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Result Content Idea Research
1 GitHub's Move Away From Passwords: A Sign Of Things To Come?
2 GitHub to replace 'master' with 'main' starting next month
3 Why not open our own Container Registry, muses GitHub as it gives orgs a hand at resource-sharing • DEVCLASS
4 Exploit code for 'Zerologon' bug impacting Windows Netlogon Remote Protocol published on Github
5 Security Assertion Markup Language Saml Authentication Market Size Development Trends, Competitive Landscape And Key Regions 2026 Gemalto Nv; Ping Identity; Amazon Web Services, Inc.; Microsoft
6 Low-code updates in Power Platform for GitHub and Azure are now in preview
7 New for Blazor: Azure Static Web Apps Support
8 YubiKey 5C NFC hands-on: How this tiny gadget keeps your online accounts super-secure
9 JetBrains fires up TeamCity 2020.2 with early adopters scheme in mind • DEVCLASS
10 Building a serverless document scanner using Amazon Textract and AWS Amplify
11 GitHub changes plans, while users are targets of phishing campaign
12 VS Code 1.45 speeds up syntax highlighting and supports GitHub authentication
13 Introducing mutual TLS authentication for Amazon API Gateway
14 Microsoft Authenticator (Beta) update (6.2009.6407) – App Lock is now enabled by default
15 Microsoft's VS Code 1.45 is out: GitHub integration plus JavaScript debugger update
16 Microsoft removed 18 Azure AD apps used by Chinese state-sponsored hacker group
17 Databases, cloud storage, and more at risk from exposed access keys
18 GitHub users targeted by Sawfish phishing campaign
19 Enabling Distributed Tracing for Microservices With Jaeger in Kubernetes
20 US CISA describes Chinese MSS cyber collection techniques. Two-factor bypass. Access keys exposed during software development.
21 Popular password manager could have a critical vulnerability
22 Keep Calm and Secure Your CI/CD Pipeline
23 Senior Software Engineer, Operations job with The RealReal Inc. | 146476
24 Pastebin adds 'Burn After Read' and 'Password Protected Pastes' to the dismay of the infosec community
25 WD ArmorLock SSD does away with passwords and PINs – Blocks and Files
26 Dgraph Labs Now Available on Auth0 Marketplace
27 Automatically Detect and Rehash Passwords
28 Using open source FHIR APIs with FHIR Works on AWS
29 Medical Data Leaked on GitHub Due to Developer Errors
30 GitHub users being hit with credential stealing phishing messages
31 Uploading to Amazon S3 directly from a web or mobile application
32 Django two-factor authentication plugin stored passwords in plain text
33 Federated multi-account access for AWS CodeCommit
34 6 Tips Before You Start Using Istio | by Juan M. Tirado | Better Programming | Sep, 2020
35 Hackers stole GitHub and GitLab OAuth tokens from Git analytics firm Waydev
36 Medical Data Leaks Linked to Hardcoded Credentials in Code
37 9 GitHub Repositories Found Leaking Health Data from Over 150K Patients
38 How to push a new project to GitHub
39 Microsoft Buries All GitHub Open-Source Projects in the Arctic
40 How to add GitHub support to Jenkins
41 GitHub announces wider array of 2FA options, including security keys and biometrics
42 Four Case Studies for Implementing Real-Time APIs
43 Voice Phishers Target Employees, Access VPNs and Bypass OTP Authentication!
44 GitHub now supports two-factor authentication with security keys using the WebAuthn API
45 AWS leak exposes passwords, private keys on GitHub
46 Google spares npm users' blushes with Wombat Dressing Room
47 GitHub announces Codespaces: In-browser instant dev environment
48 Black Hat 2020: xGitGuard uses AI to detect inadvertently exposed data on GitHub
49 GitHub warns Java developers of new malware poisoning NetBeans projects
50 Best security keys in 2020: Hardware-based two-factor authentication for online protection
51 Hacker gains access to a small number of Microsoft's private GitHub repos
52 GitHub revs up Enterprise Server, hits handhelds as it shuffles betas
53 GitHub integrates WebAuthn protocol for biometric authentication
54 How to use GitHub in Chrome OS
55 How to Do GitHub API Authentication Using OAuth 2.0
56 Microsoft Introduces App Service Static Web Apps in Preview at Build 2020
57 Microsoft's GitHub Acquires npm
58 GitHub adds hardware-based authentication for developers
59 GitHub joins WebAuthn club
60 WebAuthn + GitHub
61 GitHub Takes Aim at Open Source Software Vulnerabilities
62 Microsoft: 150 million people are using passwordless logins each month
63 VMware Bug Can Lead to Authentication Bypass
64 Google releases new open-source two-factor authentication security key platform
65 Azure AD and applications: From creation to improved security
66 Remote coding with Visual Studio Live Share and GitHub
67 GitHub Acquiring npm Inc Shows The Importance Of JavaScript Ecosystem
68 GitHub Enterprise Server 2.20 – free access via Microsoft for Startups
69 GitHub leaks exposed up to 200,000 medical records: 4 details
70 Six Reasons Why ForgeRock SDKs Make Sense
71 news digest: Npm officially joins GitHub, Cloudflare Workers supports COBOL, and CLion 2020.1
72 Amid COVID-19, VS Code 1.45 Boosts Remote Development, in Preview
73 Fraud alert: Voice authentication platform analyzes 1,380 data points per call
74 Two-factor authentication helps but isn't as secure as you might expect
75 Apple WebKit engineers unveil proposal to make SMS one-time passcodes more secure
76 GitGuardian raises $12 million to find sensitive data hidden in online code
77 Netlify Unlocks Jamstack for Enterprise Websites and Web Applications with Support for Self-Hosted Git Repositories and New Pricing Options
78 Refactoring GitHub OctoKit JavaScript REST SDK for Maintainability and Modularization
79 Google: Here come 11 new security features across Gmail, Meet and Chat
80 Ionic Capacitor 2 Improves Mobile Authentication and Cross-Domain HTTPS
81 Google open-sources tool to boost 2FA adoption in npm
82 The Value of IFTTT for Smart Home Integration and the Issues Raised with the Introduction of IFTTT Pro
83 GitHub provides more visibility into upcoming releases with public roadmap
84 GitHub Super Linter built to maintain consistency in documentation and code
85 GitHub Employee Resigns Over Company's Contract with ICE
86 GitHub for Mobile Lands – While Owner Microsoft Eyes Tighter OSS Security
87 Critical Windows 10 vulnerability used to Rickroll the NSA and Github
88 WeWork Developers Exposed Contracts and Customer Data on GitHub
89 Use the Jenkins OAuth plug-in to securely pull from GitHub
90 news digest: GitHub Actions improvements, Django 3.1 released, and Flutter's web support
91 Using AWS CodeDeploy and AWS CodePipeline to Deploy Applications to Amazon Lightsail
92 Squid patches security flaws in HTTP digest authentication
93 The SQL Server and Azure SQL Connector for Apache Spark is now available on GitHub
94 GitLab fixes XSS, auth issues. Plus: Want help with an MFA reset? Paying customers only
95 DeepSource breach: Code analysis firm resets user login credentials after employee GitHub account compromise
96 Hardening code reviews on GitHub Enterprise repositories with Amazon CodeGuru
97 How a Facebook Bug Took Down Spotify, TikTok, and Other Major iOS Apps
98 IntelliJ IDEA 2020.2 adds ability to review and merge GitHub pull requests
99 VS Code 1.45 brings UI accessibility updates and more
100 New Ambassador Edge Stack Capability Accelerates Cloud-Native Application Delivery