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1 Gas prices fall in the state, US
2 GasBuddy: Gas prices lowest prices seasonally since 2004
3 Pump Prices Inch Lower
4 Gas prices remain around the same in the Killeen area
5 London's weather, traffic and gas prices for Monday
6 Wyoming's average gasoline prices unchanged in the past week
7 GasBuddy: Hurricane Laura causes gas prices to rise slightly
8 Fresh Thyme in Lincoln closing Oct. 16
9 Lincoln man arrested in child pornography investigation
10 Better With Age: GasBuddy celebrates anniversary with more ways and more places to save on gas than any other travel or navigation app
11 Ready for gas to be $2 a gallon?: says it's possible
12 Wendy's Expands Partnership with GasBuddy to Promote Nationwide Launch of Breakfast Program
13 GasBuddy Fuel Availability Tracker Activated Ahead of Hurricane Laura
14 Pay with GasBuddy® Surpasses Half a Billion Dollars in Fuel Transactions
15 GasBuddy Issues New Consumer Fuel-Buying Trends Quarterly Report, Reveals Unprecedented 20% Drop in Gasoline Demand Year-Over-Year Due to COVID-19
16 Get Better Gas Smileage™ — GasBuddy's New Deal Alerts App Feature Can Lower Consumer Fuel Cost by Hundreds Each Year
17 In Midst of COVID-19, Nearly a Third of Americans Plan to Take At Least One Summer Road Trip, According to GasBuddy's Annual Summer Travel Study
18 Gas prices still likely to be affordable, GasBuddy says, even after Iran news
19 Austin-area gas prices keep plunging
20 Gas prices could hit 99 cents in some states due to coronavirus and supplies, expert says
21 GasBuddy: Wisconsin averages cheapest gas in country
22 GasBuddy expert: ‘Expect more drops’ in Michigan gas prices
23 GasBuddy Just Wants to “Pump — You Up” Announces the Fuel Fit Challenge to Help Americans Lower Their PMI (Pump Money Index)
24 Gasoline prices dropping fast, new Gasbuddy report out |
25 E15 Now Available on GasBuddy Smartphone App
26 GasBuddy Finds Nearly 40% of Americans Overpay for Gasoline in New Study
27 GasBuddy: Gas prices start to tick upwards as demand rebounds
28 GasBuddy: Gas prices in Indiana jumped 25 cents last week
29 Root and GasBuddy to Deliver Safe Driving Insights and Fair Insurance Prices to GasBuddy Users in First of Its Kind Partnership
30 Chattanooga area gas prices continue month-long decline; Hixson stations offer cheapest gas in the state
31 GasBuddy: Prices at the pump drop for 45th straight day
32 GasBuddy Kicks Off Annual FUEL-I-DAYS Event on Black Friday By Giving Away Tanks of Free Gas to Anyone Who Wants It
33 Consumer Fuel Demand: April's Worst Day Saw 62% Drop in Gallons Purchased from Peak in March, Demand Sees 22% Rebound as States Reopen
34 GasBuddy: Kentucky gas station selling gas for less than $1 per gallon
35 Gas Buddy: Tucson gas prices drop 1.9 cents per gallon
36 Gas prices plummet in Northeast Ohio: Where you can find it for nearly $1 per gallon
37 Gas prices fall for the eighth straight week according to GasBuddy
38 Average price of gas in Central PA continues to drop, according to
39 2020 to Bring Good News at the Gas Pump for Some Americans, Not All
40 GasBuddy Analyst Talks Battered Oil Industry, Why Gasoline Prices Aren't Lower
41 How low will Fayetteville gas prices go?
42 Gas prices keep falling in Capital Region
43 GasBuddy reveals which U.S. cities filled up the most in the midst of a pandemic
44 Vermont gasoline prices 80 cents lower than year ago
45 Gas Buddy: Amarillo’s average gas price remains around $1.75/g
46 GasBuddy: Gas prices remain stable
47 GasBuddy: Gas prices continue decline
48 Gas prices drop another 6 cents a gallon as Mideast tensions ease
49 Nashville ranked #2 in country with the most aggressive holiday drivers, Memphis #16
50 Gas prices dip below $1 in Minnesota as demand drops
51 GasBuddy app about to start tracking your every move
52 U.S. Fuel Prices Remain Stable, But Iran's Response Could Change Things
53 GasBuddy: Gas prices to continue decline | News
54 GasBuddy: Gas prices not fluctuating much
55 Curious Jax: Here’s how to find the cheapest gas in Jacksonville
56 Cleveland, Tennessee, boasts America's cheapest gas, but attacks on Saudi oil facilities push up prices
57 Best local gas prices in Tulsa
58 The best and worst days to buy gas
59 PriceAdvantage Releases New Integration with GasBuddy Business Pages, Giving Fuel Retailers More Control When Promoting Fuel Prices
60 Gas prices reach 5 year high in California as national prices fall
61 Gas Prices In Northwest Indiana Down This Week
62 Rakuten In Store Network Fuels GasBuddy's Card-Linked Rewards Program
63 Growth Energy and GasBuddy Partner to Launch Unleaded 88 on GasBuddy App
64 Today's Gas Prices
65 tracks gas prices with drivers
66 ‘Madness at the pumps’ as gas prices race higher, according to GasBuddy
67 What a 'Relief'! GasBuddy Study Finds Gas Station Restrooms Are Getting Cleaner, Reveals Top Rated Restrooms In Every State for Peak Road Trip Season
68 DeHaan and Mac of GasBuddy Explain This Week's Gas Prices
69 GasBuddy App Finds Cheap Gas at Potential Cost to Your Privacy
70 GasBuddy adds 'deal alerts' to highlight cheap gas
71 Peasy to Provide Pay-As-You-Go Cashless Tolling for GasBuddy Members
72 GasBuddy: People wasting money when buying gas
73 31 Stories of Small Business Success:
74 GasBuddy activates fuel availability tracking app ahead of Tropical Storm Barry
75 Wendy's is First Brand to Partner with GasBuddy to Launch New “Badges” Feature
76 Pump Picks
77 Where are the cheapest gas prices on Staten Island?
78 GasBuddy Reveals Best, Worst Days of Week to Buy Gas
79 GasBuddy, Exxon Mobil Celebrate TANKSgiving
80 GasBuddy says gas prices rising due to 'price cycling'
81 Tanker Attacks Shouldn't Raise Gas Prices: GasBuddy
82 GasBuddy Announces Executive Team and Boston Office
83 GasBuddy Q&A: Why are gas prices high if US oil production is near record high?
84 HURRICANES IRMA + HARVEY: GasBuddy Publishes Live Data Visualizations of Fuel Outages, Wait Times and Price Spreads in Affected Areas of Southeast US and Texas
85 Minnesota weekly fuel update and outlook
86 2018 will be an expensive year to drive :
87 GasBuddy Introduces Gas Savings Program
88 GasBuddy asks: Want to save 15 cents a gallon on gas?
89 Company Profile for GasBuddy
90 ExxonMobil and GasBuddy Plan Thanksgiving Fuel Giveaway
91 More than half of Tallahassee stations out of gas
92 Relief from higher gas prices on the way:
93 Combat rising gas prices with smartphone apps and loyalty programs
94 GasBuddy Unveils Its Own Consumer Mobile Payments Service
95 Gas prices higher than 2016's
96 GasBuddy Virginia gas price report, outlook
97 GasBuddy: Virginia gas prices continue slide
98 GasBuddy reveals the best, cheapest day to fill up
99 GasBuddy Reveals Consumers Can't Break Money-Wasting Habits When It Comes to Buying Gas, Costing Them $375 a Year
100 GasBuddy Virginia weekly fuel update and outlook