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1 GitHub preserves its open-source software code deep in the arctic for future generations
2 GitHub is done depositing its open source codes in the Arctic
3 GitHub's Plan to Freeze Your Code for Thousands of Years
4 GitHub just buried a giant open-source archive in an Arctic vault for 1,000 years
5 GitHub Wants To Preserve Codes Forever With Archive Program
6 Ask Hackaday: Why Did GitHub Ship All Our Software Off To The Arctic?
7 GitHub's Arctic Archive
8 GitHub Hopes Arctic Vault Can Save Open Source Code in Apocalypse
9 GitHub enters the next phase of storing code at the Arctic Code Vault
10 Chinese Users Turned GitHub into a Land of Free Covid Speech
11 A Staggering 21TB of Source Code Were Just Buried in The Arctic For an Unknown Future
12 Hindi user guide, film with barcode: Github is archiving code for a thousand years
13 GitHub will store all of its public open source code in an Arctic vault
14 GitHub launches Arctic Code Vault to preserve open source software for 1,000 years
15 GitHub will store code near North Pole for 1000 years
16 Bitcoin Codebase Preserved for 1,000 Years in Archive Under Arctic Ice
17 Project to Protect Open Source Codes for 1000 Years from GitHub
18 GitHub Universe 2019: GitHub for mobile, GitHub Archive Program and more announced amid protests against GitHub’s ICE contract
19 The GitHub code vault
20 GitHub announces archive program, mobile experience and improved code search at GitHub Universe
21 Buried deep in the ice is the GitHub code vault — humanity's safeguard against devastation
22 Microsoft storing world’s open source GitHub code in Norwegian archive vault for the next millennium
23 Terabytes of data were buried in the Arctic. We ask the person in charge, why?
24 GitHub Aims to Make Open Source Code Apocalypse-Proof in Arctic Vault
25 A time capsule of computer code is buried deep in the Arctic
26 In China, GitHub Is a Free Speech Zone for Covid Data
27 Microsoft Preserves Critical Open Source Code In A Doomsday Arctic Bunker
28 Bitcoin codes will be preserved in the North Pole for exactly 1000 years
29 Open Source Code Will Survive the Apocalypse in an Arctic Cave
30 Open source code to be preserved for 1 000 years
31 The benefits of Continuous Integration and Delivery
32 This week in storage, featuring Nexsan and GitHub's Arctic rolls
33 KryptoCibule: The multitasking multicurrency cryptostealer
34 Ask Our Readers: Brave browser, cryptic crypto wallets, Daaps — Help!
35 Microsoft to developers: These are our biggest and best open-source projects
36 GitHub Universe 2019 Announced Github For Mobile and Much More
37 GitHub gets a built-in IDE with Codespaces, discussion forums and more
38 GitHub's Archive function preserves old repos for future forks
39 Introduction To GitHub For Aspiring Data Scientists
40 Canadian Colleges & Universities Join Microsoft to Bolster Cloud Skills and Support Economic Recovery
41 Top 75 SaaS Companies 2020
42 GPT-3 Obsession, Python Reigns Supreme And More In This Week's Top AI News
43 Malware in GitHub-hosted projects crafted to spread to open-source devs
44 Microsoft has a bundle that expands the capabilities of Windows 10 — it's worth installing
45 Major League Hacking, GitHub Seek 100 Coding Interns
46 Formerly a Proprietary 'Evil Empire,' Microsoft Shows Off Embrace of Open Source
47 A student created a computer program that tells you when an Amazon Fresh or Whole Foods delivery slot opens up
48 Open Source Software Deleted? A Code Archive Could Help
49 GitHub Student Developer Pack Now Features 100-Plus Tools
50 Goldman Sachs is planning on giving some of its most valuable software to Wall Street for free
51 Everyone loves the coronapocalypse
52 Hacker claims to have breached Microsoft's GitHub private repos
53 The Indian spice in GitHub's recipe for enterprise success
54 Microsoft Launches Online Retraining Program
55 Synopsys adds GitHub Action for SAST and SCA
56 Challenge to scientists: does your ten-year-old code still run?
57 Will Bitcoin & Ethereum Will Be Around for a Long Time? The Case for & Against
58 Engadget The Morning After
59 GitHub Is Burying Bitcoin Code Inside an Arctic Mountain to Journey Out the Subsequent 1000 Years
60 Oral histories, websites, maps: Documenting a pandemic in real time
61 Reposition any program's window to the center of the screen with Window Centering Helper
62 Detentions, Site Closures Hit Archives of Censored COVID Content
63 Automated Coding and the Future of Programming
64 Microsoft Employees Call for an End to GitHub’s ICE Contract
65 China Says It Contained COVID-19. Now It Fights To Control The Story
66 GitHub to change ‘master’ and ‘slave’ coding terms deemed as ‘oppressive metaphors,’ racially ‘inappropriate’
67 Employees demand Microsoft cut GitHub's ICE contract
68 4 Reasons Why Collaboration Software Fails
69 Spydish: quickly check Windows 10 Group Policy privacy settings
70 How to support open-source software and stay sane
71 Minimize any program to the system tray with MinimizeToTray
72 TorSwarm is an open source BitTorrent downloader which is in early development
73 18 Interior Design Software Programs to Download in 2020
74 Reclaim privacy on Windows 10 with new Debotnet tool
75 DMCA Takedown Issued Over Casio Code That Wasn't
76 The Quantum App Store Is Coming
77 Microsoft open sources MS-DOS again, this time on GitHub
78 It's Time to Take GitHub Threats Seriously
79 Exclusive: Kushner Firm Built the Coronavirus Website Trump Promised
80 Superpaper is an advanced wallpaper app for Windows and Linux with unique features
81 GitHub Sponsor Beta Program
82 #OSSummit: Don't Ignore GitHub Security Alerts
83 This AI Could Bring Us Computers That Can Write Their Own Software
84 ACCREx: ACCRE's Experimental Technologies Program | ACCRE
85 Microsoft mirrors MS-DOS on GitHub
86 SpaceChain Foundation Invests In Core Semiconductor To Produce Open Hardware Platform For Direct Satellite-To-Devices Communication
87 Microsoft Acquisition of GitHub Sparks Debate on the Future of Open Source
88 April Fools, Celebrity Scams, & Manipulated Markets: Bad Crypto News of the Week
89 ParamSpider: New tool helps in the discovery of URL parameter vulnerabilities
90 Alibaba Cloud releases machine learning algorithm platform on GitHub
91 More evil: A deep look at Evilnum and its toolset
92 Smithsonian Open Access Puts 2.8 Million Images in the Public Domain
93 IBM scrambles to find or train more COBOL programmers to help states
94 How to use the Kubernetes C# client library
95 Irish 'Sunscreen' Protects Europe's Sun-Bound Spacecraft
96 'Next-Gen' Supply Chain Attacks Surge 430%
97 Carnegie Mellon is Saving Old Software from Oblivion
98 Basic Will Never Die: Microsoft Open Sources GW-BASIC
99 Crypto Insider Says Flash Loans Threaten DeFi As Hackers Steal Nearly $1 Million in Ethereum (ETH)
100 Libre Hardware Monitor is a fork of Open Hardware Monitor and offers some extra functionality