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Result Content Idea Research
1 Reviewed: The International Brigades by Giles Tremlett
2 The International Brigades: Magnificent and readable history
3 Historical examples are being misused
4 The International Brigades of Spain
5 Books: Warts-and-all portrait of the battlers for Spain's soul
6 The pain in Spain…
7 Hong Kong Update, Australian perspectives on misinformation, International Brigades and the Spanish civil war.
8 The International Brigades by Giles Tremlett review
9 International volunteers in the Spanish Civil War
10 NS Recommends: New books from Alec Marsh, Kadiatu Kanneh-Mason and Esther Woolfson
11 The International Brigades by Giles Tremlett review: the rag-tag army who took on Franco’s fascists
12 How the International Brigades were 'thrown into the heart of the fire'
13 Maggie O’Farrell and Dara McAnulty win Books Are My Bag awards
14 The International Brigades by Giles Tremlett review — the ragbag army fighting facism
15 Juan Carlos has fled Spain, but questions over his past will follow him
16 The International Brigades by Giles Tremlett review – fighting fascism in Spain
17 The tragic idealism of the International Brigades
18 How did Spain get its coronavirus response so wrong?
19 The rest of Europe views the UK's coronavirus plan with disbelief
20 Spain squashed coronavirus. Will British tourists undo all that hard work?
21 The conditions for a coronavirus spike in Spain were clear. Yet no one saw it coming
22 The contested legacy of the anti-fascist International Brigades
23 The heroes of Spain's civil war
24 Sánchez’s hubris has smashed Spain’s brittle politics into even smaller pieces
25 Operation Condor: the cold war conspiracy that terrorised South America
26 How a small Spanish town became one of Europe's worst Covid-19 hotspots
27 Tremlett wins £5k historical biography prize
28 Revealed: Soviet spies targeted George Orwell during Spanish civil war
29 US germ warfare research leads to new early Covid-19 test
30 14 Fun Facts About Princess Diana's Wedding | History
31 Why Madeleine McCann was never just another 'lost child' story
32 Hemingway at war: did the novelist's secret mission inspire For Whom the Bell Tolls?
33 Madrid feels the heat as the virus grips once more
34 New Evidence Suggests Soviets Surveilled George Orwell During Spanish Civil War
35 Giles Tremlett
36 Catalonia’s separatists were jailed for sedition, but brought down by hubris
37 Isabella of Castile by Giles Tremlett review – she fought and conquered
38 Yes, Spain should dig Franco up. But it must not bury the horror of his regime
39 Allegations over offshore funds swirl around Spain's former king
40 Fighting fascism—remembering the International Brigades
41 Podemos was the dazzling new force in Spanish politics. What went wrong?
42 Inside the bizarre, bungled raid on North Korea's Madrid embassy
43 Delay is deadly: what Covid-19 tells us about tackling the climate crisis
44 Boris Johnson defends Covid-19 quarantine for Spain returners
45 Rajoy is gone. Can Pedro Sánchez tackle the corruption plaguing Spain?
46 Who Was Isabella I Of Castile? And Was She Europe's Greatest Queen?
47 Eternal Fixation: The Madeleine McCann Disappearance Show
48 Madeleine McCann: German authorities 'ignored warnings over suspect'
49 The absurd history of British-Spanish rivalry, from Henry VIII to Gibraltar
50 Coronavirus: 26 March, at a glance
51 What exhuming Francisco Franco’s remains could mean for Spain
52 The shocking murder of Spain's most flamboyant politician | Giles Tremlett
53 Javier Cercas, Spanish author: to beat the fascists, we need to understand them
54 Voters are right to fear for their dying villages as Spain goes to the polls
55 Juan Carlos I was not Spain’s saviour
56 When Catherine of Aragon Led England's Armies to Victory Over Scotland
57 Eamon Duffy · The Unlikeliest Loophole: Catherine of Aragon · LRB 28 July 2011
58 Catalina: The Real History Of The Spanish Princess Favourite
59 Instant Opinion: Prince Harry and Meghan Markle are ‘nothing without gossip’
60 Adrift: How the World Lost Its Way by Amin Maalouf – review
61 Catalonia's regional election unlikely to heal bitter divisions
62 Final hours of Spanish poet Federico García Lorca revealed
63 Brexpat blues
64 Was Catherine Of Aragon A Virgin When She Married Henry VIII?
65 José Mujica: is this the world’s most radical president?
66 Corrections and clarifications
67 Your Guide To Catherine Of Aragon: Facts About Henry VIII's First Wife & Mother Of Mary I
68 Why did two parents murder their adopted child?
69 Morning mail: lockdowns on agenda, rapid testing approved, job losses increase
70 The Moor’s Last Stand and Blood and Faith review – the expulsion of Muslims from Spain
71 As prime minister, I refuse to let Catalan separatists undermine Spanish democracy
72 Spanish politicians are spinning the Catalan crisis to suit their own interests
73 Cultivating a workers’ paradise
74 A day of celebration or violence? Catalonia prepares for reckoning
75 Manchester City's plan for global domination | News
76 The Podemos revolution: how a small group of radical academics changed European politics
77 The Tories promised to give expats the vote last year. It was a whopper
78 If Britain ditches overseas holidays, we can eliminate coronavirus
79 Why Spain will block any attempt by Scotland to join the EU
80 Spanish elections: popular leftwing politician forms new party
81 Manchester City's plan for global domination – podcast | News
82 The millionaire who rescues migrants at sea
83 Our pick of the latest paperbacks | Saturday Review
84 Spain's King Juan Carlos is engulfed in scandal
85 Catalan separatists prepare for war of attrition against Madrid
86 How the arrest of Catalan separatists has aided their cause
87 The next Elena Ferrante? The best European fiction coming your way
88 Why Spain’s King looked to replicate Queen during last year on throne
89 Total US Covid-19 cases outstrip China, Italy and Spain
90 BBC World Service
91 The female gaze through 70 years of Magnum | Giles Tremlett
92 “Two Catalonias”'s Pact of Forgetting
93 Will the UK lose Gibraltar?
94 Alcanar: the coastal idyll where young militants hatched Barcelona plot
95 How Madrid Became the Laboratory for Spanish Thatcherism
96 Catherine of Aragon, One 'Quietly Fierce' Queen
97 First thing: Trump's current and former defense secretaries oppose his threats of force
98 King Juan Carlos's reign in Spain ends amid falling popularity and bungling
99 Sound of the suburbs
100 HuffPo’s new chief on the ‘post social’ mobile era