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1 Area burned by severe fire increased 8-fold in western US over past four decades
2 Moon May Hold Billions of Tons of Subterranean Ice at Its Poles
3 Stunning Northern Lights May Be Associated With Ozone Destruction
4 Researchers Produce First Artificial Icequakes
5 Transportation of water into the deep Earth by Al-phase D
6 In Memoriam: Roger Jay Phillips (1940–2020) | Planetary News
7 COVID‐19 Pandemic Imperils Weather Forecast
8 Lung-Wen Antony Chen | News Center
9 A Floating Buoy Fleet Could Help Scientists Track Rising Seas
10 Killer electrons in strumming sky lights
11 Fast Climate Responses to Aerosol Emission Reductions During the COVID‐19 Pandemic
12 In Appreciation of AGU's Outstanding Reviewers of 2019
13 Modeling Gravity Waves with Machine Learning
14 Study projects more rainfall in Florida during flooding season: Researchers link Florida summertime rainfall with a warming Atlantic Ocean
15 Holes in Greenland ice sheet are larger than previously thought
16 Jupiter's ocean moon Europa may spout water plumes from its icy crust
17 Researchers model source of eruption on Jupiter's moon Europa
18 Shift In Atmospheric Rivers May Affect Antarctic Sea Ice
19 Mystery of glacial lake floods solved
20 Urban Vegetation Slows Down the Spread of Coronavirus Disease (COVID‐19) in the United States
21 UA professor takes part in study of Greenland ice shelf
22 Geysers on Europa might come from pockets of water under the ice
23 Retreating Glacier Presents Landslide Threat, Tsunami Risk in Alaska
24 Minimal Climate Impacts From Short‐Lived Climate Forcers Following Emission Reductions Related to the COVID‐19 Pandemic
25 Abrupt Climate Shifts Change the Latitudes of Storm Activity
26 'Oasis effect' in urban parks could contribute to greenhouse gas emissions
27 The mystery of pulsating auroras revealed
28 Potential Plumes on Europa Could Come From Water in the Crust
29 Researchers Investigate Giant Holes in Greenland Ice Sheet
30 NOx Emissions Reduction and Rebound in China Due to the COVID‐19 Crisis
31 Landslide along Alaskan fjord could trigger tsunami: Glacier melt is exposing a slope that could crash into the water, study shows
32 It's officially La Niña: What Australia can expect this summer
33 Drop in pandemic CO2 emissions previews world of electric vehicles
34 New Geophysical Research Letters Editorial, Revisions Policies
35 Warm Arctic, Cold Continents? It Sounds Counterintuitive, but Research Suggests it’s a Thing
36 New remote sensing technique could bring key planetary mineral into focus
37 Flood risks: More accurate data due to COVID-19: Study investigates the influence of lockdown on geodetic measurements
38 Drop in pandemic carbon dioxide emissions previews world of electric vehicles: Inexpensive pollution monitoring networks can monitor progress toward reduced emissions
39 Jupiter's ocean moon Europa might spout water plumes from its icy crust
40 All Hands on Deck to Catch Ion Cyclotron Waves
41 Atmospheric dust levels are rising in the Great Plains
42 Atmospheric processes likely caused puzzling haze over China during COVID-19 shutdown
43 Introducing the New Editor-in-Chief of GRL
44 An Element of Randomness in Modeling Arctic Ice Cover
45 Study Suggests Prospect of Recent Underground Volcanism on Mars
46 A Direct Bridge Between Tropical Cyclones and Ocean Eddies
47 In Appreciation of AGU's Outstanding Reviewers of 2018
48 Tropical Cyclones Suppress Rainfall in Their Wakes
49 Saharan Dust Reaching the Americas Comes from El Djouf
50 Radar Observations of a Tornado Associated with Typhoon Hagibis
51 North pole will be ice-free in summer
52 Trouet Receives 2019 Paleoceanography and Paleoclimatology Willi Dansgaard Award
53 The deep sea is slowly warming
54 Carbon: Three Observations on Life, Death, and Uncertainty in the Permafrost
55 East Antarctica's Denman Glacier has retreated almost 3 miles over last 22 years
56 Geodetic Data Pinpoint Earthquake-Prone Regions of the Himalayas
57 Clues to the moon and Mars hide in this mineral
58 Space Physicists Find Plasmoid in Magnetosphere of Uranus | Planetary Science, Space Exploration
59 The Deepest Layers of the South-West Atlantic Ocean are Warming
60 In Appreciation of AGU's Outstanding Reviewers of 2016
61 A Graceful Way to Study Daily Water Storage on Land
62 Dust Bowl 2.0? Rising Great Plains dust levels stir concerns
63 In Appreciation of AGU's Outstanding Reviewers of 2017
64 Recognizing 2015 Reviewers for the American Geophysical Union
65 Modeling: A Powerful and Versatile Tool in Glaciology
66 Rejection Doesn't Have to Hurt: AGU's Manuscript Referral System
67 Fibers Pick Up Silicon Valley Traffic Changes During Quarantine
68 COVID-19 lockdowns significantly impacting global air quality
69 JGR: Space Physics Seeks Submissions on Underrepresented Topics
70 AGU Advances Goes Online
71 Researchers use InSight for deep Mars measurements: Analysis of NASA lander seismograph data reveals boundaries from crust to core
72 New Map Shows Near-Surface Water Ice on Mars | Planetary Science, Space Exploration
73 Shallow Low Frequency Tremors in Japan Trench
74 Expanding Paved Areas Has an Outsize Effect on Urban Flooding
75 The Stuff That Psyche Is Made Of
76 New 'sun clock' quantifies extreme space weather switch on-off
77 Increasing Arctic freshwater is driven by climate change
78 Division Highlights | NASA
79 Antarctic sea ice loss explained in new study
80 Power Outage When the Aurora Throws a Curve Ball
81 How marsquakes — earthquakes on Mars — help scientists learn what's beneath the surface
82 Rising Seas and Agriculture Created Wetlands Along the US East Coast
83 Dramatic decrease in cold-water plankton during industrial era
84 Microbial Mechanisms Change with the Seasons
85 Massive Sahara dust plume headed for southeastern US, could bring sensational sunsets
86 Climate predictions several years into the future?
87 A New Perspective on a Classic Climate Conundrum
88 A Whistle Here, There, and Everywhere on the Giant Planet
89 Ocean acidification causing coral 'osteoporosis' on iconic reefs
90 New Special Collection: Fire in the Earth System
91 Successfully Simulating Atmospheric Gravity Waves
92 Jupiter's moons could be warming each other
93 Satellite data show severity of drought summers in 2018 and 2019
94 AGU Journals: More Content and More Context
95 Growth and Challenges for JGR: Solid Earth
96 Introducing the New Editor in Chief of JGR: Solid Earth
97 Getting Your Paper Published Part 1: Don't Annoy the Reviewers
98 Lauren von Berg, Class of 2020, publishes research from internship studying Antarctic sea ice
99 Artificial intelligence learns continental hydrology
100 Diversifying the Reviewer Pool