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1 Briefing With Special Envoy Lea Gabrielle On the GEC Special Report: Pillars of Russia's Disinformation and Propaganda Ecosystem
2 Global Engagement Center Seeks to Combat Covid Disinfo
3 With New Appointment, State Department Ramps Up War Against Foreign Propaganda
4 Coronavirus Is Fueling Nation-State Disinformation Campaigns
5 Twitter disputes State Department claims China coordinated coronavirus disinformation accounts
6 Russia Weaponizes Increasingly Sophisticated Disinformation | SIGNAL Magazine
7 Senior Trump administration official stumped by House Democrat's question about Russia
8 US Exposes Russian Tactics to Sway American Elections
9 State Department's top candidate to lead efforts countering disinformation: A Fox News reporter
10 US paints murky picture of Russian disinformation on coronavirus | TheHill
11 State report: Russian, Chinese and Iranian disinformation narratives echo one another
12 State Department Names Fox News and Navy Veteran to Counter Propaganda
13 State Department Cut Funding for Controversial “Iran Disinfo” Project — but Kept Working With Its Creators
14 U.S.: Russia, China Spinning Coronavirus Conspiracies To Blame West
15 Pompeo Eyes Fox News Reporter to Head Counterpropaganda Office
16 Government Feuds With Twitter Over Claims China is Exploiting Coronavirus
17 The Tiny U.S. Agency Fighting Covid Conspiracy Theories Doesn't Stand a Chance
18 What Does Winning Look Like to the Global Engagement Center?
19 State Department offers $10M reward for foreign election interference information | TheHill
20 10 Things You Didn't Know About Lea Gabrielle
21 US Pushes Back Against Russian, Chinese, Iranian Coronavirus Disinformation
22 As Virus Spreads, China and Russia See Openings for Disinformation
23 Controversial State Department Program Backing Trump's Iran Policy Draws Congressional Scrutiny
24 U.S. Adversaries Are Accelerating, Coordinating Coronavirus Disinformation, Report Says
25 Despite calls for global cooperation, US and China fight over leading coronavirus response
26 China’s Disinformation Effort Targets Virus, Researcher Says
27 Coronavirus Propaganda a Problem for the Kremlin, Not a Ploy
28 Foreign Ministry Spokesperson Zhao Lijian's Regular Press Conference on May 19, 2020
29 Chinese propaganda tactics shifting to elevate, amplify Russian disinformation
30 Behind China’s Twitter Campaign, a Murky Supporting Chorus
31 Coronavirus: US says Russia behind disinformation campaign
32 Chinese Agents Helped Spread Messages That Sowed Virus Panic in U.S., Officials Say
33 Russia Isn't the Only Country Pushing Coronavirus Disinformation
34 US Accuses Russia of Spreading Fear, Panic on Coronavirus
35 Fake profiles and coordination with Venezuela: How Cuba’s propaganda spreads on Twitter
36 Facebook, Twitter want Russian coronavirus disinformation details
37 Assessing the Russian Disinformation Campaign During COVID-19
38 Russia Aims to Stir Distrust in Europe on Virus Disinformation
39 Amid COVID-19 outbreak, China shifts to use "Russian-style" disinformation tactics
40 Putin’s Long War Against American Science
41 How China Is Winning the Propaganda War
42 China is mobilizing its global media machine in the coronavirus war of words
43 US Offers $10M Reward to Prevent Foreign Interference in Elections
44 Russia isn’t only behind election hacking! They’re also trying to smear US over coronavirus … according to State Department
45 China has launched a social media disinformation campaign on coronavirus, researcher says
46 Coronavirus lies pushed by China to blame virus on U.S. bioweapon
47 US blames China, Russia and Iran for spreading 'disinformation' on coronavirus
48 Russian coronavirus disinformation may be for domestic audiences, expert says
49 Trump's State Department lacks money, clear mandate to fight Russian disinformation, 'fake news'
50 Coronavirus sparks phishing, disinformation, tabletop exercises and handwashing | SC Media
51 Hacking Groups Hunt Pandemic Opportunities, Warn U.S., British Officials
52 ASPI sensitive to fact that China study paid for by US State Department
53 Facebook and Twitter ask to see government report linking coronavirus misinformation to Russia
54 Pandemic Propaganda and the Global Democracy Crisis
55 Trump taps someone else from Fox News for his team (yes, again)
56 Facing coronavirus pandemic, US confronts cyberattacks
57 Microsoft: Russia, China, and Iran have 'stepped up' cyberattacks
58 China pushes back on Trump administration coronavirus theory
59 U.S. says Cuba does not cooperate in fight against terrorism and promotes disinformation
60 Ex-NJ Governor Chris Christie Says He's Out of the Hospital
61 World Deals With Both a Global COVID-19 Pandemic and an 'Infodemic'
62 There Isn't a COVID-19 Vaccine Yet. But Some Are Already Skeptical About It
63 Russia, China, Iran disinformation narratives echo each other: report
64 'Xi Jinping’s Chernobyl': Experts say Chinese disinformation aims to distract world from coronavirus failures
65 US cuts funds for ‘anti-propaganda’ Iran group that trolled activists
66 False claims about sources of coronavirus cause spat between the US, China
67 Democratic senator criticizes Pence for not addressing online coronavirus misinformation | TheHill
68 Moscow’s coronavirus offensive
69 Georgian FM: 'humanitarian crisis in occupied regions is main challenge'
70 Hackers seize on coronavirus fears for fodder in spearphishing, misinformation schemes
71 Hackers Posing as CDC, WHO Using Coronavirus in Phishing Attacks
72 Russia Closes Border With Iran as Coronavirus Spread Worsens
73 The Cybersecurity 202: Senate bill sparks open war over encryption
74 Chinese Again Float US Biolab Conspiracy Theories
75 Behind the U.S. 'forced labor' propaganda on Xinjiang
76 State Dept.: Russia spreads disinformation through 'a propaganda ecosystem'
77 In Brief: August 6, 2020
78 The Week That Will Be
79 China to share coronavirus data with US: Trump
80 State Department blasts Russia for spreading disinformation that US is responsible for coronavirus
81 WHO conditionally backs Covid-19 vaccine trials that infect people – as it happened
82 Trump adds (yet another) Fox News figure to his team
83 Trump expected to pick Fox News contributor as new State Department spokesperson
84 21 people who have worked at both Fox and the Trump administration
85 Semantic Visions wins $250000 Tech Challenge to Combat Disinformation
86 Movies on TV this week: 'Stand by Me' on Showtime and more
87 Georgia Targeted by Most Powerful Cyberattack in Its History
88 The Barr Letter Tells Us One Thing Everyone Should Agree On
89 Our Best Weekend Reads – Foreign Policy
90 VOA Persian Has Turned Into a “Mouthpiece of Trump”
91 Video on confusion over new Oahu COVID-19 rules goes viral
92 Roosevelt skipper's fate could come today
93 Intelligence | SIGNAL Magazine
94 Georgia Tech's Recovery Task Force to Guide Return to Standard Operations
95 Movies on TV this week: 'Toy Story' and 'Toy Story 2' on Freeform
96 Virtual entertainment picks: Trailer Trash, Black-Eyed Snakes, virtual dance
97 Movies on TV this week: 'The Great Escape' on TCM
98 Luther College releases spring 2020 Dean's List | Headlines
99 Movies on TV this week: 'The Bridge on the River Kwai,' KCET
100 Sunday coronavirus update: 6 new MN deaths, 728 new cases