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1 WhatsApp Will Turn Your Account Into a Useless Zombie If You Don't Accept Its New Privacy Policy
2 44 Attorneys General Beg Facebook to Leave the Kids Alone
3 NASA’s Voyager 1 Probe Detects the Steady ‘Hum’ of Plasma in Interstellar Space
4 Man Caught Three Whole Diseases From a Single Tick Bite
5 Hackers Threatening East Coast's Fuel Supply Claim They're Not Trying to Cause Anybody Trouble
6 Dogecoin Is Literally Going to the Moon
7 Clubhouse Launches Android Beta as iOS Downloads Nosedive
8 Too Bad, Zuck: Just 4% of U.S. iPhone Users Let Apps Track Them After iOS Update
9 The PS5 Shortage Will Likely Stretch Into 2022
10 YouTube Found the Pettiest Loophole in Its Battle Against Roku
11 Qualcomm Chip Flaw Could Leave 30 Percent of the World's Phones Vulnerable to Hackers
12 Politician's Zoom Background Can't Hide Fact That He's Actually Driving
13 Elon Musk on SNL: I Post Bad Tweets Because 'That's Just How My Brain Works'
14 Signal Tries to Run the Most Honest Facebook Ad Campaign Ever, Immediately Gets Banned [Updated]
15 If You Use Twitter's New Tip Jar Feature, Make Sure You Don't Accidentally Send People Your Address
16 Hacker Miraculously Shrinks a Nintendo Wii to the Size of a Game Boy
17 Sennheiser’s New $1,300 Earbuds Are the Best I’ve Ever Tried
18 I Guess If You Must Put an AirTag on Your Siri Remote, This Is Fine
19 Deepfake Lips Are Coming to Dubbed Films
20 Scientists Find That Cats Love to Sit Inside Squares—Even Fake Ones
21 Justice Department Quietly Seized Washington Post Reporters' Phone Records During Trump Era
22 Scientists Say You Can Have More Than 150 Friends, If You Want
23 This Worm Has 100 Butts
24 RIP Windows 95 Icons
25 A New System Uses Sawdust to Print Wooden Objects
26 Ancient City of Angkor Was Jam-Packed With People
27 Holy Hell, Peloton Is Recalling Both Its Treadmills
28 Apple's Foldable iPhone Reportedly Rolling Out in 2023
29 Zoomers Are Sharing Cheat Codes for the Universe on TikTok and There’s No Way We Can Stop Them Now
30 Why Am I Still Embarrassed About Things That Happened 10 Years Ago?
31 You Should Definitely Update Your Dell Computer Right Now
32 Stop Pretending Apple and Amazon's Bluetooth Networks Can't Be Abused
33 Musicians Ask Spotify to Promise It'll Never Use Its Creepy Speech-Recognition Patent
34 Google Plans to Automatically Enroll Users In Two-Factor Authentication Soon
35 Leaked Apple Documents Inadvertently Helped the Right-to-Repair Movement
36 The Epic vs. Apple Hearing Is Already a Disaster
37 Scans of Medieval Skeletons Show Cancer Has Been Common Longer Than We Thought
38 Signal's CEO Just Hacked the Cops' Favorite Phone Cracking Tool
39 60 Million Stars and Not One Alien Detected
40 Clubhouse Is Losing Steam
41 Google Is Bringing a Google TV Experience to Android Tablets
42 Twitter's Upcoming Subscription Service Looms Following Latest Acquisition
43 Useful Website Calculates How Hard You'll Have to Binge a Show to Finish It in Time
44 60% of School Apps Are Sharing Your Kids' Data With Third Parties
45 Update Your Mac Right Now to Avoid This Massive Security Bug
46 OnePlus Watch Review: The Worst Smartwatch I've Ever Used
47 Doctors Discover Disease in Which People Can't Make Antibodies
48 'Disaster Girl' Finally Gets the Ca$$$$h Money She Deserves Because NFTs
49 Tesla's Autopilot System Is 'Easily' Tricked Into Operating Without Anyone at the Wheel
50 The Best Thing About Apple's AirTags Is Also the Scariest
51 iOS 15 Will Reportedly Bring Big Changes to Notifications and the iPad Home Screen
52 Woman Hit With Embezzlement Charges for 20-Year-Old Overdue VHS Tape Rental
53 Jungle Run App Secretly an Online Casino App in Turkey
54 Google May Have Inadvertently Just Spilled the Beans About the Pixel Buds A on Twitter
55 U.S. Military Doesn't Know Where Chinese Space Debris Might Land
56 Apple's
57 Weapons, Ivory, and Other Items Banned by Etsy Still Widely Available on Marketplace, Investigation Finds
58 Discovery of Mass Death Site Bolsters Theory That Tyrannosaurs Hunted in Packs
59 Verizon's Selling Off AOL and Yahoo for $5 Billion
60 Samsung's New Upcycling Program Allows You To Turn an Old Galaxy Phone Into a New IoT Device
61 See the First Camera Collar Footage From a Wild Wolf
62 The Best Gadgets to 420 Blaze It
63 Signal's Cellebrite Hack Is Already Causing Grief for the Law
64 Ibuprofen Doesn't Worsen Covid-19, Large New Study Finds
65 What Is Google's FLoC Technology?
66 Peloton API Exposed User Data, Even for Private Accounts
67 Sony Releases Reon Pocket 2 Wearable Air Conditioner
68 NASA Generates Oxygen on Mars, Setting Stage for Crewed Missions A device on the Perseverance rover
69 New Bill Would Ban Bitcoin Mining Across New York State for Three Years
70 Neuralink President Announces That He’s Left Elon Musk’s Brain-Computer Interface Company
71 2.5 Billion T. Rex May Have Roamed Earth
72 Researchers Get a Deeper Look at Some of the Oldest Color Photos Ever
73 The Ketchup Shortage Has Spawned A Black Market
74 Google Earth's 3D Timelapse Lets You See the Planet's Changes
75 The Asteroid Impact Simulation Has Ended in Disaster
76 Area Man Wants You To Check Out His Blog
77 Telecoms Paid Henchmen to Flood FCC With Anti-Net Neutrality Comments From Stolen Identities
78 Crypto Market Plummets Following Week of Coinbase-fueled Hype
79 Lab-Made, Low-Waste Pasta Changes Shape When Cooked
80 100-Foot-Tall Booster From Chinese Rocket Will Likely Make an Uncontrolled Reentry
81 Tesla's Latest Easter Egg Dares You Say 'Open Butthole'
82 Global Chip Shortage Could Last Through 2022
83 Revenge: Spectrum Workers on Strike Build Their Own ISP If, for any number of
84 For the First Time, Archaeologists Identify Sailor From Doomed 1845 Franklin Expedition
85 The FBI Just Snuck Into Computers All Over the Country to Stop a Hacking Campaign
86 Suicide Squad Director James Gunn Confirms Multiple Post-Credit Scenes
87 A First Responder App Is Quadrupling the Number of Heart Attack Survivors in Denmark
88 Bluetooth Speaker Uses Ferrofluid to Become a Winamp Visualizer
89 Facebook Oversight Board Lets Users Flag Still-Up Content
90 Google Assistant's 4 New Features Will Make Your Day Easier
91 Here's What to Expect at Apple's 'Spring Loaded' Event
92 Beavers Take Down Canada Internet Service After Chewing Cables
93 A Tesla Helped Police Track Down a Hate Crime Suspect Accused of Burning Down a Black
94 Conservatives Demand Supreme Court Overrule Fake Facebook Court, Others Weigh In
95 An Asteroid Impact Simulation Is Currently Underway—and It’s Absolutely Terrifying
96 One-Third of Basecamp Employees Have Reportedly Quit Following New Policy on Speech
97 The Kid from 'David After Dentist' Is Now in College and Selling an NFT of His Viral Video to Pay Tuition
98 12 Things You Didn't Know You Could Do on Your Chromebook
99 Star Wars Novel High Republic: The Rising Storm Excerpt Now Available
100 Clip Gizmodo Rideshares Are Increasing Traffic Jams and Making Them Longer, Study Finds (April 26)