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1 Pandemic, student debt prevent Gen Z from becoming most educated
2 Gen Z incomes predicted to beat millennials’ in 10 years and be ‘most disruptive generation ever’
3 Deep Dive: Reaching the Gen-Z beauty consumer
4 A Conversation With California’s First Gen Z Lawmaker
5 Meet 'Generation Covid' — the newest cohort on the heels of Gen Z
6 How the COVID-19 recession will forever impact Gen Z
7 How Millennials—and Gen Z—Will Transform Tax
8 Gen Z doesn't care about razorblades, doorbells, even cars
9 Study Finds 70 Percent of Millennials, Gen Z Rethinking Their Financial Approach Due to Pandemic
10 Amid coronavirus changes, some millennials and Gen Z stumble into saving
11 Generation Z: 6 Characteristics of Centennials
12 How Generation Z is Shaping the Future for Digital
13 Knoll Research Reveals 5 Key Attributes Of Generation Z
14 How marketers can reach Gen Z this holiday season
15 What the pandemic has cemented about Gen Z
16 Gen Z teens dieting and worrying about weight more than previous generations
17 Packaged Facts: Millennials and Gen Z are Prime Consumers of Plant-Based Meat, Poultry, and Seafood
18 Gen Z will take over the economy in a decade, new report says
19 Generation Z takes on Silicon Valley establishment
20 The Promise Of Gen Z
21 The 2020 election shows Gen Z's voting power for years to come
22 Millennials, Gen Z "Micro-Fundraising" on Giving Tuesday
23 Opinion: The millennials and Gen X helped Joe Biden win the swing states amid a big generation gap about race and social attitudes
24 Gen Z's surging economic power will permanently change the investing landscape over the next decade, Bank of America says
25 This generation has had to completely rethink money because of COVID-19
26 Seven in 10 Gen Z and millennials say pandemic has made them reassess their spending habits
27 F3, a Stories-style Q&A app for Gen Z teens, raises $3.9M
28 The purposeful is political: Gen Z bowls over their doubters | TheHill
29 Gen Z, Millennial Beauty Shoppers Are Reluctant To Buy Unfamiliar Products 11/30/2020
30 Millennials and Gen Z are fleeing to the suburbs amid the pandemic
31 What makes Gen-Z Gen-Z
32 Will Gen Z ever recover from the COVID-19 recession?
33 Millennials, Gen Z voters helped get Joe Biden to the White House, analysis shows
34 Gen Z is Using Their Voice and Their Vote for Change, But Are We Listening?
35 Offensive Ads & Brand Irresponsibility Lead Gen Z To Breakup With Brands
36 7 ways to connect with first-time millennial and Gen Z buyers
37 How Generation Z Is Altering the Face of Entrepreneurship for Good
38 Millennials and Gen Z Are Rethinking the Value of a College Education
39 Georgia Gen Z High School Students Turning 18—It's Time to Register and Vote
40 GEN Z: Gen Z refuses to bow down to older generations
41 Meet the next consumer: how Gen Z are taking on a new reality
42 Move over Boomer: Here’s how the ‘Gen Z revolution’ could transform your portfolio, says Bank of America
43 Chicken or Egg: A Look at Gen Z's Values and Beloved Books
44 Record Turnout Expected Among US Millennial, Gen Z Voters
45 NYC Gen Z Duo Launch Fundraiser to Help Combat Childhood Hunger This Holiday Season
46 Meet California's first Gen Z lawmaker
47 Gen Z grew up with climate change. Now it’s starting to have an effect on their career choices
48 Post-election, Gen Z wants brands to step up
49 Social media “relationships” are subject to change
50 How Performance Marketers Can Appeal to Millennials and Gen Z Now
51 How might a pandemic change Gen Z's approach to benefits?
52 Gen Z is pissed. And our first vote is finally here.
53 Gen Z Renters Moving Out and Moving Up
54 Meredith Data Studio And The Harris Poll Announce Study Of Gen Z Women, Revealing Their Unique Perspectives On Life, Career, Relationships, Racial Injustice, Social Media And More
55 Generous Concessions Drive Gen Z Back to the Rental Market
56 Gen Z, Wellness: To Grow Your Brand in 2021, Keep These 4 Trends in Mind
57 A New Generation Is Coming To Work, But Is the Oil and Gas Industry Ready?
58 How to appeal to Gen Z in Asia
59 Knoll : New Knoll Research Reveals The “5Gs” of Generation Z
60 Members of Gen Z process their nostalgia through "rare aesthetics" on TikTok
61 The silent generation has an average of $12,869 in nonmortgage debt—here's how they compare to other generations
62 RateGenius Study Reveals How Some Generations Benefit More Than Others When Refinancing Auto Loans
63 Apple Music adds 10 new playlists aimed at Gen Z, including one with TikTok hits
64 A Hallmark film for Gen Z: “Holidate” review
65 Gen Z's first-time voters celebrate Biden's election but vow to hold him accountable
66 Braking Through: Brembo CEO Wants OEM Partners, Gen Z Fans
67 Are Media: Influencers work for Gen Z women, but sampling works best
68 'The Gen Z Dictionary' helps parents understand what their teens are saying
69 49 percent of Gen Z Indian men are engaged in facial creams
70 Gen Z’s Next Victim: The Lawn
71 Sports Leagues Having Hard Time Converting Gen Z Into Fans
72 How COVID-19 Motivated Millennials and Gen Z to Turn Out to Vote in Historic Numbers
73 Millennials and Gen Z Are Over the Workplace Romance
74 Imagen’s New Report Reveals: Gen Z Attitudes to Gaming
75 How The Pandemic Is Changing ‘Dating’ For Commitment-Phobic Gen Z
76 How social media is opening a new generation gap
77 Generation Z could impact 2020 election
78 How the Female Medical Students in Gen Z are Changing the Patriarchy
79 Listen Up, Gen Z/Millennials: Older Voters Continue to Put You to Shame at the Polls
80 How to engage with Gen Z and millennials in the absence of TikTok
81 Gen Z Trading Prodigy Wins Over Wall Street Backers for Startup
82 In a Push for Gen Z Fans, the NFL Is Looking for a Leg Up on Instagram
83 Millennial and Gen Z veterans flock to VA-backed home loans
84 Pandemic encourages Gen Z and millennials to reevaluate their finances
85 Does Being a 'Primary Financial Institution' Mean What It Used To?
86 What We Know About Gen Z So Far
87 Millennials, Gen Z turning to virtual sex during COVID-19
88 7 Gen Z fashion and beauty gifts to buy while they’re on sale for Cyber Monday
89 Gen Z voters head to the polls for the first time
90 Gen Z and Millennials are turning to TikTok for Comedic Relief amid waiting for Election Results
91 Can religious TikTok creators spread the word to Gen Z?
92 Why is "Gen Z" humour so strange?
93 How Gen Z Stepped Up to Replace Vulnerable Boomers as Poll Workers
94 Which Travel Demographics Will Lead the Way to Recovery?
95 The average 40-something has a 676 credit score—what this expert says they're doing right and wrong
96 A year in 60 secs: TikTok lists top videos, creators of 2020
97 First Gen Z Lawmaker Elected in California
98 Can we fix the advice gap? Engaging Gen Z in financial planning at #Intergen 2020
99 Tumblr Launches LOUDR, New Advocacy Group Supporting Marginalized Voices, with 10 Percent Donation of Top Ad Inventory
100 Danko Resiliente: Generation Z will Reshape the Economy