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Result Content Idea Research
1 SaTT Smart Advertising Token to List on WhiteBIT, an EU-Compliant Exchange
2 Microsoft Teams will now integrate with GitHub to help you manage developer projects
3 GitHub to replace master with main starting in October: What developers need to do now
4 GitHub officially releases GitHub CLI 1.0
5 GitHub's New Command Line Tool Goes GA -- ADTmag
6 Microsoft's GitHub: CLI 1.0 is out, so you can now do GitHub tasks from the terminal
7 GitHub CLI reaches 1.0 status
8 news digest: GitHub CLI 1.0 released, Google updates Coral accelerator, and Open Mainframe Project launches four new projects
9 Oracle Open-Sources Tribuo, A Machine Learning Library in Java
10 GitHub Command Line Tool Reaches General Availability
11 How to Make MGS 2: Substance Look Better on PC
12 Worldwide death toll from coronavirus eclipses 1 million
13 ONVIF Announces That It Has Gone Live On GitHub For Open Source Development To Develop ONVIF Network Interface Specifications
14 Automatically deploy a Serverless REST API from GitHub with AWS Chalice
15 GitHub Releases GitHub CLI 1.0.0, Its Official Cross-Platform Command Line App
16 Missouri coronavirus hotline ends overnight hours
17 Matthew Skelton and Manuel Pais on Software Architecture, Team Topologies, and Platforms
18 Chinese Users Turned GitHub into a Land of Free Covid Speech
19 Real-Time Face Mask Detector With TensorFlow Object Detection
20 GitHub's Move Away From Passwords: A Sign Of Things To Come?
21 How to upload your Python files to Github using Colab?
22 Git 'Er Done with GitHub (Premium)
23 China is building a GitHub alternative called Gitee
24 Developers welcome major overhaul to GitHub's support documentation
25 GitHub users targeted by Sawfish phishing campaign
26 GitHub is now free for all teams
27 GitHub Super Linter built to maintain consistency in documentation and code
28 GitHub hit with multiple back-to-back outages
29 OpenJDK Migrates to GitHub
30 How to push a new project to GitHub
31 GitHub service outages continue, no official word on why
32 MSSU leaders break down enrollment trends
33 GitHub Outage Impacts Millions of Developers: Are Gaps Between Staging and Production Still an Issue?
34 Google Open-Sources LIT: A Visual, Interactive Model-Understanding Tool For NLP Models
35 Stadeo: Deobfuscating Stantinko and more
36 Jenkins X replaces Prow with Lighthouse for better source control compatibility • DEVCLASS
37 Critical Windows 10 vulnerability used to Rickroll the NSA and Github
38 GitHub Enterprise Server pushes internal visibility onto admins
39 BMW Group shares on GitHub AI algorithms used in production
40 Microsoft Joins Open Source Security Foundation
41 GitLab to finally pull free CI/CD for GitHub repos service • DEVCLASS
42 Horovod: Uber’s Open Source Distributed Deep Learning Framework
43 List of COVID-19 Resources for Machine Learning and Data Science Research
44 Skimmers in Images & GitHub Repos
45 GitHub launches a mobile app, smarter notifications and improved code search
46 Google AI Open-Sources 'EfficientDet', an Advanced Object Detection Tool
47 GitHub went down for two hours, affecting thousands of software developers
48 Robotic Process Automation (RPA): 6 open source tools
49 Inserting security in Github pull requests! — Part 2 (using Github Actions)
50 SD Times Open-Source Project of the Week: GitHub's OpenAPI Description
51 Synopsys adds GitHub Action for SAST and SCA
52 Automated and partly automated contact tracing: a systematic review to inform the control of COVID-19
53 MAP: This is how many cornavirus cases, deaths and recoveries there are in each country right now
54 'Cortex': An open source platform for deploying machine learning models as production web services
55 New Sudo Features Integrate Popular Privileged Access Application Into Enterprise Security and IT Strategies
56 CausalNex: An open-source Python library that helps data scientists to infer causation rather than observing correlation
57 The Times releases California coronavirus cases database
58 Are women publishing less during the pandemic? Here's what the data say
59 Release of Silq: A High-level Quantum Language
60 Continuous Machine Learning (CML): An Open-Source CI/CD library for Machine Learning
61 A new method for accurate in vivo mapping of human brain connections using microstructural and anatomical information
62 'Massive moment' as first ever DLC smart contract deployed on the Bitcoin mainnet
63 GitHub Actions API Released into Public Beta
64 Antennas: Back to the Future
65 See all reported cases of coronavirus on this interactive map
66 Interactive maps show global coronavirus spread in real-time
67 GitHub's OpenAPI Spec Open-Sourced in Beta
68 Interactive map shows coronavirus recovery numbers worldwide
69 BMW Shares Some of its AI Algorithms Used in Vehicle Production on GitHub
70 Docker and Snyk Announce Partnership to Streamline Container Vulnerability Scanning for Developers
71 Learning Git: Mastering Remote Repositories (Including GitHub)
72 New York's true nursing home death toll cloaked in secrecy
73 Using Kubelet Client to Attack the Kubernetes Cluster
74 Libra: A Python Tool That Automates Machine Learning Process in a Few Lines of Code.
75 KIOXIA's Software-Enabled Flash Technology Now Available on GitHub
76 Lemon_Duck cryptominer targets cloud apps & Linux
77 Beyond KrØØk: Even more Wi‑Fi chips vulnerable to eavesdropping
78 Health authorities warn of coronavirus scam posing as map of COVID-19 cases
79 GitHub now uses AI to recommend open issues in project repositories
80 GitHub shuts down Popcorn Time repositories due to MPA DMCA notice
81 MIDAS: A New Approach with Real-Time Streaming Anomaly Detection in Dynamic Graphs
82 GitHub to replace "master" with alternative term to avoid slavery references
83 How to rebase GitHub branches and commits
84 Manage Windows 10 Settings with ControlUWP
85 Uber Open-Sources 'Fiber', A Python Distributed Computing Library For Modern Computer Clusters
86 How To Use GitHub Advanced Search For Recruiters
87 Can't run Microsoft Flight Simulator 2020? Play the 1982 version in your browser
88 Stanza: Official Stanford NLP Python Library for Many Human Languages
89 Open Source Tools From the Warren for President Tech Team
90 Kerala uses open source public utility to fight COVID-19
91 Evading Antivirus with Better Meterpreter Payloads
92 GitHub Desktop 2.5 released with support for tags
93 How to run an instance of Visual Studio Code over your network
94 Introduction to Language Integrated Query (LINQ) | C# Advanced [1 of 8]
95 Microsoft’s open source Fluent icon set is now available on GitHub; Download link
96 Coronavirus Tracker
97 GitHub confirms it has blocked developers in Iran, Syria and Crimea
98 Coronavirus in charts: the fact-checkers correcting falsehoods
99 Indiana coronavirus updates for Wednesday, May 13, 2020
100 Track the Coronavirus Outbreak on Johns Hopkins Live Dashboard