study says
97 Galilee struggles with coronavirus fallout; mobilizes student doctors
98 Innovative twists give Galilee wines an Israeli spirit
99 Galilee’s geography backs historicity of Salomon’s kingdom, scholar says
100 HOLY LAND Levels of Sea of Galilee rise, a strategic water resource for the region