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1 A man, a plan, a fund: The German Marshall Fund has nice digs in Dupont Circle
2 Bret Schafer
3 The German Marshall Fund Defends Report
4 For U.S. President-Elect Biden, A Foreign Policy Informed By Many, Many, Many Road Trips
5 Former Estonian President Says U.S. Needs a Secure Digital ID Card to Computerize Government Processes
6 Maia Espinoza Appears to Inflate Credential She Doesn't Even Need to Inflate
7 Foreign observers shocked by chaos over U.S. election
8 US needs national digital ID to compete with other world powers amid pandemic
9 EU braces itself for battle despite new faces in White House
10 Foreigners shocked, puzzled, worried at American chaos over election
11 A second Trump term could bolster like-minded populists and euroskeptics in Montenegro
12 I know how much it hurts to lose an election. But Trump's concession is vital for US democracy
13 German Marshall Fund holds talks on Belarus, expects the West to step up | KyivPost
14 Facebook groups are turning into election disinformation vectors
15 US Presidential Election & covid-19 updates: Trump, Biden, transition, results, cases, latest news
16 Europe’s Biden bind: Stick with US or go it alone?
17 As 2020 election nears, foreign interference matters less than a looming constitutional crisis
18 Biden's Lead Is Bittersweet For America's Allies
19 Deputy Secretary General at Brussels Forum
20 Trump Has Been Tough On Europe. Will That Change Under Biden?
21 Biden's Day 1 challenges: Misinformation flood control
22 Why a Russo-German pipeline is a potential US sanctions battleground
23 Facing Trump Pressure, EU Invested More In Own Defense. Will It Continue With Biden?
24 Secretary General at Brussels Forum: As the World is Changing
25 Last 4 Years Have Tarnished U.S. Image In Europe. Will Biden Be Able To Improve It?
26 For Poland’s ruling party, waging war against women pays off
27 Joe Biden's oncoming headache over Vladimir Putin
28 What a Biden Presidency Means for Taiwan
29 EU faces knotty trade fights with US _ no matter who wins
30 Trump administration has record of criticizing foreign governments that declare victory in disputed votes
31 European Union to impose tariffs on U.S.
32 Engagement with untrustworthy Facebook content doubles since 2016
33 Hungary and Poland stand firm against EU rule of law conditions
34 NATO Allies Growing Weary of Turkish Aggression
35 Main opposition expects Biden to focus on Turkish democracy, rule of law
36 Facebook’s Conservative Emergency
37 Pompeo Courts the Maldives in Latest Bid to Check China's Influence
38 Muslim Countries Denounce French Response to Killing of Samuel Paty, Urge Boycott
39 Nagorno-Karabakh: After Ceasefire, Search for Lasting Peace Begins
40 How China's 'wolf warrior' diplomats use and abuse Twitter
41 Biden's presidency won't go smoothly on Turkey, say experts
42 EVENT ADVISORY: Competing at Full Strength in 5G: How the United States Can Counter China and Unleash the Power of American Innovation
43 Joe Biden vs. the American foreign policy establishment
44 Russia Declares U.S. German Marshall Fund ‘Undesirable’
45 Recep Tayyip Erdogan faces up to economic facts
46 The evolution of European economic institutions during the COVID‐19 crisis
47 Exclusive: False fire rumors keep spreading on Facebook despite ban
48 Only these five dividend stocks made the cut in a 'safer and better' screen
49 India-EU step up ties—is an FTA in the offing? |India Today Insight
50 Post-COVID, more in West see China as major power: study
51 Pentagon kicks transition into high gear as Biden rolls out national security team — with one notable omission
52 ‘Historic’ EU rule of law deal faces challenges
53 In race for coronavirus vaccine, Russia turns to disinformation
54 State-backed Alliance for Securing Democracy disinfo shop falsely smears The Grayzone as 'state-backed'
55 BIRTHDAY OF THE DAY: Laura Rosenberger, director of the Alliance for Securing Democracy and senior fellow at t
56 Taiwan can play role in post-virus era, Wu says
57 GMF President: 'The coronavirus is accelerating many trends that were there before'
58 Royal Norwegian Embassy in Belgrade and BTD-GMF continue their support to civil society organizations in the Western Balkans
59 Facebook's Anti Misinformation Campaigns Are Failing Miserably, New Study Shows
60 Need to Know: October 13, 2020
61 Remarks to the Economic Club of New York (Hong Kong Excerpts)
62 Our Russia Fixation Is Devolving Into an Assault on Political Discourse
63 ChinaTalk: How the Party Takes its Propaganda Global
64 The tortoise of 21st-century great-power politics
65 Senior fellow of German Marshall Fund: Georgian democratic reforms will lead to NATO membership
66 On Facebook, Misinformation Is More Popular Now Than in 2016
67 Facebook Finally Bans All Holocaust Denial Content
68 EU-US alliance 'on life support' after four years of Trump
69 Secretary General launches NATO 2030 to make our strong Alliance even stronger
70 Pizza worker's lie caused strict COVID-19 lockdown in South Australia
71 Disinformation
72 Trump-Kim summit unlikely before US presidential election: US envoy
73 The rise of the foreign funds that distort western politics
74 Podcast: Laura Rosenberger on Chinese information operations
75 Authoritarian States Spent Over $300 million to Interfere in the Democratic Process of Dozens of Countries
76 Pompeo says US, EU working to resume trans-Atlantic travel
77 ELECTION 2020: War Profiteers, Chickenhawks & Consultants
78 Andrew Small
79 What Google and Facebook need to do to fight disinformation
80 10 things in tech you need to know today
81 NATO needs a new core task
82 Brexit: Views from Brussels, Berlin, Paris, and Warsaw
83 Microsoft says hackers tried to breach European think tanks and non-profit organizations
84 Political Attacks on Eastern Europe Watchdogs Compound Threats to Democracy
85 Developing the value of transatlantic defence industry cooperation
86 Could a digital New Deal rewrite tech policy?
87 Russia Strikes Back against Europe's Energy Union
88 Microsoft expands AccountGuard to 12 more countries in Europe
89 Don't lead Europe by triggering its fears
90 Janka Oertel
91 Pompeo skips Ankara, meets with Christian leader in final Turkey visit
92 No Easy Future
93 Mr. Kuleba comes to Washington
94 Secretary General praises NATO's Open Door policy at enlargement anniversary event
95 NATO Leadership to Gather in April for “NATO ENGAGES: The Alliance at 70” Hosted by the Atlantic Council, German Marshall Fund, Munich Security Conference
96 Columbia Basin Herald
97 France and NATO en route to the Warsaw Summit 2016 – A Look at the Challenges in the South
98 Pompeo says US ready to team up on China, but EU eyes a post-Trump world
99 Mnuchin Plans to Put $455 Billion Beyond Yellen's Easy Reach
100 Ezekiel Emanuel warns U.S. to prepare for second wave of COVID-19 at virtual PWH event