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1 GitOps: It's the cloud-native way
2 Azure Arc enabled Kubernetes with GitOps | Azure Friday
3 GitOps Upgrade Targets Observability
4 Amazon, Codefresh, GitHub, Microsoft, and Weaveworks launch the GitOps Working Group
5 Weaveworks Kubernetes Platform 2.4 Scales Enterprise GitOps to the Edge
6 Weaveworks makes push for GitOps anywhere with WKP 2.4 release
7 news digest: Salesforce acquires Slack, Android Gradle plugin 7.0, and Weave Kubernetes Platform 2.4
8 GitOps pros grapple with Kubernetes configuration management
9 Meet GitOps, the key to launching effective software releases in the cloud-native era
10 How GitOps Raises the Stakes for Application Security
11 GitOps gains momentum among Kubernetes deployment tools
12 GitOps on AWS: Codifying cloud operations
13 Backup and DR in the Age of GitOps
14 GitOps on AWS: Managing Governance, Compliance and Risk for Kubernetes on EKS
15 What is GitOps? Extending devops to Kubernetes and beyond
16 Harness Integrates CI/CD Platform with Amazon ECS
17 Why GitOps Is Becoming Important For Developers
18 GitOps Basics: Developers Are Gitting Into Deployment
19 GitOps on AWS: Accelerate software delivery on EKS
20 Compare GitOps vs. DevOps for modern app deployments
21 A Guide to GitOps in the Age of 'Everything Ops'
22 WKSctl: a Tool for Kubernetes Cluster Management Using GitOps
23 Enabling Developer-Friendly Security in Kubernetes for GitOps
24 KubeCon 2020 Highlights and Key Takeaways
25 Rancher Labs' new release enables GitOps at scale for Kubernetes
26 An Inside Look at GitOps
27 GitOps on AWS: Managing Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence Models
28 DataOps with GitOps for streaming data on Kafka and Kubernetes
29 SD Times December 2020
30 Stefan Prodan on Progressive Delivery, Flagger, and GitOps
31 Red Hat and Intuit Join Forces on Argo Project, Extending GitOps Community Innovation to Better Manage Multi-Cluster Cloud-Native Applications at Scale
32 Already learned DevOps? Great, now it’s time for GitOps
33 Move over, DevOps: Top 8 tools to enable GitOps in the cloud
34 Application Manager Brings GitOps to Google Kubernetes Engine
35 "GitOps": Weaveworks Explain Their Model for Using Developer Tooling to Implement CI/CD
36 Adaptavist Partners With GitLab To Expand DevOps Offering
37 GitOps on AWS: How to build a high-performing team operation
38 A GitOps workflow won't benefit every IT organization
39 Jenkins CI/CD roadmap plots a path toward GitOps
40 How to put GitOps to work for your software delivery
41 Enterprises anticipate IT ops benefits from GitOps
42 Instana Becomes First APM Solution with GitOps Enabled Agent Management
43 Kubernetes-Native DevOps Gains Steam
44 GitOps Best Practices for Continuous Deployment and Progressive Security
45 Pivoting a Company towards GitOps and Continuous Delivery
46 Kubernetes release gets little fanfare as IT looks toward GitOps
47 The Pros and Cons of Configuration-as-Code
48 Consider DataOps for a Competitive Edge
49 What is GitOps and why you should know about it
50 Kubernetes Security Software Market Exhibits a Stunning Growth Potentials: Lacework, Snyk, Check Point Software Technologies
51 4 trends for Kubernetes cloud-native teams to watch in 2020
52 MediaOps Announces the Finalists for the DevOps Dozen² 2020 Awards
53 How Serverless Technologies Can Achieve Optimal DevOps Practices
54 How Chick-fil-A Uses Kubernetes and GitOps at the Edge
55 D2iQ hurries into the CI/CD space, presents Dispatch • DEVCLASS
56 Red Hat plots CodeReady tools roadmap
57 GitOps, Jenkins, and Jenkins X
58 Kubernetes Tools Keep Coming
59 AWS Community Hub
60 GKE Application Manager does GitOps for Kubernetes config
61 GitOps path puts CI/CD ahead of infrastructure automation
62 Can Kubernetes Keep a Secret?
63 Argo And Dragonfly Become Incubating Projects At The CNCF
64 Gitpod Fundamentally Changes Development Workflows with the Industry's First Open Source Solution for Automated, Pre-built Dev Environments
65 How GitOps Can (Sometimes) Save DevOps
66 Why you need to ditch your scripts in 2021
67 Portworx rolls out container storage update, boasts of sales momentum
68 KubeCon 2020 preview: Session guide for fine-tuning Kubernetes
69 Upcoming Event: DevOps Experience 2020
70 news digest: Kotlin public roadmap, third-party tools for GitHub code scanning, and Rancher 2.5
71 Kong Releases Open Source API Design Editor
72 CNCF to host the Argo Project, for managing apps built on Kubernetes, at incubation level
73 Red Hat Extends Open Hybrid Cloud to the Edge with Red Hat Enterprise Linux
74 Cloud Foundry Foundation Embraces Kubernetes Fully
75 Adds Free-for-Life Version of Container Storage Platform
76 Introducing Argo Flux
77 KubeCon 2020 preview: Session guide for Kubernetes professionals
78 Securing Open Source Libraries – Session with O’Reilly Author Guy Podjarny
79 PagerDuty Applies AIOps to IT Incident Management
80 Time to Market is Everything – Make it Happen with DataOps
81 Can't sleep? If it was up to Kong you'd be building APIs with its new collab tool • DEVCLASS
82 Morpheus Announces First Zero-Trust Cloud Management Platform and Enhances Hybrid Cloud Automation for DevSecOps
83 news digest: Instana GitOps-enabled agent, .NET 5.0 Preview 7, and Linux Foundation announces the Advanced Cloud Engineer Bootcamp
84 Kubernetes deployments: 6 security best practices
85 news digest: Couchbase Autonomous Operator for Kubernetes 2.0, Stackery achieves AWS Lambda Ready Designation, and DigitalOcean Virtual Private Cloud
86 10 DevOps tools vendors to watch in 2020
87 How Cloud-Native Can Tame Operations Complexity
88 Microsoft Sets Kubernetes Strategy for the Enterprise
89 Former Cloudbees Leader and Author Viktor Farcic Joins Codefresh as Principal DevOps Architect
90 3 Ways To Tackle the Operations Complexity of DevOps
91 MY TAKE: Can Project Furnace solve DX dilemma by combining serverless computing and GitOps?
92 A Closer Look At Azure Arc – Microsoft’s Hybrid And Multi-Cloud Platform
93 Latest VMware cloud management updates focus big on automation
94 It's not all about deployment with software release management
95 MediaOps Video Productions Recognized for Excellence by Association of Marketing and Communication Professionals (AMCP), Winning Multiple dotCOMM Awards
96 Why We Need Lens as a Kubernetes IDE
97 Data Measured in Terms of Real Aggregate Value
98 Gitpod Raises $3M USD Seed Funding, Announces Native Integration with GitLab
99 Trends and Benefits of Serverless Computing
100 D2iQ polishes Dispatch platform for CI/CD newbies while Google reportedly in talks to inhale cloud service firm • DEVCLASS