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Result Content Idea Research
1 Google Doodle 'hangs' holiday lights to welcome the month of December
2 Google Doodle series celebrates the many global holidays in December
3 Behind the Google Doodle: A tribute to Mexican culture, Mariachi
4 Google Doodle serenades us with a celebration of mariachi
5 Google Doodle highlights a socially distanced Thanksgiving
6 Google Doodle celebrates UAE National Day 2020
7 Google Doodle honors London’s first black fireman Frank Bailey
8 Google’s Veterans Day Doodle Depicts a Sculpture Made From Military Uniforms
9 St Andrew’s Day Google Doodle explained – what are the symbols and what do they mean
10 Veterans Day Google Doodle created from actual military uniforms
11 Google Doodle celebrates Benoit Mandelbrot, 'father of fractal geometry'
12 Tired of Among Us? Play These Popular Google Doodle Games Instead
13 [Update: Day 2] ‘#election2020’ Google Doodle series shows you how and where to vote
14 Google celebrates UAE National Day with a doodle
15 Google Doodle celebrates Bano Qudsia
16 Google Doodle celebrates late artist Tino Sidin’s birthday
17 Google Doodle honours Pre-Raphaelite muse Fanny Eaton
18 Capital's first black firefighter remembered with Google doodle
19 Google Doodle: Who is Purushottam Laxman Deshpande?
20 Google Doodle honors U.S. veterans
21 Google Photos introduces new doodle-y collage designs for showing off your pics
22 Google Malaysia sports a Saloma doodle to celebrate her reception of the first Biduanita Negara award in 1978
23 Google Doodle honors Romania's Great Union Day
24 Who is Ahmed Zaki, the subject of the Google doodle today?
25 Google Doodle honors the United Arab Emirates' National Day
26 Google doodle marks Munier Chowdhury's 95th birth anniversary
27 UAE National Day 2020: Etisalat, du change network names, Google does a doodle
28 #Showbiz: Saloma gets Google Doodle to commemorate her Biduanita Negara award anniversary
29 Google Doodle pays tribute to Munier Chowdhury on 95th birth anniversary
30 Flor Silvestre, Beloved Mexican Singer and Film Icon, Dies at 90
31 Henri Salvador: Google doodle honors multi-talented singer, songwriter, instrumentalist, and comedian
32 Sunday’s Google Doodle Is Actually About Google
33 Google names fifth grader the winner of the US 2020 Doodle for Google contest
34 Google Doodle promotes mask wearing and social distancing practices
35 Doodle for Google: Vote for upcoming Google Doodle
36 Google Doodles: Tech giant brings back some of its popular interactive games
37 Google AI’s Chimera Painter Can Turn Your Doodles Into Realistic Monsters
38 The newest Google Doodle is, unsurprisingly, about voting
39 The 13 best Google Doodle games, ranked
40 Google wants to help cure your boredom with its most popular Doodle games [Updated]
41 Google Doodle celebrates the 155th anniversary of Juneteenth
42 Madison 8th grader among 54 state winners in Doodle for Google contest
43 Wednesday’s Google Doodle Gives A Nod To The Wackeldackel
44 Google honors Black cartoonist and activist Jackie Ormes with new Doodle
45 Hands-on with even more of the most popular Google Doodle games [Video]
46 Colorado middle school student wins 'Doodle for Google' contest
47 Google Doodle celebrates Labor Day 2020 in the US
48 The Google Doodle, then and now
49 Google Doodle honors coronavirus heroes and helpers
50 Hands-on with some of Google’s most popular Doodle games [Video]
51 Today’s Google Doodle Is A ‘Magic Cat Academy’ Halloween Game And It’s Great
52 Google Doodle honors civil rights activist who fought school segregation in California in the 1940s
53 Google Doodle Honors Bruddah Iz
54 Incoming Student Named Finalist in Doodle for Google Contest
55 Popular Google Doodle Games: How to kill boredom with your browser
56 Google Doodle encourages you to register to vote, with information on how
57 Musical Google Doodle game celebrates the mbira, Zimbabwe’s national instrument
58 VOTE: Friday last day give 'Kindness Bus' ride to Doodle Google winner
59 Barbara Hepworth: Google Doodle honors influential English artist and sculptor
60 Oakton High School student wins state 'Doodle for Google'
61 Google Doodle honors Pacita Abad, prized Philippine artist who broke gender barriers
62 Doodle for Google 2020 national finalists and states selected [Gallery]
63 Fort Lee middle schooler is a finalist in Doodle for Google design competition
64 Hawaii student is top five Google doodle finalist
65 'She puts her heart into her art': Sam Barlow grad wins Oregon's Doodle for Google
66 Google celebrates Fourth of July w/ animated homepage Doodle, fireworks on Search
67 Google Is Using Its Doodle Art Series to Salute Workers on the Pandemic’s Front Lines—and Make a Clever Point About Social Distancing, Too
68 Google Doodle celebrates Stamen Grigorov, the yogurt doctor who helped cure tuberculosis
69 Google doodle celebrates female Turkish astrophysicist Dilhan Eryurt
70 Fairfax Student Finalist for 2020 Google Doodle Competition
71 Google Doodles Brings Back Popular Games |
72 PM News Brief: Google Doodle Finalist, Utah COVID Testing & Women's Suffrage Memorial
73 A Frisco student's 'Doodle' may win her a $30K scholarship and a spot on Google's homepage
74 Google Doodle honors Vicki Draves, Filipino American Olympic diver
75 Google Doodle goes dark to mark Memorial Day in US
76 Achievers: Student competing in Google Doodle contest
77 Happy, summer solstice 2020! Google Doodle celebrates Earth's changing seasons
78 Google Doodle celebrates the onset of the spring season
79 Celebrate Dad with a Google Doodle Father's Day card
80 Google Doodle has tips for conquering coronavirus by staying at home
81 Google Doodle celebrates Valentine's Day 2020 with super-adorable aliens
82 Mother’s Day 2020: Greet your mother with this interactive Google doodle card
83 Google Doodle honors Canadian athlete, cancer activist Terry Fox
84 Google Doodle tells users to ‘wear a mask, save lives’ in public service announcement
85 Google Doodle celebrates bees on Earth day
86 Be Soothed by the Music of the Zimbabwean Mbira in Today’s Google Doodle
87 Dueling Google Doodles take flight to welcome first day of spring and fall
88 Google doodle honors California civil rights leader Felicitas Mendez
89 Ashli Smedley is the 2020 Wyoming Doodle for Google State Winner for Wyoming
90 Google Doodle slideshow celebrates Galapagos Islands
91 Google Doodle Salutes Those on the Front Lines of the Battle vs. Covid-19
92 Google Doodle celebrates 'out of this world' Valentine's Day with giftable GIFs
93 Google Doodle honors Jovita Idár, Mexican-American civil rights activist
94 Google Doodle of Marsha P. Johnson, beloved trans-rights activist, will close out Pride month
95 Young girl wins big in Doodle for Google competition
96 Watford City student wins state Google Doodle competition
97 Today’s Google Doodle Honors Julius Lothar Meyer, Who Developed the Periodic Table
98 Google Doodle celebrates International Women’s Day
99 Texan wins 2020 national ‘Doodle for Google’ contest
100 Kids, Want to Win a $30,000 Scholarship and Show Your Art to Billions? Google’s Annual Doodle Contest Is Now Open