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Result Content Idea Research
1 How to use GitHub Actions secrets to hide your tokens and passwords
2 GitHub fixes 'high severity' security flaw spotted by Google
3 GitHub Actions platform vulnerable to code injection attacks – research
4 Applitools announces integrations with GitHub Actions and Microsoft Visual Studio App Center
5 Google to GitHub: Time's up – this unfixed 'high-severity' security bug affects developers
6 Applitools integrates with Microsoft, GitHub, and GitHub Actions
7 Quick example of how to publish GitHub Actions artifacts
8 Considering Automation? Read What This Engineering Director Has to Say First.
9 Full GitHub Actions environment variables list for YAML build workflow scripts
10 Google spills beans on severe Github security flaw
11 Buildkite Tightens CI/CD Integration With GitHub
12 GitHub finally fixes 'high' severity security flaw reported by Google Project Zero
13 Applitools casts robot eye on apps through Github and Microsoft Visual Studio • DEVCLASS
14 GitHub agrees RIAA claim is bunk, restores popular YouTube download tool
15 GitHub Actions gets new enterprise-grade features
16 Software accelerating to daily or hourly releases, but automation not keeping pace
17 GitHub Actions API Released into Public Beta
18 Inserting security in Github pull requests! — Part 2 (using Github Actions)
19 Announcing Polaris support for GitHub Actions
20 GitHub Actions introduces ability to share runners within organizations
21 Automation of GitHub tasks with serverless actions
22 Lightstep Announces New GitHub Action, Bringing Observability Data Directly to GitHub to Avoid Problematic Code Deploys
23 Google announces serious flaws in GitHub
24 GitHub Actions Facilitate MLOps on Repositories
25 Veracode Streamlines AppSec Workflows for Developers with New GitHub Action
26 GitHub Actions | Visual Studio Toolbox | Channel 9
27 news digest: GitHub Actions improvements, Django 3.1 released, and Flutter's web support
28 GitHub Open-Sources A Series Of GitHub Actions For Automating ML Workflow
29 Aqua's Trivy Now Available as a GitHub Action
30 Deploying to Azure with GitHub Actions | The DevOps Lab | Channel 9
31 GitHub can now squash even more code bugs before release
32 ARM Series #11: GitHub Actions | The DevOps Lab | Channel 9
33 This Week In Security: In The Wild, Through Your NAT, And Brave
34 DevOps for ASP.NET Developers: GitHub Actions
35 Push deploy a Laravel app for free with GitHub Actions
36 Checkmarx provides automated security scans within GitHub repositories
37 How to put GitHub Actions to work for your software team
38 GitHub Actions goes full stack: How to put it to work for your software team
39 GitHub: Now our built-in bug checker gets these third-party code-scanning tools
40 GitHub Actions moves GitHub into DevOps
41 DefenseCode's SAST ThunderScan solution now available as a GitHub Action
42 Synopsys adds GitHub Action for SAST and SCA
43 GitHub launches Actions, its workflow automation tool
44 GitHub is now free for all teams
45 GitHub CEO Denies Source Code Hack Claims
46 Azure DevOps Lab- Terraform using GitHub Actions
47 Use GitHub Actions to deploy code to Azure
48 Azure Updates: DevTest Labs; Microsoft Build; Security; GitHub Actions
49 GitHub gets API, connects issues and pull requests • DEVCLASS
50 Microsoft Advances DevOps Agenda
51 GitHub starts publishing a public roadmap
52 GitHub's Super Linter is 'one linter to rule them all'
53 GitHub for Your Octopus Deploy | The DevOps Lab | Channel 9
54 GitHub Expands Scanning to Find Security Flaws in Code
55 DevOps productivity series — GitHub for DevSecOps
56 news digest: Lightstep announces new GitHub Actions, Gitpod adds native integration with GitLab, and Xamarin.Essentials 1.6 preview
57 GitHub adds code scanning for security bugs
58 Aviso Launches 2020 State of Virtual Selling Research Report and Closes Additional Funding
59 Morning update on US election security from CISA. Snowden applies for Russian citizenship; Brovko gets 8 years for conspiracy.
60 GitHub Mobile launches for iOS, GitHub Actions moves to GA
61 Anchore Brings Container Security to the Masses With GitHub Actions
62 CISOs need to think like criminal and act like custodian: Airtel CTO
63 GitHub envisions a world with fewer software vulnerabilities
64 GitHub Actions Advances Automation Strategy
65 GitHub Actions Narrows Focus on CI/CD (But Remains Beta)
66 GitHub gets a built-in IDE with Codespaces, discussion forums and more
67 Microsoft's VS Code 1.45 is out: GitHub integration plus JavaScript debugger update
68 Microsoft's GitHub: Now open-source developers get 'one linter to rule them all'
69 GitHub revs up Enterprise Server, hits handhelds as it shuffles betas
70 Cyber frauds in India may go up in 2021: Kaspersky
71 GitHub shakes up DevOps space, adds CI/CD to GitHub Actions
72 Why not open our own Container Registry, muses GitHub as it gives orgs a hand at resource-sharing
73 New Accurics App Gives GitHub Users New Code Scanning Feature
74 GitHub Super Linter Helps Developers Ensure No Broken Code Is Ever Merged
75 GitHub CEO apologises as repo service nods off..again • DEVCLASS
76 GitHub's code vulnerability scanning tool now generally available
77 GitHub roadmap reveals feature plans and timelines
78 GitHub Code Scanning Is out of Beta
79 GitHub hit with multiple back-to-back outages
80 GitHub's Actions Challenge Traditional CI Vendors
81 GitHub Delivers on Code Scanning Promise
82 How to Run Automated Lighthouse Audits on WordPress Changes
83 Accurics Enables Self-healing Infrastructure with GitHub App
84 Low-code updates in Power Platform for GitHub and Azure are now in preview
85 GitHub Opens Free Plan to Unlimited Collaborators on Private Repositories
86 20 GitHub Projects Getting Popular During COVID-19
87 MLOps feature dive: CI/CD with GitHub Actions
88 Using GitHub Actions to Deploy to Azure | The DevOps Lab
89 GitHub announces archive program, mobile experience and improved code search at GitHub Universe
90 Ahmad Awais Launches Script to Automatically Deploy WordPress Plugin Updates
91 Formerly a Proprietary 'Evil Empire,' Microsoft Shows Off Embrace of Open Source
92 Developers welcome major overhaul to GitHub's support documentation
93 Mabl integrates web app testing with GitHub, Bitbucket workflows
94 How to use PowerShell in CI/CD pipelines
95 GitHub adds CodeQL scanning for security bugs
96 news digest: Git 2.28.0, Kotlin 1.4.0-RC, and's VSM partner program
97 Visual Studio Codespaces Is Now GitHub Codespaces
98 Sonatype Delivers Premium Open Source Controls to GitHub Users
99 TWC9: GitHub Actions Get CI/CD, New VS Code, Windows Terminal Updates, Retro Video Games and more
100 ARM Series #8: Linked and Nested Templates | The DevOps Lab