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Result Content Idea Research
1 Turkey's Erdogan Targets Pro-Kurdish Party in Divide and Rule Strategy
2 Galip Dalay
3 France and Islam: Identity, Politics and Geopolitics
4 In Nagorno-Karabakh conflict, Erdogan eyes Turkey's 'place in world order'
5 Turkey's Unpalatable Choices in Syria
6 Idlib quagmire exposes the limits of Turkish-Russian cooperation
7 The Sick Man of NATO by Galip Dalay
8 Deciphering Turkey’s new regional policy
9 How long will the Turkish-Russian deal on Idlib last?
10 Turkey eyes Libya bases for lasting military foothold: source
11 Webinar: COVID-19: Implications for peace and security in the Middle East
12 Why is Turkey betting on Russia?
13 There is no lasting solution in sight for the Idlib debacle
14 Can the Turkish Opposition Develop a Sustainable Kurdish Policy?
15 Turkish lira slips with U.S. vote, possible rate hike in focus
16 Turkey locks up Kurdish mayors
17 Turkey's Libya gambit is paying off
18 Breaking the Turkey–U.S. deadlock in Syria
19 Libya conflict: Turkey is looking for a 'third way' in Sirte
20 Turkey and Russia are Bitter Frenemies – Foreign Policy
21 The Idlib debacle is a reality check for Turkish-Russian relations
22 Turkey–EU relations: Dysfunctional framework, status anxiety
23 Rocket attack in northwest Syria kills two Turkish soldiers
24 Turkey’s terrifying challenges after Istanbul attack
25 Russian strike on Syria’s Idlib fighters a ‘message’ to Turkey
26 Russia and Turkey's Proxy War in Libya Heats Up
27 Turkey’s Hagia Sophia and the battle to reconvert it to a mosque
28 Libya’s warring leaders edge towards lasting truce
29 From Astana to Sochi: How de-escalation allowed Assad to return to war
30 World Powers Pledged to Stop Interfering in Libya. Will They?
31 'Jamal Khashoggi deserves a dignified burial'
32 US-Iran tensions are set to widen Iraq's sectarian divide
33 Turkey in the Middle East’s new battle lines
34 Here’s what might happen if the U.S. were to suddenly quit Iraq
35 The Turkey-EU fallout
36 Turkey's incursion in Syria may leave its own economy wounded
37 How will Turkey’s foreign policy change under the new system?
38 Turkey in a new period: Challenges and opportunities
39 Key US Base at Risk as Turkish-US Tensions Escalate
40 Peace, Conflict, and COVID-19
41 Erdogan, Putin discuss Syria as Turkey demands truce in Idlib
42 Moscow emerges as powerbroker after Putin-Erdogan pact
43 Emerging Threats and New Trends in Turkish Foreign Policy
44 Is there really a Turkey-Iran rapprochement?
45 Turkey’s Jarablus operation scorecard
46 Erdogan's Libya strategy: Jump first, think later
47 After the Kurdish Independence Referendum
48 Congress Pushes for Sanctions on Turkey, Russia Over Libyan War
49 The Gulf crisis: Royal ambitions and shaky alliances
50 What Brookings experts are saying about the one-year anniversary of the Gulf crisis
51 Why the Middle East is betting on China
52 Erdoğan’s ‘sustainable conflict and endless wars’ concept destined to a head-on collision
53 Kurdish nationalism will shape the region’s future
54 Why Turkey is mending ties with old foes
55 The limits of transactionalism in Turkey-Kurdistan relations
56 Europe must develop a Middle East policy independent of the US
57 Turkey’s parallel state strikes back
58 What Does Turkey's Erdogan Want From Khashoggi Probe?
59 Why Iranian Kurdish Groups Remain Politically Weak
60 Can Putin's Syria peace plea reconcile Tehran and Ankara?
61 Turkish-US Tensions Escalate Over Syria Deal
62 University falls victim to Erdogan's battle with ex-prime minister
63 France-Turkey dispute escalates over Libya and Mediterranean
64 Erdoğan has no solution for Kurds at the polls
65 CORRECTED-WRAPUP 8-Saudi oil attacks came from southwest Iran, U.S. official says, raising tensions
66 Will Khashoggi’s disappearance affect Turkish-Saudi ties?
67 Erdogan Warns of Crisis as Syrian Offensive Strains Turkish-Russian Ties
68 Erdogan’s AK Party ‘loses’ major Turkey cities in local elections
69 Has Balance of Power Shifted in Iraq?
70 PKK's war of choice lacks Kurdish public support in Turkey
71 Turkey may enlist its No. 1 enemy to broker a peace with Kurdish separatists
72 Turkish Defense Industry Measures Price of Lost US Jet Contract
73 Erdogan Heads to Moscow as Tensions Over Syria Escalate
74 How Erdogan and Putin spectacularly fell out
75 Former allies of Turkey's Erdogan plan rival party after Istanbul defeat
76 Despite the euphoria in Baghdad, Iraq's revival is far from secure
77 Trump's Golan move boosts Netanyahu but long-term risks for Israel
78 Questions President Trump needs to answer before negotiating with the Assad regime over hostages
79 Why did most of Turkey's lost pro-Kurdish votes go to ruling AK party?
80 What now awaits Turkey on the Libyan front?
81 ANALYSIS: Turkey's Idlib adventure a last gasp bid to secure influence
82 Consular immunity or impunity? Jamal Khashoggi's murder puts diplomatic privileges in doubt
83 The politics behind Turkey's Afrin operation
84 Russia, Turkey: US supporting Syria ‘terrorist’ groups
85 Upcoming elections in Turkey unable to advance a narrative | Daily Sabah
86 The Caesar Act and a pathway out of conflict in Syria
87 Varna summit unlikely to bring Turkey, EU closer
88 Libya and its migrants confront new threats
89 Tired of treading softly, Turkey's Erdogan back on election warpath
90 The Functionality of International Law Concerning the Phenomenon of Armed Non-State Actors in the MENA Region
91 Turkey faces prospect of Syrian refugee wave amid currency crisis
92 Erdogan, Rouhani vow to toughen Turkey-Iran strategic cooperation
93 How Ankara's intervention in Syria could revive US-Turkey relations
94 A conservative tragedy unfolding: Istanbul’s Şehir University
95 Kurdish family demands justice in Turkey’s Diyarbakir
96 Ranj Alaaldin
97 Istanbul election: Imamoglu secures decisive victory in re-run mayoral vote
98 Police kill attacker in Turkey’s Gaziantep
99 Iran’s leaders opposed Kurdish independence vote in Iraq. Iran’s Kurds celebrated on the streets.
100 Salman, Binali Yildirim urge Muslim unity on Palestine