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1 TikTok Slammed in Europe Over 'Hidden Advertising' to Kids
2 A 1990s iMac Processor Powers NASA’s Perseverance Rover
3 Cats Are Just as Disloyal as You Suspected, New Study Suggests
4 Merck Will Help Johnson & Johnson Make Its New Covid-19 Vaccine With Biden Push
5 NASA’s Experimental Electric Airplane Edges Closer to Its First Flight
6 Apple May Finally Shrink the Notch for iPhone 13
7 This $400,000 Folding 165-Inch MicroLED TV Disappears Into Your Floor
8 Exiled WallStreetBets Mods Want to Make a Blockchain-Based Hedge Fund
9 Primates Appeared Almost Immediately After Dinosaurs Went Extinct, New Research Suggests
10 Satellite Spots NASA’s New Rover—and Its Garbage—From Mars Orbit
11 Verizon Tells Consumers to Turn Off 5G to Preserve Battery Life Then Instantly Regrets It
12 Rumor Has It an iPhone 13 With 1 TB Storage Is Coming
13 SolarWinds Officials Throw Intern Under the Bus for ‘solarwinds123’ Password Fail
14 Gatorade Created a Wearable Patch That Tells You How Much Gatorade to Drink
15 ‘Deep Nostalgia’ Can Turn Old Photos of Your Relatives Into Moving Videos
16 California City Becomes First in the U.S. to Ban New Gas Stations
17 Dinosaurs Like T. Rex Were More Tyrannical Than We Realized, New Research Suggests
18 Gizmodo Dot Com Should Pay For Me To Buy An Aquarium
19 Plastic Surgeon Makes Court Appearance Over Zoom With Patient on Operating Table
20 WhatsApp: Users Who Don’t Accept Our New Privacy Policy Won’t Be Able to Read or Send Messages
21 This New Image of Venus Shouldn't Actually Exist
22 Amazon Rolls Back Icon That Was a Little Too, Uh, Below the Nose
23 TikTok Users Are Burning Snowballs in Viral Videos to 'Prove' the Snow is Fake
24 Gizmodo gives poor advice when it tells users to frequently change their passwords
25 This Smart Rubik's Cube Is Teaching Me How to Solve One After 40 Years of Failure
26 G/O Media Told Staff It Fired Editor for Activism, Union Says
27 Gizmodo Editor Says She Was Fired After ‘Fabricated Allegations’ From Management
28 Iceberg More Than 20 Times the Size of Manhattan Breaks Off Antarctic Ice Shelf
29 Resisting the Urge to Pet Panasonic's Farting Robot Sock Cat Might Be Impossible
30 Clubhouse Works to Prevent Data From Being Accessed by China
31 Why Yes, I Would Love to Build My Own Customizable, Upgradable, Totally Repairable Laptop
32 Scientists Find a Way to Communicate With Dreaming People
33 Apple Bought Another Company Every 3 to 4 Weeks for Last 6 Years, Tim Cook Says
34 Software 'Bug' Keeps Arizona Prisoners Behind Bars Past Release Dates [Updated]
35 Microsoft's Latest Product Goes Toe-to-Toe With Squarespace
36 Raya and the Last Dragon Is an Exhilarating, Poignant, Animated Adventure
37 200,000 Buddhists Gathered on a Giant Screen Via Zoom to Celebrate One of Their Holiest Days
38 M1 Malware Has Arrived
39 We’re Absolutely Surrounded by Double Stars, New 3D Map Suggests
40 Twitter Wants to Bring Tipping to the Platform
41 It's No Surprise This Obscene 7-Screen Laptop Has 1-Hour Battery Life
42 This Researcher Hacked Into 35 Major Tech Companies, Including Microsoft, Tesla, and Netflix
43 Spotify's Employees Can Now Work Wherever They'd Like—No Office Required
44 Video Game-Playing Pigs Stretch Our Concepts of Animal Intelligence
45 Anker Beats Apple to the Punch With a MagSafe Battery for Your iPhone 12
46 I Tried a Guided Fitbit Meditation With Deepak Chopra, but I'm Still Stressed
47 The User Reviews for Puma's Gaming Shoes Are Peak Internet Trolling
48 An Entire Second Floor Pops Out of this Tiny RV, Complete with a Working Elevator to Get Up There
49 Computer Simulations Suggest Martian Moons Were Separated at Birth More Than a Billion Years Ago
50 Facebook's Reportedly Working on a Smartwatch so It Can Hoover Up Your Health Data Too
51 Highest-Resolution Images of DNA Reveal It's Surprisingly Jiggly
52 Astronomers Found a 'Benjamin Button' Galaxy
53 Hundreds of Amazon Drivers Agree That They Deserve a Union in an Informal Driver-Led Survey
54 Facebook Promises to Let Users Share News in Australia Again After Negotiations With Government
55 Facebook Accidentally Blocks Its Own Page in Australia Following News Ban
56 These 'Invisible Headphones' Promise to Beam Audio Into Your Ears
57 How Android's Nearby Share Compares to Apple's AirDrop
58 Entire California School Board Resigns After Chewing Out Parents on Accidental Zoom Broadcast
59 Oppo Demonstrates Its Own Wireless Charging Tech, but Don't Expect to Walk Away From the Charger
60 Court Orders Tim Cook to Sit for 7-Hour Deposition in Epic Case
61 T-Mobile Has the First Good 5G Plan With Truly Unlimited Data
62 Google Just Turned Your Phone's Camera Into a Weirdly Advanced Health Tracker
63 Qualcomm's New AR Headset Design Might Make Smart Glasses More of a Thing
64 You'll Need a Microscope to Play This Inch-Tall Game Boy Clone
65 Sony Is Killing On-Demand Video in the Playstation Store as Streaming Takes Over
66 Flying DJI's First FPV Drone Is an Exhilarating but Imperfect Experience
67 Climate Change Is Creating a Nightmare for Allergy Sufferers
68 Roku Makes 'Alliance' With Nielson For Better Ad Targeting
69 Google Maps Dark Mode and More Useful Android Features Are Rolling Out Today
70 We Know the 'Mind-Blowing' Cameo in Zack Snyder's Justice League
71 Australia's PM Suggests Bing Adequate If Google Blocks Searches Down Under
72 Star Wars Gina Carano 'Not Currently Employed by Lucasfilm'
73 Firefox's Latest Update Promises Complete Cookie Control—With Just a Few Caveats
74 I Think We Can All Agree That a Hacked Apple-Themed Game Boy Is the Best Apple TV Remote
75 Move Over 'Farout,' Astronomers Confirm 'Farfarout' Is the Solar System's Most Distant Known Object
76 Researchers Create Tiny, Cicada-Like Drones to Invade Small Spaces
77 The Problem With Zoom Adding Free Captions After Getting Called Out
78 How Dungeons & Dragons' Next Sourcebook Expands Its View of Horror
79 AMD's Launching a New Graphics Card Next Week
80 Gizmodo QAnon, CultTok, and Leaving It All Behind
81 The Real Reason for Texas' Rolling Blackouts
82 Someone Hacked Into a Florida City's Water Supply and Tried to Poison It
83 Shell Says It Has Reached Peak Oil Production Gizmodo
84 The Only Carbon Capture Coal Plant in the US Just Closed
85 Electric Vehicles Improving So Fast, Use Data May Be Obsolete
86 Russian Gas Tanker Shows Arctic Is Navigable Year-Round Now
87 That Time a Canadian Town Derailed a Diesel Train and Drove It Down the Street to Provide Emergency Power
88 Instagram Rolls Out New Way to Say Something Stupid in Public
89 Samsung Is Making MicroLED TV Sizes That Are More Practical for Us Commoners
90 New UN Climate Report Puts the World on 'Red Alert' for Climate Catastrophe
91 Mystery Israel Oil Spill Is Its Worst Environmental Disaster in Years
92 ‘Frustrated’ Facebook Oversight Board May Seek to Examine Its Algorithm (or ‘Whatever’)
93 The First Trailer for Voyagers Looks Like Space-Lord of the Flies
94 Apple Hearing Study Finds 1 in 5 Participants Experienced Hearing Loss
95 Updates From Ant-Man and The Wasp: Quantumania, Borderlands, and More
96 Facebook's Making a Good Case Why You Should Never Wear Its Smart Glasses
97 Cuttlefish Are Able to Wait for a Reward
98 Gizmodo Movie Night: Everything To Watch After WandaVision Ends
99 Mesh Is Microsoft’s Vision for Sending Your Hologram Back to the Office
100 Your Travel Guide to the Rudderless Right-Wing Web After Trump