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1 Sequencing 70,000 Species' Genomes Could Yield New Human Treatments : Shots
2 Strange single-celled life-form has a truly bizarre genome
3 Scientists Catch Jumping Genes Rewiring Genomes
4 India's neighbours race to sequence genomes as COVID surges
5 A comprehensive map of the SARS-CoV-2 genome
6 New technology enables rapid sequencing of entire genomes of plant pathogens
7 Genomes Reveal Humanity's Journey into the Americas
8 NSU researcher part of a flagship study on vertebrate genomes
9 How to Become "Ant-I-Social" – Erosion of Ant Genome Tied to Loss of Functional, Behavioral and Social Traits
10 The 'era of the genome' has arrived. What role will Illumina play?
11 New study traces back the progenitor genomes causing COVID-19 and geospatial spread
12 Human tissue preserved since World War I yields new clues about 1918 pandemic
13 One million coronavirus sequences: popular genome site hits mega milestone
14 Flagship Study Ushers New Era of Quality and Scale in Genome Sequencing
15 Team recovers ancient genomes from dirt, revealing new history of North America's bears
16 A new perspective on the genomes of archaic humans
17 A third purine biosynthetic pathway encoded by aminoadenine-based viral DNA genomes
18 The diploid genome assemblies in marmoset shows huge variations
19 A new perspective on the genomes of archaic humans | Stanford News Researchers examined 14000 genetic differences
20 New computer software to advance genome design capabilities
21 How to become 'ant-i-social': Study shows erosion of ant genome tied to loss of functional, behavioral and social traits in 3 inquiline species
22 100-My history of bornavirus infections hidden in vertebrate genomes
23 Dinoflagellate Genome Structure Unlike Any Other Known
24 New California Condor Genome Assembly Reveals High Genetic Diversity
25 Whole-Genome Data Point to Four Species of Giraffe
26 Ancient horse DNA reveals gene flow between Eurasian and North American horses
27 When one become two: Separating DNA for more accurate nanopore analysis
28 Why some researchers oppose unrestricted sharing of coronavirus genome data
29 Scientists Successfully Sequenced the Genome of Previously Extinct Date Palms
30 New WHO Science Council takes on genomic technologies
31 High genomic diversity is good news for California condor
32 Church joins the NFT craze with plans to auction off his genome
33 Researchers Sequence Genome of New Lavender Cultivar | Genetics
34 The Human Genome at 20: How Biology’s Most-Hyped Breakthrough Led to Anticlimax and Arrests
35 Eminent MIT Scientists Defend Controversial SARS-CoV-2 Genome Integration Results
36 Q&A: George Church’s Genome Up for Auction
37 Some Viruses Have a Completely Different Genome to The Rest of Life on Earth
38 Corteva agriscience and Bejo sign agreement on genome editing
39 Bipolar Disorder Linked to Variants in 64 Regions of the Genome
40 Genome sequencing delivers hope and warning for the survival of the Sumatran rhinoceros
41 Where coronavirus variants emerge, surges follow – new research suggests how genomic surveillance can be an early warning system
42 Genome-Wide Significant Genes Identified for Youth-Onset Type 2 Diabetes
43 Bionano Genomics Outlines Studies Comparing Optical Genome Mapping With Clinical Standard
44 A widespread pathway for substitution of adenine by diaminopurine in phage genomes
45 Peach Genome Dissected to Provide Insights into Ecological Influences
47 Human genome editing requires difficult conversations between science and society
48 Noted virologist quits Centre's panel on genome sequencing
49 Fight against drug-resistant typhoid aided by new genomic resource
50 Weird viral DNA spills secrets to biologists Bacteria-infecting viruses have specialized enzymes to make genes
51 New snailfish genome reveals how they adapted to the pressures of deep-sea life: The genome contains extra genes for enzymes that help stabilize its proteins and DNA under high pressures
52 First PWS Genome Sequencing Project Now Enrolling Participants
53 Comparative genomic analysis of sifakas (Propithecus) reveals selection for folivory and high heterozygosity despite endangered status
54 Sequencing the genome of the leopard: This genetic analysis revises current interpretation of their natural history, migrations and future vulnerability
55 Genomic Vision Completes First Milestone in Sanofi Genzyme Deal
56 EU Considers Benefits of New Genomic Techniques
57 Two regions in the canine genome explain one third of the risk of rare blood cancer: Study combines multiple 'omics techniques to investigate cancer risk in flat-coated retrievers
58 $1.2 Billion Worldwide Single-Cell Genome Sequencing Industry to 2027
59 Radiation-related genomic profile of papillary thyroid cancer after the Chernobyl accident
60 Illumina, GeneDx Partner With University of Washington on Whole-Genome Sequencing Study in Kids
61 COVID-19 virus may not insert genetic material into human DNA, research shows
62 Three new studies suggest Z-genome is much more widespread in bacteria-invading viruses than thought
63 We need better testing, genome sequencing and mortality data
64 Biden Administration Announces New Genomic Sequencing Funding and Initiatives
65 Envisia Genomic Classifier Shows Promising Utility at Distinguishing IPF
66 Mitochondria Inherited from Mother Can Influence Offspring’s Risk of Common Diseases
67 Coronapod: Waiving vaccine patents and coronavirus genome data disputes
68 NHGRI director to appoint Vence Bonham as acting deputy director
69 Dr. Maura on the Challenges of Whole-Genome Sequencing in Multiple Myeloma
70 16 variants of Covid active in Uttarakhand, reveals genome sequencing
71 CoWIN in Hindi, vernacular soon; 17 more labs to test genome
72 Genomic Vision: Financial Information for the First Quarter of 2021
73 Mining the gaps of chromosome 8
74 New Products Posted to GenomeWeb: Bio-Rad, GP-write, Twist Bioscience, KogeneBiotech, More
75 BioBox Analytics launches platform to help scientists analyze genomic data
76 Genome Editing Company EdiGene Raises RMB 400M in Series B Plus Financing Round
77 Genomic Test Does Not Increase Active Surveillance Acceptance for Treating Favorable-Risk Prostate Cancer
78 Can COVID-19 Genes Integrate Into Human DNA?
79 Platinum Sensitivity, Genomic Markers Associated With Rucaparib Response for High-Grade Ovarian Carcinoma
80 Effect of Genomic Prostate Score on Active Surveillance Selection in African American Population
81 Texas A&M Lab Identifies New COVID-19 Variant; Genome Suggests Potential Resistance To Antibodies
82 NanoString's GeoMx Mouse Whole Transcriptome Atlas Expands Leadership in Spatial Genomics by Enabling Genome-Wide RNA Profiling
83 Genome Canada and McGill to track COVID-19 variants of concern
84 Covid-19: 17 new labs soon for genome sequencing
85 Bionano Genomics Announces Publication of New Approach to
86 Parkinson's Disease Progression Linked to Five Variants in Genome-Wide Survival Study
87 Mitochondrial Genetic Variants Inherited from Mother Can Influence Offspring's Risk of Common Diseases
88 Genome of wild legume provides insights into tolerance to environmental stress
89 MIT Study: SARS-CoV-2 Integrates into the Human Genome
90 NDDB, GCMMF to implement genomic selection for cattle in Gujarat
91 Genomic sequencing used to track syphilis outbreaks in Melbourne's suburbs
92 H. pylori oncoprotein-induced genome instability may underlie gastric cancer
93 New genome-wide association study almost triples discovery sample size
94 GenomSys Gets CE Mark for MPEG-G Codec Genomic Data Processing Software Suite
95 Nike Air Max Genome White Green CZ4652-103 Release Date
96 Veracyte Announces Data Showing Percepta Genomic Atlas Detects Gene Alterations Targeted in Lung Cancer Treatment, Using Diagnostic Biopsy
97 Genome of Wild Medicago Species Provides Insights into Tolerant Mechanisms of Legume Forage to Environmental Stress
98 Genome study to be done in Jammu
99 Mitochondrial DNA in cancer: small genome, big impact
100 Covid variant B.1.617.2 is spreading fast in India, genome data shows