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1 Geoffrey Berman: Trump fires top US prosecutor who refused to quit
2 In SDNY Sex Trafficking Case Ended by COVID Andrews Says John Texts Not For Truth
3 Ex-Manhattan U.S. Attorney Geoffrey Berman, fired by Trump, twice refused to resign
4 Geoffrey Berman, ousted U.S. attorney in Manhattan, will teach at Stanford Law this fall
5 Reasons Behind U.S. Attorney Geoffrey Berman's Firing
6 U.S. Attorney Geoffrey Berman Steps Down After Standoff With Attorney General Barr
7 Former Deputy Assistant Attorney General Addresses Clash Over Geoffrey Berman
8 AG Barr: President Fired U.S. Attorney Geoffrey Berman
9 What Did Geoffrey Berman Tell the House Judiciary Committee?
10 Column: In the battle of the Supreme Court, Democrats need to get down in the gutter with Republicans
11 Fired federal Manhattan prosecutor argued Trump didn't have legal authority to remove him
12 US Attorney Geoffrey Berman asserts independence from Justice Department
13 Ousted U.S. Attorney Geoffrey Berman to testify before Congress in closed-door session
14 READ: Geoffrey Berman's opening statement before House panel
15 Transcript: Fired US Attorney Geoffrey Berman's interview with House Judiciary Committee
16 Attorney General Barr In Standoff With Manhattan U.S. Attorney Geoffrey Berman
17 James Comey: Geoffrey Berman upheld the finest tradition of the SDNY office
18 Berman to CNN: I'm just here to do my job
19 Inside William Barr's Effort to Undermine N.Y. Prosecutors
20 Geoffrey Berman’s Ouster
21 Maxwell arrest 'not at all' related to Geoffrey Berman firing
22 Trump on firing of Geoffrey Berman: 'I'm not involved'
23 Ex-US Attorney Geoffrey Berman to testify on his ouster before House panel
24 NY Prosecutor Quits After Standoff With Attorney General
25 Ousted US Attorney Geoff Berman to Teach at Stanford Law | The Recorder
26 How the President and Attorney General Could Have Avoided the Geoffrey Berman Debacle
27 Geoffrey Berman to testify in House about his firing 3 weeks ago
28 Senator Menendez requests information on Trump-Erdogan calls | Kathimerini
29 Geoffrey Berman Sure Was Bad At Turning Over Exculpatory Evidence
30 Trump and Barr have launched an all-out assault on America's justice system
31 The global implications of Geoffrey Berman firing; US and Russia start nuclear weapons talks; US targets Assad govt and backers with sanctions
32 Trump fired a federal prosecutor investigating his allies. Can he do that?
33 Manhattan US attorney in the spotlight with another high profile investigation of Trump's inner circle
34 Recently Fired U.S. Attorney Geoffrey Berman Still Looking for a Buyer for His Princeton Home
35 Geoffrey Berman, the US attorney refusing to step down
36 Justice Department says Geoffrey Berman, US attorney in NYC who oversaw investigations of Trump allies, is re
37 Having Second Thoughts? City Council To Look At Language In NYPD Chokehold Bill
38 Ousted U.S. Prosecutor Berman to Be Interviewed by House Panel
39 Ex-Prosecutor Says Attorney General Barr Pressured Him to Resign
40 Barr says Trump has fired US attorney Berman
41 Without Fear or Favor: What Geoff Berman's Stand Against His Firing Means for Justice | New York Law Journal
42 Legal analyst equates firing to a 'Friday Night Massacre'
43 US Attorney Geoffrey Berman's Ouster: the Untold Story
44 Former US Attorney Carmen Ortiz On The Firing Of SDNY US Attorney Geoffrey Berman
45 Ex-colleagues call new US attorney in Manhattan apolitical
46 Trump Fired Her Boss. Now She’s Taking Cases That Incensed White House.
47 What really lies behind Trump administration’s ousting of U.S. Attorney Geoffrey Berman just months before th
48 Attorney General William Barr tells Manhattan U.S. Attorney Geoffrey Berman that he's been fired
49 Trump’s pick for Manhattan U.S. attorney refuses to say he would recuse from probes of president’s associates
50 'Good for him': Bharara on US attorney's refusal to step down
51 Geoffrey Berman: the US attorney seeking to question Prince Andrew
52 Bannon’s indictment raises more uneasy questions about William Barr’s SDNY gambit
53 Chuck Todd: Trump firing federal prosecutor Geoffrey Berman ‘fits a pattern’
54 Giants’ Daniel Jones Not Feeling More Pressure With Saquon Barkley Out For Season
55 Toobin: This makes incompetence of Justice Department so clear
56 Barr Can’t Fire Berman, Trump Can, Says Obscure DOJ Memo
57 Prince Andrew and U.S. Prosecutor in Nasty Dispute Over Epstein Case
58 Bolton is a 'political opportunist and a profiteer': Rep. Hakeem Jeffries
59 House Judiciary Committee Releases Transcript of Berman Interview
60 Bharara reacts to Trump & Barr firing Berman
61 New York prosecutor in Jeffrey Epstein case fired 'because he refused to drop Prince Andrew probe'
62 AG Barr says Trump fired Berman after U.S. attorney didn't resign
63 Justice Department Is Melania's Personal Lawyer Too Now We Guess!
64 The Memo: Storm brewing after chaotic Berman firing | TheHill
65 Former SDNY prosecutor: Berman's firing was "badly mishandled"
66 Stand-off with Attorney General Barr ends, as New York prosecutor agrees to resign
67 Epstein prosecutor Geoffrey Berman fired ‘because he refused to drop Prince Andrew probe,’ victims’ lawyer cla
68 David Massey on Former Manhattan Federal Prosecutors Taking a Stand
69 Top US prosecutor investigating Trump allies blocks move to oust him
70 Acting New York U.S. attorney, Audrey Strauss, once defeated Roy Cohn, investigated the Iran-contra affair
71 Law Beat: Hartunian says Berman firing 'raises significant questions'
72 NY prosecutor's colleagues say he's no Trump puppet
73 Prince Andrew 'shut the door' on Epstein probe cooperation: U.S. prosecutor
74 Readers sound off on school reopenings, early Christians and Geoffrey Berman
75 White House distances Trump from Berman ouster | TheHill
76 Geoffrey Berman Letter Says US Attorney's Office Will File Papers in Trump Subpoena Challenge | New York Law Journal
77 Ousted NY prosecutor tells panel Barr 'urged' him to resign
78 Jay Clayton, Low-Profile Regulator, Is Catapulted Into a Political Fight
79 Prince Andrew Pressured To Speak Following Epstein's Chef Aiding FBI Investigation
80 Prince Andrew Offers ‘Zero Cooperation’ in Epstein Case, Prosecutor Says
81 Justice Dept. considering replacing outgoing US attorney in Brooklyn with Barr deputy: report | TheHill
82 White House’s conflicting explanations for Geoffrey Berman’s firing
83 US attorney Geoffrey Berman selling Princeton home for $2.7M
84 Federal prosecutors announce drug charges against Venezuela’s Nicolas Maduro
85 And speaking of the Barr Justice Department: Who should turn up in the muck again but Bud Cummins?
86 Prince Andrew gives 'zero co-operation' over Epstein inquiry, US prosecutor says
87 Prince Andrew refuses to cooperate with feds in Jeffrey Epstein probe
88 POLITICO Playbook: Questions for Trump on last night's SDNY chaos
89 Judge Hints at Potential Disciplinary Action for Prosecutors in Sanctions Case
90 Can Trump fire and replace US Attorney for SDNY?
91 Trump’s Senate Ally Tries Plan B on U.S. Attorney Replacement
92 As feds continue to seek interview with Prince Andrew, Attorney General William Barr says Jeffrey Epstein probe marches on
93 With Bannon arrest, ‘Sovereign District’ sends another salvo
94 Maya Wiley on Geoffrey Berman’s firing: ‘There needs to be an investigation’
95 SCOTUS on Trump’s taxes, and developments for John Durham and Michael Flynn, explained
96 Prince Andrew has given 'zero cooperation' in Jeffrey Epstein sex crime investigation, federal prosecutors say
97 Epstein prosecutor who claimed Prince Andrew was not co-operating to give testimony next week
98 Financial Disclosure From 2018 Offers Glimpse Into Audrey Strauss' Private-Sector Earnings | New York Law Journal
99 WATCH: Giuliani’s associates arrested attempting to leave country, U.S. attorney says
100 With No Nomination From Trump, Judges Choose U.S. Attorney for Manhattan