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Result Content Idea Research
1 The Sunspot Cycle Is More Intricate Than Previously Thought
2 Is Our Sun In A 9,000 Year ‘Feeble Phase?’ Similar Stars Are Five Times More Fickle, Find Scientists
3 Climate is driven by the sun, not CO2
4 Sun's quiet spell not the start of a mini ice age
5 Historic patterns point to 2025 drought
6 New solar minimum could change the world economy
7 Volcano rumblings in Philippines cover surrounding area in ash | TheHill
8 Local bird group raises concerns about loss of chimney swift roost at East Elementary
9 The sun is quieter than normal, but don't panic
10 Observing nature: Local birders become citizen scientists, conservationists in bird-watching efforts
11 The Sun has entered a phase of reduced solar activity known as “solar minimum”
12 Athens High School honor roll | Connect |
13 Athens Area Birders stand in solidarity with BLM
14 Trade and weather covered at Farm News Ag Show
15 Sun's impact on rainfall 'predictable' › News in Science
16 Athens County land transfers | News Briefs |
17 Athens High School names honor roll | Connect
18 The unlikely haven for 1930s German scientists
19 Heartbeat of the Sun from Principal Component Analysis and prediction of solar activity on a millenium timescale
20 Blog | The Sun is Always Shining on Joan Feynman
21 Solar cycles or random processes? Evaluating solar variability in Holocene climate records
22 Glory in the Sky: New Satellite Set to Monitor the Sun and Reflected Heat to Determine Climate Effects
23 Solar Cycle #24: On Track to be the Weakest in 100 Years
24 Corrected sunspot history suggests climate change not due to natural solar trends
25 Scientists See Fingerprint of Warming Climate on Droughts Going Back to 1900
26 A Top German Environmentalist Cools On Global Warming
27 Centennial-scale solar forcing of the South American Monsoon System recorded in stalagmites
28 Athens High School releases 4th quarter honor roll
29 Images from a Fair day in Athens
30 Athens High School releases honor roll for school year's third grading period
31 Mellow yellow?
32 Athens H.S. students named to honor roll for second grading period
33 Athens High students named to school year's first honor roll
34 Analysis of the TCP genes expressed in the inflorescence of the orchid Orchis italica
35 Meristem maintenance, auxin, jasmonic and abscisic acid pathways as a mechanism for phenotypic plasticity in Antirrhinum majus
36 Do you want to make a difference for Eye? Vacancies arise for two councillor positions
37 Community Heroes 2016