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1 LinkedIn and Reddit Are the Latest Apps Found to be Snooping on Your Clipboards
2 Fox News Edits Trump Out of Photo With Jeffrey Epstein and Ghislaine Maxwell at Mar-a-Lago
3 Researchers Claim Coronavirus Is Airborne in Letter to the WHO, Accuse It of Failing to Convey Risk
4 People Have Committed More Than $300,000 for a NASA-Designed Perfume That Smells Like Space
5 Sore Over Losing Grubhub, Uber Scoops Up Postmates for $2.7 Billion
6 A Massive Star Has Disappeared Without a Trace
7 Jupiter Just Sprouted a Brand New Spot
8 Doctors Find Brain Damage in Children With Mystery Syndrome Connected to Covid-19
9 Court Rules Facebook Widgets Can Be Considered Wiretaps
10 These Are Some of the Best Citizen Science Projects You Can Join With Just Your Phone or Laptop
11 A Certain Frequency of Red Light Boosted People’s Eyesight in New Study
12 The Pixel 3a Is Dead
13 YouTube TV Jacks Up Its Prices and the Promise of Cheap TV Feels Further Away Than Ever
14 The "Stop Hate For Profit" Movement Isn't Going to Stop Anything
15 Paying for a Reference Is Just What the Job Hunt Hellscape Needed
16 A ‘Viral’ New Bird Song in Canada Is Causing Sparrows to Change Their Tune
17 Whale Sharks Have Eyeballs Covered in Tiny Teeth
18 The Best Tech Deals in Amazon's Summer Sale
19 Nintendo Needs to Bring These Apps to Animal Crossing's Nook Phone Right Now
20 An American Pickle Is a Classic Immigrant Story, Except for the Pickle Thing
21 Time to Take an Epic Flight Over This Frozen Martian Crater
22 Facebook Will Finally Tell Your Aunt That Article Is From 3 Months Ago
23 27,000 Coronavirus-Linked Deaths Have Gone Uncounted in U.S., Study Estimates
24 Facebook Is Pivoting Away From ‘Engaging’ Content In the News Feed
25 Cotton Is Best for Homemade Masks, Study Suggests
26 Tape Storage Could Soon Crush Hard Drives With 400TB Capacities
27 Disney's Developed Movie-Quality Face-Swapping Technology That Promises to Change Filmmaking
28 Reddit Brings the Banhammer Down on r/The_Donald and 2,000 Other Subs
29 Walmart to Turn Parking Lots into Makeshift Drive-in Movie Theaters This Summer
30 Apple's Walled Garden Could Grow Higher
31 Scientists Call for Academic Shutdown in Support of Black Lives
32 FCC Officially Designates Huawei and ZTE as Threats to U.S. Security
33 A Wild Apple ARM Benchmark Appears
34 Microsoft Kills One of Its Best Windows 10 Update Loopholes
35 Qualcomm's New Wearables Chip Could Finally Improve Wear OS Watches, I Hope
36 Adobe Flash Is Actually Going to Die This Time, For Real
37 A Black Hole Collided With Something That Shouldn't Exist
38 Siberian Fires Have Released a Record Amount of Carbon This Year
39 Incredible Amber Fossils Reveal the True Colors of Ancient Insects
40 Security Concerns Fast Track Britain's 5G Ban on Huawei: Report
41 Was That So Hard, Zoom?
42 New York Times Realizes Big Tech News Aggregation Like Apple News Actually Bad
43 Bacteria Found in Nuclear Reactors Could Be the Secret to Faster, Cheaper Vaccines
44 Twitter Asks Android Users: 'Did You Even Read the Article'?
45 The OnePlus Nord Will Launch on 21st July, Says Leak
46 Congrats, Humanity, We Trashed a Record Number of Electronics Last Year
47 NASA: Help Us Make Pooping on the Moon Even Better
48 Japan's New Fugaku Supercomputer Is Number One, Ranking in at 415 Petaflops
49 This Snake-Like Amphibian Might Actually Pack a Venomous Bite
50 Scientists Made a List of Every Place Aliens Could Be Hiding
51 Guy Whose Photo Broke Android Phones Just Wanted to Capture a Beautiful Sunset
52 House Democrats' Climate Plan Is Finally Here, Doesn't Totally Suck
53 Exclusive: Infinity Train's Third Season Is Bringing Anarchy to HBO Max
54 You Can Saddle Up Your Mac Pro For $400 but You Still Can't Ride It
55 Everything Apple Tried to Kill at WWDC 2020
56 Potential Electric Truck Maker Plans UK Hydrogen Fuel Network
57 Facebook Confirms Ben Shapiro’s Daily Wire Has Been Very, Very Bad
58 Yes, Apple Will Eventually Make a Foldable Phone, But Dear God, No, It Will Not Be This One
59 Detroit Police Chief Admits Face Recognition Doesn't Work '95-97% of the Time'
60 We Tried Heinz Ice Cream FOR SCIENCE
61 Ground-Penetrating Radar Reveals Entire Ancient Roman City
62 The Original Segway Is Officially Being Retired on July 15
63 10 Years Later, Christopher Nolan's Inception Remains Magnificent
64 Trump Misidentifies Sculpture in Oval Office While Saying Statues Help Teach History
65 Shell Is the Latest Oil Company to Do a Belly Flop
66 Exclusive: The Samsung Galaxy Watch 3 is Coming Next Month, With Some Questionable Gesture Control
67 Liverpool Drug Dealers Caught Running "Click & Collect" National Service
68 YouTube Will Let AI Suggest Replies to Video Comments
69 1,600+ Googlers Call on Company to Kick Cops Off Gmail, End All Other Police Contracts
70 Researchers Have Created Transparent, Breathable Face Masks
71 Google’s Promise to Delete Your Data Has a Major Loophole
72 The South Pole Is Warming Three Times Faster Than the Rest of Earth
73 There's Now a Slimmer Xbox Controller For Microsoft's xCloud Game Streaming Service
74 Judge Shuts Down Dakota Access Pipeline
75 YouTuber Ends Finger on the App Competition After Contestants Last 70 Hours Trying to Win $25K
76 See 14 Mind-Blowing Places in Our Solar System
77 Long-Delayed James Webb Space Telescope Is Again Delayed
78 iPadOS 14 Could Solve A Bunch of Little Problems We Have with iPad
79 Ominous Green Fireball Lights Up Skies Over Australian Outback
80 Record-Breaking Lightning Just Chilled in the Sky for 17 Seconds
81 It Was 100 Degrees in Siberia Today. Yes, That Siberia
82 Is There a Way to Cure or Prevent Nightmares?
83 Google Buys North Smart Glasses and North Then Kills Its Smart Glasses
84 Pink Snow in the Italian Alps Is a Cute Sign of Environmental Catastrophe
85 This Is How America Celebrated July 4 During the Coronavirus Pandemic
86 BP CEO Calls Plan to Lay Off 10,000 Workers the 'Right Thing'
87 Future Apple Watches Could Scan Your Veins to Detect Gestures
88 U.S. Opposition's Big Climate Plan Includes Studying the Risky Idea of Blocking Out the Sun
89 Royal Mint Unveils £1000 Gold Coin Featuring Elton John
90 Squid Are Nature's Fireworks
91 Dr. Fauci Made the Coronavirus Pandemic Worse by Lying About Masks
92 Trump Sees Zero Irony in Ordering the Creation of 'American Heroes' Garden During Photo Op on Stolen Land
93 Krispy Kreme Now Makes Metre-Long Social Distancing Doughnut Boxes
94 "You'll Be Back," Zuckerberg Tells Advertisers
95 'We Are Frightened': Disney Cast Members Share Their Anxiety and Anger About the Parks Reopening
96 This Star Wars Concept Art Shows Off the Complex Stylings of Enfys Nest's Gang
97 Scots Attempt DIY Blockade of English Border
98 Tropical Depression Cristobal Could Make Historic Lake Superior Landfall
99 The UN Just Made It Easier for Airlines to Pollute
100 MTV is Bringing Back Lord and Miller's Clone High