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Result Content Idea Research
1 GitHub: Python and TypeScript gain popularity among programming languages
2 GitHub is forcing Microsoft to deal with thorny controversies two years after acquisition
3 GitHub's source code was leaked on GitHub last night... sort of
4 GitHub Reinstates youtube-dl After RIAA's Abuse of the DMCA
5 Github Releases Catalyst to Ease the Development of Web Components in Complex Applications
6 GitHub fixes 'high severity' security flaw spotted by Google
7 GitHub expands open source archive program into three key libraries
8 Open source software security vulnerabilities exist for over four years before detection
9 GitHub launches literate programming environment nbdev
10 Buildkite Tightens CI/CD Integration With GitHub
11 GitHub and Microsoft review finds Imperial COVID-19 modelling 'most accurate' | Imperial News
12 GitHub Actions platform vulnerable to code injection attacks – research
13 Microsoft: New VS Code update is out – plus here's what GitHub Codespaces will cost
14 Buildkite Expands Integration with GitHub, Introduces New Workflows
15 Google spills beans on severe Github security flaw
16 Gitpaste-12: A dozen exploits that silently lived on GitHub, attacked Linux servers
17 GitHub home page down after apparent SSL fail
18 Why GitHub renamed its master branch to main
19 Data vizualization tool Observable is like GitHub for graphs
20 GitHub archives open-source 'greatest hits' in four locations around the world
21 US: Archivists' Victory over Overbroad Copyright Claim
22 GitHub accounts now integrated into Visual Studio 2019
23 GitHub shares 'greatest hits' open source repositories with historic libraries
24 Reverse shell botnet Gitpaste-12 spreads via GitHub and Pastebin
25 German Startup’s “AI Expert Roadmap” Gets 3.5k GitHub Stars
26 Optimum Developer Productivity – GitHub + Visual Studio Code + Azure | Azure DevOps Blog
27 Global Version Control Hosting Software Market Top Key Vendores: GitHub, GitLab, Bitbucket, Jfrog, Assembla etc.
28 Himax Ultralow Power WE-I Plus Endpoint AI Development Board available at SparkFun to enable AI everywhere
29 Quickly find and use a GitHub URL example
30 ‘Evil Man’: GitHub archive of gendered violence in China goes viral on social media
31 GitHub Reinstates youtube-dl, Commits to New Policies for Protecting Developers
32 Amazon, Codefresh, GitHub, Microsoft, and Weaveworks launch the GitOps Working Group
33 Global Online Collaboration Tools Market Top Players Analysis By 2026: Time Doctor, Slack, Invision, Google Drive, Asana, Trello, Basecamp, Zoho Projects, GitHub, Gitlab etc.
34 GitHub expands open source archive effort into three key libraries
35 MSFT X GITHUB: Cruft Thereof
36 Brazil’s Health Ministry Password Leak: President Bolsonaro and 16M COVID-19 Patients’ Records Exposed Onl
37 Weekly threat roundup: VMware, GitHub, Facebook, and MobileIron
38 Catalyst Welcomes Sha Ma as VP of Engineering
39 Github fixes high security flaw reported by Google Project Zero three months ago
40 AWS Announces the Next Version of Amazon Aurora Serverless, a New Capability that Makes it Easier to Migrate from SQL Server to Amazon Aurora, and an Open Source Project to Help More Organizations Leave SQL Server for PostgreSQL
41 Four Startups Win Inaugural Microsoft Emerge X Pitch Competition in APAC
42 Quickly publish GitHub Actions artifacts example
43 Why scientists are turning to Rust
44 GitHub is now free for all teams
45 GitHub gets a built-in IDE with Codespaces, discussion forums and more
46 Top 9 Best Open Source Forum Software to Self Host [2020]
47 GitHub went down for two hours, affecting thousands of software developers
48 OpenZFS 2.0 release unifies Linux, BSD and adds tons of new features
49 China is building a GitHub alternative called Gitee
50 GitHub starts publishing a public roadmap
51 GitHub to replace 'master' with 'main' starting next month
52 Microsoft Threatens to Ban GitHub Users Reposting YouTube-DL Code
53 GitHub Delivers on Code Scanning Promise
54 How to use Jenkins with Ant to build your Java apps
55 Microsoft Teams will now integrate with GitHub to help you manage developer projects
56 Google: Here's how much we give to open source through our GitHub activity
57 GitHub to replace master with main starting in October: What developers need to do now
58 GitHub for mobile update eases coding on the small screen
59 What is GitHub? The Open-Source Code Sharing & Publishing Service Explained
60 GitHub officially releases GitHub CLI 1.0
61 How to build with Jenkins, Docker and Ant with a Jenkinsfile pipeline example
62 Microsoft's GitHub: CLI 1.0 is out, so you can now do GitHub tasks from the terminal
63 GitHub: Now our built-in bug checker gets these third-party code-scanning tools
64 GitHub to replace "master" with alternative term to avoid slavery references
65 New GitHub Repositories Default to Main Branch
66 GitHub Tool Spots Security Vulnerabilities in Code
67 GitHub envisions a world with fewer software vulnerabilities
68 GitHub Code Scanning Is out of Beta
69 ZenHub’s new automation tools improve developer hand-offs in GitHub
70 How to push a new project to GitHub
71 OpenJDK Completes Migration to GitHub
72 Application Development Software Market SWOT Analysis, by Key Players: AppSheet, Google Cloud Platform, GitHub, Zoho Creator, Azure, IntelliJ IDEA, Snappii Custom Mobile Apps, Twilio Platform, Datadog Cloud Monitoring, Axure RP, Joget Workflow, GitLab, Alice, King of App, SAP HANA Cloud Platform
73 RIAA blitz takes down 18 GitHub projects used for downloading YouTube videos
74 GitHub Expands Scanning to Find Security Flaws in Code
75 GitHub places its archived data underground in cold storage
76 GitHub Availability Report: Monthly Report Examining Incidents
77 GitHub's new repository homepage design: Give us back the old version, say developers
78 Git Becomes 15: Q&A with GitHub and GitLab
79 GitHub just buried a giant open-source archive in an Arctic vault for 1,000 years
80 GitHub boots popular YouTube download tool after RIAA claim
81 Google to GitHub: Time's up – this unfixed 'high-severity' security bug affects developers
82 9 GitHub Repositories Found Leaking Health Data from Over 150K Patients
83 OpenJDK Migrates to GitHub
84 GitHub CLI Reaches 1.0, Enables Scripting CI/CD Workflows
85 GitHub took down popular YouTube downloader — so devs made more copies
86 The Github youtube-dl Takedown Isn't Just a Problem of American Law
87 GitHub Super Linter Helps Developers Ensure No Broken Code Is Ever Merged
88 Microsoft's new Fluid Framework: Now it's open-sourced on GitHub
89 Decrypted: How Twitter was hacked, GitHub DMCA backfires
90 The Schism at the Heart of the Open-Source Movement
91 The trendy five: April 2020 open source GitHub repos entertain during lock-down
92 Malware Attack on GitHub Repositories a Disturbing Development for Open Source Projects
93 GitHub's New Command Line Tool Goes GA -- ADTmag
94 Software Documentation Tools Market Size And Forecast (2020-2026)| With Post Impact Of Covid-19 By Top Leading,ProProfs,GitHub,DocuWare,Atlassian,StepShot,ClickHelp,Process Street,Paligo,Docusaurus
95 Checkmarx provides automated security scans within GitHub repositories
96 GitHub Public Roadmap Will Give Users More Visibility into Upcoming Features
97 Microsoft's GitHub: Now open-source developers get 'one linter to rule them all'
98 GitHub Actions gets new enterprise-grade features
99 GitHub tucked mounds of data into Norwegian mountain for 1,000 years
100 GitHub takes Visual Studio Code online