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1 California Gov. Gavin Newsom, Family Quarantining After 3 Kids Exposed To Coronavirus
2 Fine, Gavin Newsom is rich. But hypocrisy is another thing
3 California Businesses Go From Simmer to Boil Over Newsom’s Fine Dining
4 Newsom suggests when mass vaccination could be available in California
5 This Democratic governor thinks his own Covid-19 rules don't apply to him
6 French Laundry snafu reignites longshot Newsom recall drive
7 California Gov. Gavin Newsom & Family in Quarantine After Possible Coronavirus Exposure
8 Newsom at home + Dianne Feinstein steps down as ranking member + Cannabis chief to leave
9 Gavin Newsom’s Covid Laundry
10 How Risky Was That Napa Party Gavin Newsom Attended?
11 Gavin Newsom press conference: California counties to see more restrictive reopening tiers as COVID-19 cases climb
12 Gavin Newsom and family in quarantine after COVID exposure
13 CA Gov. Newsom Warns Counties Moving Back To “More Restrictive Tiering”
14 California Governor Gavin Newsom Issues Travel Advisory, Urges Quarantines As State Passes 1 Million Coronavirus Cases
15 After Gavin Newsom's very bad week, his potential 2022 opponent is lurking
16 The Onion skewers Calif. Governor Gavin Newsom's dinner at The French Laundry
17 Newsom Official Warns 19 Counties Headed For Stricter Coronavirus Rules
18 Gavin Newsom Is the Face of Privileged Liberal Hypocrisy
19 Appeals court grants stay in lawsuit over Gov. Gavin Newsom's use of executive power
20 Gov. Newsom Offering $50K Reward For Break In 2007 Fremont Murder Case
21 Lisa Vanderpump Calls Gavin Newsom A Hypocrite After French Laundry Visit
22 Gavin Newsom press conference: California to partner with other West Coast states on coronavirus vaccine planning
23 Gov. Newsom eases penalties for 35 former felons, including pardons for immigrants facing deportation
24 Watch: California Gov. Gavin Newsom on coronavirus pandemic, Nov. 9
25 CA Gov. Gavin Newsom proclaims 2020 Native American Heritage Month
26 How long will Newsom have one-man rule?
27 California small businesses hit their breaking point as Governor Gavin Newsom issues new lockdown
28 Gavin Newsom Apologizes for Breaking His Own COVID Rules. Other Californians Went to Jail | Jon Miltimore
29 Newsom rebuked by court for use of executive power amid COVID-19
30 CalMatters Commentary: How long will Gov. Gavin Newsom have one-man rule in California?
31 Newsom’s ‘Disgraceful’ COVID Hypocrisy the Latest Frustration for Napa Restaurant Owners
32 Notable & Quotable: Gov. Gavin Newsom
33 Watch: California Gov. Gavin Newsom at new large-scale COVID-19 testing lab on state’s coronavirus response, Oct. 30
34 Gavin Newsom jokes about picking Kamala Harris’ successor as he votes in Sacramento
35 Newsom Recall Drive Gets New Life: Signature Deadline Delayed to March 17
36 California Governor Gavin Newsom Releases Task Force on Business and Jobs Recovery Report
37 San Diegans react to Gavin Newsom's strict rules for private gatherings
38 GM flips to California's side in pollution fight with Trump
39 Gavin Newsom made it easy for Kamala Harris to decide which higher office to pursue
40 California Governor Gavin Newsom Proclaims November 2020 as “Native American Heritage Month”
41 Governor Gavin Newsom 'open' to meeting with family of man shot, killed by Vallejo police
42 Disney CEO Bob Chapek Blasts California Gov. Gavin Newsom On Shuttered Disneyland; Sees Park Closed At Least Through Year End
43 Governor Gavin Newsom's Family Exposed to Covid-19 & Now Quarantining
44 EDITORIAL: Lockdowns for thee, but not for me: How Democrat leaders shredded their coronavirus credibility
45 California Governor Gavin Newsom Won't Budge On Theme Park Reopening Rules, Refuses To Say The Word “Disneyland” When Asked About Anaheim Park
46 Skelton: Biden, Harris and Newsom all stand to win on Tuesday
47 Alejandro Mayorkas, Sherwin Williams Paint, Gavin Newsom, Dwyane Wade, Sour Puss, John Travolta, Zachary Quinto: HOT LINKS
48 Gavin Newsom press conference: California governor explain why COVID-19 vaccine won't be widely available in 2020
49 Gavin Newsom press conference today: Governor gives update on COVID-19, announces homeless housing initiative and eviction moratorium
50 California Coronavirus Update: Governor Gavin Newsom Relaxes Some Workplace Guidelines, Announces New Testing Method
51 Gavin Newsom may be the most underrated governor in the country right now
52 California Gov. Gavin Newsom Says State Will Reopen “Methodically And Stubbornly” To Avoid “Fits And Starts”
53 Gov. Gavin Newsom Hopes California Lawmakers Will Make Worker Protections Permanent
54 7 reasons Gavin Newsom has the worst job in politics
55 California governor on the hot seat over pandemic response
56 Gavin Newsom press conference: California coronavirus cases surge as reopening continues, governor warns
57 California Coronavirus Update: Governor Gavin Newsom Says State Has A New COVID Hot Spot, Deploys “Strike Teams”
58 Newsom Proposes More Economic Recovery Aid As COVID-19 Backlog Is Cleaned Up
59 Gavin Newsom press conference today: Governor announces new reopening framework, replaces CA county watch list
60 Gavin Newsom press conference: Governor warns Californians to follow new health orders ahead of Fourth of July
61 Gavin Newsom press conference: Governor gives update on COVID-19, California fires
62 Gov. Newsom Tells Imperial County To Reinstate Stay-At-Home Order; Supervisors Decline
63 Gavin Newsom isn’t on this ballot, but his opponents are already lining up
64 “California Remains One Of The Happiest Places To Live,” Governor Gavin Newsom Tells State's Dissatisfied Residents
65 Gov. Gavin Newsom shares 'early good signs,' explains what needs to happen before California reopens again in coronavirus press conference
66 Amid coronavirus, Newsom's social media raises awareness, his profile
67 Gavin Newsom press conference: Governor downgrades 5 California counties from 'purple' to 'red,' allowing more reopening
68 Gavin Newsom takes new tone with Trump as he steers California during coronavirus crisis
69 California coronavirus update: Governor Newsom orders closures of gyms, indoor restaurants and more
70 Reopening California: Gov. Gavin Newsom says California may be 'days, not weeks' from lifting more restrictions
71 Gavin Newsom press conference: Here's how EDD 2-week reset will help clear California unemployment backlog
72 Coronavirus in California: Gavin Newsom's Response
73 As California Clears Coronavirus Test Backlog, Newsom Tight-Lipped About Health Director's Departure
74 Coronavirus California: Gov. Gavin Newsom admonishes Californians who went to crowded beaches, warns it could delay reopening
75 California Gov. Gavin Newsom says some businesses will reopen Friday, with conditions
76 Governor Newsom update: CA didn't reopen too quickly, Gavin Newsom says, as state watch list grows to 23 counties
77 Gavin Newsom press conference today: Power outages 'very likely' through Wednesday, 5 counties added to CA watch list
78 Gov. Gavin Newsom's Approval Rating: What One Poll Shows
79 Gavin Newsom press conference: California preparing for COVID-19 surge as county monitoring list grows to 26
80 Two Staffers In California Governor Gavin Newsom's Office Test Positive For Coronavirus As Newsom Is Evasive About His Own Testing History
81 Gavin Newsom press conference: Governor shares emotional story of George Floyd's death, race and coronavirus
82 ‘This is a climate damn emergency,’ California’s Gavin Newsom says
83 California Coronavirus Update: Gov. Gavin Newsom’s New Reopening Guidelines Sow Confusion
84 Newsom Signed Hundreds Of Bills Into Law. Here's A Look At Some
85 Gov. Gavin Newsom issues another vague decree
86 Watch: Gov. Gavin Newsom Update On COVID-19 For June 30
87 Newsom the Beneficent? California governor steps into pandemic supply vacuum
88 Gavin Newsom press conference today: California preparing for 'twindemic' as flu season approaches, guarantees faster turnaround on COVID-19 tests
89 WATCH: California Gov. Gavin Newsom outlines strict guidelines for schools
90 California coronavirus: Gov. Gavin Newsom will be face of the state’s response
91 Can Gavin Newsom Lead California Through the Coronavirus Pandemic?
92 Gavin Newsom Press Conference: California governor overnor addresses George Floyd protests and coronavirus reopening plan
93 California Gov. Gavin Newsom orders residents to wear face coverings in most public spaces
94 CA Gov. Gavin Newsom Fails to Address State's Huge Coronavirus Surge
95 Gov. Newsom gets strong support among California voters for handling of education
96 Gov. Gavin Newsom Orders Californians To Stay At Home
97 Newsom says California budget deficit is a direct result of Covid-19
98 Gavin Newsom Switches-Up Democratic Convention Appearance As California Wildfires, Other Crises Keep Piling On
99 Gavin Newsom has prime convention slot, but his path to White House just got tougher
100 Gavin Newsom press conference: San Francisco will be taken off COVID-19 watch list Thursday, governor says