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1 Gemini Partners with Mastercard to Launch New Crypto Rewards Credit Card this Summer
2 Caught speeding: Clocking fastest-spinning brown dwarfs
3 Gemini and its twins offer much to explore
4 Gemini North observations enable breakthrough in centuries-old effort to unravel astronomical mystery
5 “Failed Stars” Caught Speeding: Astronomers Clock the Fastest-Spinning Brown Dwarfs
6 Spinning brown dwarfs might have reached their speed limit – Physics World
7 Your Weekly Horoscope, May 9th to 15th: A Pillow of Gentle Energy Is Heading Your Way
8 May 3, 2021 Star signs and cannabis strains: May 2021 horoscopes Continue Reading
9 Free Will Astrology | Astrology
10 Black hole pairs found in distant merging galaxies
11 Double trouble! Astronomers discover distant quasar pairs
12 Plans approved for Peterlee's former Gemini office site
13 GATE Energy, TechnipFMC receive NOIA safety awards
14 Northern Sky: May 8-21
15 Gemini North captures 'lucky' shot of Jupiter in all its infrared glory – Astronomy Now
16 Gemini North captures mesmerising view of Comet NEOWISE's rotation – Astronomy Now
17 MAROON-X embarks on its exoplanet quest
18 As the region’s vaccination effort goes small, residents in some St. Louis neighborhoods still left behind
19 Caught speeding: Clocking the fastest-spinning brown dwarfs: Gemini North observations help set rotational speed limit for brown dwarfs
20 Clean megaprojects divide surprise group: environmentalists
21 Gemini Observatory’s Quick Reflexes Capture Fleeting Flash
22 Incredible Image of Blue and Red Lightning Captured by Hawaii Telescope | The Weather Channel
23 Astronomers find a rare pair of double quasars in the early Universe
24 Carl Watkins | Obituaries | The Daily News
25 ParkMobile Breach Exposes License Plate Data, Mobile Numbers of 21M Users – Krebs on Security
26 Africa's Oldest Human Burial Site Has Been Uncovered
27 Maunakea telescopes confirm first brown dwarf discovered by radio observations
28 Bitcoin Exchange Market to Get a New Boost | BitForex, Bitstamp, Gemini, Coinbase – KSU | The Sentinel Newspaper
29 Bitcoin Exchange Market is ready for its next Big Move | BitForex, Bitstamp, Gemini, Coinbase, BTC-e – KSU | The Sentinel Newspaper
30 The Sky This Week from May 7 to 14
31 SEC Chair: Congress Should Regulate Crypto Exchanges
32 Gemini observatory captures multicolor image of first-ever interstellar comet
33 Global Serum Market by Type (Bovine Serum, FBS, Other), By Application (Biological Products, Research) And By Region (North America, Latin America, Europe, Asia Pacific and Middle East & Africa), Forecast To 2028 – KSU | The Sentinel Newspaper
34 Global Programmatic Marketing and Advertising Market by Type (RTB, Programmatic, Programmatic Marketing and Advertisin), By Application (Emerging Industries, Traditional Industries) And By Region (North America, Latin America, Europe, Asia Pacific and Middle East & Africa), Forecast To 2028 – KSU | The Sentinel Newspaper
35 Thor Industries
36 From Gemini Observatory: “Gemini North captures ‘lucky’ shot of Jupiter in all its infrared glory”
37 ASTROLOGY: Monthly May Horoscope 2021 – Tillamook County Pioneer
38 Big telescopes join hunt for things that go flash in the night
39 Humidity Data Loggers Market to See Stunning Growth Worldwide | Leading Players – Gemini Data Loggers, MadgeTech, Ebro Electronic, Onset, Lascar Electronics, Testo, Dickson, Elpro-Buchs
40 Divestment by Sasol Chemicals North America LLC of its 50% Equity Interest in Gemini HDPE LLC
41 A White Dwarf’s Surprise Planetary Companion
42 Image . A Hot Spot on Jupiter
43 Gemini and Sagittarius Eclipses close out a tumultuous 2020 – The Sopris Sun
44 News . Trio of Fast-Spinning Brown Dwarfs May Reveal a Rotational Speed Limit
45 ION Geophysical's (IO) CEO Chris Usher on Q1 2021 Results
46 Gemini First US Cryptocurrency Exchange to Integrate with Samsung Blockchain Wallet in North America
47 ‘Hell itself had opened up’: Fire victims say landlord knew about unsafe wiring
48 Scientists Captured a Rare Photo of Red & Blue Lightning Shooting Toward Space
49 Digital Data Loggers Market SWOT Analysis by Size, Status, Development and Forecast 2020-2026 – The Shotcaller
50 IIn brief: Option Care Health and Viemed results, TexMEP exec, Heartland
51 The earliest supermassive black hole and quasar in the universe
52 Horoscopes 11/30/2020: What changes can you expect from this lunar eclipse in Gemini – The Rocky Mountain Collegian
53 How to Buy BitTorrent (BTT) Crypto Right Now • Benzinga
54 Marin Professor to Study the Stars with Gemini Telescopes
55 Warm up with this cozy image of a hot spot on Jupiter
56 Rare red sprite and blue jet create otherworldly light show above Hawaii
57 Crypto Exchange Gemini Teases IPO
58 Astronomers confirm solar system's most distant known object is indeed Farfarout
59 Gemini North Telescope Captures Stunning Galaxy Collision | Astronomy
60 Feeling Extra Flirty Right Now? That’s Because Mars Is Back In Gemini
61 Brown Dwarf Discovered by Radio Telescope Observations for the First Time
62 Maunakea Observatories' quick reflexes capture fleeting flash
63 Gemini 2021 Horoscope: Hard Work Pays Off
64 North America's first bitcoin ETF captures flurry of trading on debut
65 Astronomers find dual quasars are exceedingly rare – Astronomy Now
66 ThoughtWorks Acquires Gemini Solutions For European Growth
67 Siemens Gamesa to Take Care of Gemini Offshore Wind Farm until 2036 Feb 18, 2021 Wind
68 Starwatch: look either side of the moon to find Gemini, the twins
69 ThoughtWorks Acquires Gemini Solutions Inc
70 Scientists confirm third-nearest star with a planet—and it's rocky like Earth
71 Tampnet to Cover Gemini with 4G
72 Massive solar project north of Las Vegas OK’d by Interior Department
73 Two stars responsible for Gemini constellation
74 Last quarter moon in Gemini, waning moon in Cancer
75 NHL Horoscopes Week 12: Gemini Mars continues to make an impact
76 Earth's Second Known Minimoon is Natural Object, Astronomers Say | Astronomy
77 "Farfarout" Indeed: Planetoid Confirmed to Be Solar System’s Most Distant Known Object
78 Astronomers Spot Bizarre Cosmic System with Three Suns and One Planet Revolving in Skewed Orbit | The Weather Channel
79 Blast From the Past: Breakthrough in Centuries-Old Effort to Unravel Astronomical Mystery
80 Comet NEOWISE Was Spiraling and Spinning as it Passed by Earth
81 Astronomers See Spirals in Gaseous Coma of Comet NEOWISE | Astronomy
82 Plain Talk: North Dakota Senate has passed a bill hiding presidential vote counts
83 Horoscopes for Friday, May 7, 2021
84 Young Planets Bite the Dust
85 Fast radio burst observations deepen astronomical mystery
86 This Important Astrological Transit Will Last Until 2022
87 Gemini secures 25,000 sq ft letting
88 North Dakota Indian Affairs director reinstated after misconduct investigation
89 Geminid meteor shower 2020: How to watch the most active meteor shower of the year
90 Gemini telescope captures image of interstellar comet
91 Short Gamma-Ray Burst Localized to Extremely Distant Galaxy | Astronomy
92 Astronomers confirm Farfarout is our most distant object
93 Uranus Smells and Squirts X-Rays
94 EXCLUSIVE UPDATE: Ziff estate in Manalapan sells for recorded $94.17M after six years on market; buyer is a trust, deed shows
95 Uranus to Make a Splash Tomorrow Night
96 ODOT kicks off 2021 construction season with $540 million in planned road and bridge projects
97 Feel That? The Air Is FULL of Gemini Vibes RN
98 UChicago undergrads discover bright lensed galaxy in the early universe
99 CI Global Files to Issue North America’s Third Bitcoin ETF
100 Quinbrook launches Primergy Solar to develop solar and battery storage across North America