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1 Are Giraffes Doomed to Be Struck by Lightning Because of Their Height?
2 Lightning killed 2 giraffes in South Africa: Were they doomed by their height?
3 Hattiesburg Zoo delays giraffe, hyena exhibits opening to spring 2021
4 Zoo reschedules giraffe and hyena exhibits for spring of 2021
5 Is Another Animal Adventure Giraffe Pregnant? Park Thinks So
6 Calf Watch: A baby giraffe could be on its way at Animal Adventure Park
7 South Africa has the world's worst youth unemployment. This job-matching site wants to change that
8 Who Is Giraffe on 'The Masked Singer'? Fans Are 100% Confident They Know
9 Giraffe watch 2020? New York zoo home to April the Giraffe anticipates another birth
10 Disney’s Animal Kingdom welcomes a new baby giraffe
11 Winning bidder will get to name baby giraffe born Sunday at Sacramento Zoo
12 Animal Adventure Park anticipating another baby giraffe birth
13 Who Is the Giraffe on 'The Masked Singer' Season 4?
14 Digital Safari: Are giraffes mute?
15 Giraffe found dead with fractured skull 'may have died from lightning as a result of height'
16 Giraffes are being considered for 'endangered' species status
17 Giraffes Are Basically Fuzzy Lightning Rods, New Research Suggests
18 ‘Pongo,’ A Zoo Miami Giraffe, Undergoes Procedure To Repair Fractures
19 Sacramento Zoo Welcomes Newborn Giraffe With Auction To Pick Name
20 The horn-like knobs on a giraffe's head can be a deadly lightning rod
21 Down to Earth: Kenyan Community Nurses Orphaned Baby Giraffe
22 Exclusive video of Sac Zoo's 3-day old giraffe
23 Zoo Miami giraffe undergoes successful series of procedures
24 Too tall to live: Death of two giraffes by lightning strike suggests increased height risk
25 Second endangered Masai giraffe calf welcomed at the Columbus Zoo
26 Jeanie Buss fires up Lakers fans ahead of Game 4 with LeBron James giraffes
27 2,000-pound giraffe put under anesthesia to treat foot injuries
28 The Fort Wayne Kid's Zoo welcomes new baby giraffe
29 Louisville Zoo saddened by the loss of 23-year-old giraffe Malaika
30 How do giraffes and elephants alter the African Savanna landscape?
31 Male giraffe at Abilene Zoo dies from complication due to bladder stones
32 Columbus Zoo shares adorable video of giraffe calf doing zoomies
33 Even giraffes are getting down and elephants are boogying to the Jerusalema challenge!
34 Zuri, a 17-year-old reticulated giraffe at the Phoenix Zoo, has died due to ongoing health issues
35 Zimbabwe's Rescued Wildlife Joins Jerusalema Dance Challenge
36 WATCH: Elephants, Giraffes Join In The Jerusalema Dance Challenge
37 Congo the giraffe celebrates 16th birthday at Nashville Zoo
38 A Family in Karachi Keeps Two Giraffes As Pets In Their House, Twitter Calls it 'Animal Cruelty' | Watch
39 Another one! Zoo Knoxville reveals second baby giraffe on the way
40 Sac Zoo Auction: Name the Baby Giraffe!
41 The big picture: a giraffe in Tokyo
42 ‘The Masked Singer’ preview trailer: Say hello to Sun, Giraffe, Popcorn and Dragon ahead of Wednesday’s premiere [WATCH]
43 WATCH: Elephants, Giraffes In Harare Sanctuary Join 'Jerusalema' Challenge |
44 The zookeeper having a giraffe with her tattoos
45 23-year-old giraffe, Malaika, dies at Louisville Zoo
46 Is Giraffe on the Masked Singer Peyton Manning? Travis Barker?
47 Barn Hill Preserve names baby giraffe T’Challa after ‘Black Panther’ character
48 Revealed after 30 years: why a dead giraffe's final journey was on the A19
49 Fresno Chaffee Zoo begins construction on 'Kingdoms of Asia' exhibit
50 Photos of the Week: Buffalo Dip, Giraffe Calf, Winter Wallaby
51 Reward set for return of giraffe stolen in St. Louis
52 How to tell if a giraffe is male or female
53 The 'Jerusalema' Dance Challenge Is Now Getting Elephants And...
54 Get an exclusive first look at the Giraffe from 'The Masked Singer' season 4
55 The Last Giraffes on Earth
56 Biking monkeys, smiley fish and photo-bombing giraffes: these are the funniest wildlife photos of 2020
57 New tower proposal at site of rejected 'Giraffe Condos' project gets spotty reviews
58 Zoo Miami giraffe immobilized to treat pain
59 Homeowner films giraffe toy falling after asking 'spirits to knock it over'
60 'Masked Singer' Fans Are Certain Giraffe Is Former NFL Quarterback Peyton Manning
61 KWS to the rescue of animals marooned on disappearing island
62 Who Is the Giraffe on 'The Masked Singer'? Fans Think They're From 'Hamilton'
63 Heidi Klum looks sensational as she models black and white giraffe print pantsuit by Valentino
64 2 Rare White Giraffes Slaughtered by Poachers in Kenya
65 Question & Answer Session On Upcoming 'Magic of Disney's Animal Kingdom' Coming to Disney Plus Friday
66 Cover Reveal: 'Free to Be Elephant Me'
67 Wild times: Toledo Zoo aims for safe, socially distant fun
68 Meet Forest, the tallest giraffe in the world
69 Giraffe Trade in the US Has Caused 40 Percent Population Decline
70 ‘The Masked Singer’ Season 4 costumes: Your first look at Dragon, Giraffe, Popcorn, Snow Owls, Squiggly Monster and Sun
71 100km from Riyadh: the African-style safari resort now open for overnight stays in Saudi Arabia
72 Human presence weakens social relationships of wild giraffes
73 Human presence weakens social relationships of giraffe
74 What are the secrets of the giraffe? Candid Animal Cam meets the tallest land animal on earth
75 Fun facts about Chattanooga Zoo's new giraffes
76 Should a giraffe wear its tie at the top or bottom? Don't answer too quickly...
77 Inside London Zoo during lockdown as rare ‘African Unicorn’ prepares to give birth
78 Santa Barbara Zoo Staff Mourns Death of Newborn Giraffe
79 A bold plan to save Africa's shrinking giraffe herds
80 Animal Adventure Park celebrates both dads and giraffes
81 Floyd, San Francisco Zoo's Oldest Giraffe, Dies at Age 18
82 Honolulu Zoo welcomes new ohana, two endangered giraffes named Neeliz and Sandi
83 Endangered Masai giraffe calf born at The Wilds
84 Here's the right way to move a group of giraffes
85 Australia Zoo welcomes adorable baby giraffes
86 Chattanooga Zoo's new giraffes mark rise in profile that was a long time coming
87 New documentary premiering in Manhattan examines the ‘Jane Goodall of giraffes’
88 ‘Wild’ and ‘Waiting for Giraffes’ Review: Where Survival Is a Struggle
89 See video of the new baby giraffe at Busch Gardens
90 New maps show where giraffes live — mostly outside protected areas
91 Guests can now see the Columbus Zoo’s new baby giraffe
92 Hattiesburg Zoo construction: The giraffes are coming. Here's a look at what's being built
93 Wilds Celebrates Birth of Masai Giraffe
94 Are 90% of giraffes gay – or have their loving looks been misunderstood?
95 Newborn giraffe calf dies at Santa Barbara Zoo
96 Two giraffes fight ‘neck to neck,’ literally. It’s a sight to behold, watch
97 Giraffe's unique anatomy sets it apart in the animal kingdom
98 New baby giraffe Sierra joins to Six Flags Great Adventure's drive-thru safari
99 8 Dead After Attack in a Wildlife Reserve in Niger
100 Giraffes and more are coming to Hattiesburg Zoo. Here’s a look at new $3.4M expansion.