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1 Geraldo Rivera says 'loyal friend' President Trump should be impeached
2 Geraldo Rivera Goes All-In On Impeachment Of 'Loyal Friend' Donald Trump
3 Geraldo Rivera Details Spending The Day With Charles Manson In 1988
4 Trump ally Geraldo Rivera: The president acting 'like an entitled frat boy' since election loss
5 EXCLUSIVE COLUMN: Geraldo Rivera Investigates Robert Blake's Involvement In Bonnie Lee Bakley's Murder — Something 'You'll Never Forget'
6 Frank Stallone remembers boxing Geraldo Rivera and growing up in his celebrity brother's shadow
7 Geraldo Rivera urges Trump: 'Exit with dignity and grace' | TheHill
8 ‘What is this, ancient Rome?’: Geraldo says Capitol riots ‘incited’ by long-time friend Trump were anti-Democratic, appalling
9 Watch ‘Fox & Friends’ Fireworks After Geraldo Rivera Blames Trump, Cruz and Hawley for Capitol Riot (Video)
10 Geraldo Rivera: Biden immigration agenda to face 'harsh realities'
11 Fox News star Geraldo Rivera said Trump is acting like an 'entitled frat boy' since losing the election
12 Trump’s Friend Geraldo Rivera Turns On Him After Insurrection: Losing Election ‘Made Him Crazy’
13 Geraldo Rivera, Don Lemon unload on Trump supporters' 'bull***t' belief that election was stolen
14 Geraldo Rivera And Donald Trump Relationship Explained
15 Donald Trump Shoe Shiner Geraldo Rivera Finally Gets Wise About His “Loyal Friend”
16 Geraldo Rivera Roasted For Slamming Trump, Calling President 'Crazy'
17 Geraldo Rivera Blames Trump for Inciting the Capitol Riots: ‘Direct Connection’ Between His Incendiary Rhetoric and the ‘Trashing of American Democracy’
18 Geraldo slams Trump for leaving while COVID bill in limbo: 'What the hell are we supposed to do now?'
19 Geraldo Rivera Blasts His Old Pal Trump For Acting 'Like An Entitled Frat Boy' After The Election
20 Gearhart: What was in Trump's letter to Biden?
21 Geraldo Rivera Calls Trump 'Entitled Frat Boy' Over Election Loss
22 Geraldo Rivera Goes Off After Fox Anchor Notes ‘Pervasive Belief’ of Fraud Among Trump Supporters: They Believe It Because of ‘Propaganda!’
23 Geraldo Rivera Tells Donald Trump To Leave Office ‘With Dignity’
24 Stallone: Frank, That Is
25 How Geraldo Rivera, the sensationalist showman of ’80s TV, became the voice of election reason on Fox News
26 Breaking News
27 Did Actor Robert Blake Actually Murder Wife Bonnie Lee Bakley? Watch New REELZ Doc Reopen The Mysterious Case
28 JonBenet Ramsey’s half brother still wants to find her killer: ‘This case can be solved’
29 Geraldo Rivera Suggests President Trump Will Do ‘Right Thing’ in End
30 Removing the Name ‘Trump’ Won’t Save a Golf Course in the Bronx
31 Geraldo Rivera Celebrates 50 Years in Television: See His Life and Career Throughout the Years
32 Geraldo Rivera: Trump not speaking to me over position that election is over | TheHill
33 Geraldo Rivera on 50 Years in TV, His Friendship with President Donald Trump and Biggest Regrets
34 REELZ Doc Looks At The Manson Family Murders And How They Affected Roman Polanski
35 Geraldo Rivera on Trump sowing election result doubts: 'Enough is enough now' | TheHill
36 Fox News' Geraldo Rivera: Trump's Not Speaking To Me Right Now
37 Fox News' Geraldo Rivera appears to break with Trump in Tuesday tweet
38 Fox News’ Geraldo Rivera celebrates 50 years on television: ’It’s been quite a ride’
39 ‘Your friend has been killed’: Geraldo Rivera recounts John Lennon’s death
40 With Trump's exit, the Fox News presidency will come to an end
41 Geraldo Rivera on Being the ‘Oddball Out’ at Fox News: ‘No One Tries to Censor Me’
42 Geraldo to Trump: Say goodbye with grace and dignity
43 Geraldo Fires Back at Fox Colleague for 'Giving False Hope' on Election Conspiracies
44 Geraldo Rivera Lambastes Trump For Going On Holiday While Stimulus Bill Is In Limbo
45 Geraldo Rivera and wife Erica have dueling political signs on their front lawn
46 Celebrities Took To Twitter To Share Reactions Of Second Trump Impeachment
47 Geraldo Rivera calls Rush Limbaugh secession talk 'treasonous'
48 Geraldo Rivera on Trump getting reelected: 'I think he very well can pull it out'
49 Fox News' Geraldo Rivera Lets Loose On White House's 'Bogus' Election Claims
50 Fox News' Geraldo Rivera Lets Loose On Republicans Still Denying Election Results
51 Geraldo Rivera says he can't 'continue denying' Trump election loss
52 Geraldo Rivera Unloads on Trump: 'What Is This, 6th Grade?!'
53 Geraldo Rivera: The enforcement and removal branch of ICE is very unpopular
54 Geraldo Rivera talks leaving CNBC to join Fox News after 9/11: 'I was so furious'
55 I worry about my kids daily and have to ask, why can't every day be Father's Day? Geraldo Rivera
56 40 'Glee' Cast Members And Guest Stars You Forgot About
57 Geraldo Rivera Calls Donald Trump “Brave” For Ghislaine Maxwell Well Wishes, Says Alleged Procurer’s Detention Is “Woke Politics”
58 Geraldo Rivera: People suffered as a result to Pelosi, Democrats’ stalled coronavirus bill
59 Geraldo Rivera: Keep cops, defund abuse
60 Geraldo Rivera remembers 9/11: 'Wanted to get my hands on the neck of SOB' who did this to us
61 Geraldo Rivera: Trump 'senses' that unexpected minority support could fuel victory over Biden
62 Geraldo Rivera and Dan Bongino react to ambush of sheriff's deputies in L.A.
63 Geraldo Rivera: Trump gives Puerto Rico 'esperanza' and a better future
64 Geraldo Rivera on his 50 years in TV and his friendship with Donald Trump
65 Geraldo Rivera Wants Trump to Show 'a Bit More Humility' on COVID Recovery
66 Geraldo Rivera Praises Donald Trump for Michael Flynn Pardon
67 Geraldo Rivera and Arthel Neville reflect on the life of Regis Philbin
68 Geraldo Rivera Frets About 'Black on Black Crime': There's a 'Ghetto Civil War Going On' | The Crusader Newspaper Group
69 Trump could ride wave of new, unique Republicans to victory: Geraldo Rivera
70 Geraldo Rivera advocates bail for Ghislaine Maxwell
71 Geraldo Rivera: In wake of Hurricane Laura and on Katrina anniversary, I recall covering killer storms
72 Fox News' Geraldo Rivera criticizes Trump for not wearing a mask: "This disease kills old people!"
73 Trump tells Geraldo Rivera that Biden and Dems are 'against the Bible'
74 Geraldo Rivera rants about ‘ghetto civil war’ on Fox’s ‘Hannity’
75 Geraldo Rivera: Police organizations 'see through the veil of Dems' rhetoric,' now back Trump
76 Geraldo Rivera on President Trump's 'secret weapon': the 2020 debate stage
77 Geraldo Rivera to Trump: Asian friends of mine say 'China virus' has 'racial overtone' | TheHill
78 Geraldo Rivera: ‘The American people want you to be well’
79 Geraldo Rivera: Jobs report is good news, 'but I worry the worst is yet to come' as coronavirus cases spike
80 Geraldo Rivera fires back at Biden's 'flamboyant' Trump racism claim
81 Geraldo Rivera blasts Dems for ignoring violent riots at Barr hearing: 'State of denial'
82 Fox Correspondent Suggests We Honor Trump by Naming COVID-19 Vaccine After Him, the Guy Who Let the Virus Kill 250,00 People
83 Geraldo Rivera reflects on covering war after 9/11
84 Geraldo Rivera, Dan Bongino on what America would look like without police
85 Hannity and Co. Lose Their Minds When Geraldo Says Kamala Was 'Competent' at Debate
86 Geraldo Rivera brands Trump a 'civil rights activist' in softball interview
87 Coronavirus exposes fatal flaws in nursing home industry: Geraldo Rivera
88 Geraldo Rivera: Trump critics 'pre-occupied' America with 'phony' Russia allegations for 3 years
89 Geraldo Rivera: 'Deeply disappointed' that the left has used coronavirus to 'ridicule' Trump
90 Geraldo Rivera: Dems stabbed Trump in back on DACA, immigration talks
91 Geraldo Rivera comes to his senses on Trump
92 Fox Nation to Stream Final Episode Honoring Geraldo Rivera's 50th Anniversary in Television
93 Watch: Leslie Jones Threatens to Shave Geraldo Riveras Mustache in Epic Cable News Tweetstorm
94 Trump to flee Washington and seek refuge in a MAGA oasis: Florida
95 50-Year Career of TV Journalist Geraldo Rivera Focus of New Docuseries
96 An Exasperated Geraldo Rivera Blasted Trump's Coup Shenanigans
97 Geraldo On 'Lunatic Fringe' & A Trump Coup: 'Are You Sh*tting Me?'
98 Geraldo Rivera defends Chris Wallace over handling of debate
99 Geraldo Rivera Apologizes To Fox News Colleague Brian Kilmeade But Still Opposes Donald Trump’s Decision To Kill Top Iran Official
100 Geraldo Rivera: 'Very Dishonest' for CNN and MSNBC to Cut Away From Trump Briefings