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1 Google empowers 5,000 Cloud employees in ethical AI
2 1,600+ Googlers Call on Company to Kick Cops Off Gmail, End All Other Police Contracts
3 High Court Protects Privacy of Googlers from Insolvency Probe
4 How Google Boosts Internal Diversification Efforts
5 What Google's CEO plans to do to improve leadership diversity, help Black businesses
6 Black employees said to be unhappy with Google's response to protests
7 Google offers ample support for work from home employees
8 Google Office Reopening Plans Further Delayed
9 Google campus security singled out Black, Latinx employees
10 Google, NFL latest to call for Juneteenth commemorations
11 Pixel 4 display flicker issue flares up w/ Android 11 Beta 2, fix incoming
12 Googlers can start returning to work July 6, but on limited basis
13 Not a Googler: The Secret, Frustrating Life of a Google Contract Worker
14 Google 3D dinosaurs: how to see AR Velociraptor, Tyrannosaurus rex, Stegosaurus and Triceratops in your living room
15 Lunch is no longer free for Googlers working from home, among other highly coveted company perks
16 Googlers to work remotely until at least June 1
17 Googlers getting ‘official day off’ as limited office reopening plans emerge
18 LinkedIn sued over allegation it secretly reads Apple users' clipboard content
19 Cardiff’s quiet tech investor, Bill Maris, recruits ex-Googlers to Section 32
20 UK expected to order removal of Huawei 5G equipment by 2025: Telegraph
21 Google Donates Trademarks To New Foundation
22 Googlers will rally to protest “brute force intimidation” against organizers
23 Armenia's new telecom player wins approval to buy Veon unit
24 Now Googlers Are Protesting Company’s Deals With Big Oil
25 RIL chairman Mukesh Ambani now richer than Warren Buffett
26 Outages in smartphone apps appear linked to Facebook bug
27 Google Fired an Engineer Who Wrote Code Telling Googlers They Had a Right to Organize
28 Apple supplier Foxconn to invest $1 billion in India: Sources
29 Founded by Ex-Googlers, Tailscale Launches to Secure and Simplify Remote Network Access With $3M
30 Google Will Give Every Employee $1000 to Work From Home
31 TRAI notifies changes to telecom interconnection rules for fixed line networks
32 Melania Trump sculpture in Slovenia set ablaze
33 Noida: Samsung mobile phone parts worth Rs 2.5 cr stolen during transport; 6 held
34 Google Meet call w/ thousands of Googlers watched an executive’s son praise Zoom
35 Googlers angry Page and Brin left instead of fixing company's culture
36 Protesting Googlers say they don't want to unionize
37 Googlers say the company is trying to crush worker organization after it fired 4 people
38 Sundar Pichai leads Googlers in 8 minute 46 second ‘moment of...
39 8,000 Googlers in Dublin working from home tomorrow after possible coronavirus case
40 All North American Googlers advised to work from home due to coronavirus
41 Some Googlers Taking Parts Of Their Work Stations Home During Coronavirus
42 19 words only Googlers understand
43 Analysis | The Technology 202: Tech to contain coronavirus on college campuses sparks fresh privacy concerns
44 An interview with a white Googler who went through Sojourn
45 Googlers Fired for Breaking Security Policy
46 Never-Googlers: Web users take the ultimate step to guard their data
47 Now you can search code like a long as it's Google code
48 Google Pixel 4a: Everything We Know, Just Not a Release Date (Updated)
49 Google spooks employee activists with new guidelines for political speech at work
50 New Googlers Need To Borrow A Noogler Propeller Hat
51 From Exceptionalism to Unrest: Why Google's Culture Is Changing
52 Everything We Know, Just Not a Release Date (Updated)
53 Googlers horrified by allegations of top exec having a child with a fellow employee then...
54 Google employees demand company cut ties with climate change deniers
55 Google offers employees $1K each to buy office furniture
56 These Ex-Googlers are building technology that will transform the way humans wait in lines forever
57 Afghanistan: President Ghani’s cousin has been shot dead in Kabul
58 ‘Googler-only’ November OTA rolls out to some Pixel 3 devices
59 UK Googlers to lose GDPR protections says Report
60 Sundar Pichai on why Googlers feeling sadness, anger and fear aren’t alone
61 Ex-Googler's startup studio is on the hunt for entrepreneurial recruits in San Diego
62 ‘Googlers’ step out from the cloud for GCU talk
63 Google Employees Don't Want Their Company Anywhere Near Pride
64 Pandemic Lending Pushes Community Banks Toward Fintech Fixes
65 San Francisco home prices lead former Googler to buy land in Austin, TX
66 Google on navigating COVID-19 and the future of work
67 Why leave Google? Former Googlers on how they knew it was time to quit
68 Google helps elderly widower to remember his wife in Super Bowl ad
69 Three Years of Misery Inside Google, the Happiest Company in Tech
70 Googlers organized against Dragonfly with listserves and Google Forms
71 Can Sundar Pichai Bring Order to Alphabet? Former Google Employees Have Doubts and Hope
72 Japan lodges protest with China over ships near disputed islets
73 2 ex-Googlers got funding from Reddit founder Alexis Ohanian and tennis star Serena Williams for their crypto
74 Redirecting Googlers To Sites They're Not Searching For Can Have Benefits — And A Dark Side
75 Googlers, startup execs discuss Google Cloud CEO Thomas Kurian's plans
76 Google Employees Miss Office Perks While Enduring Coronavirus Damnation
77 On the first anniversary of the Google walkout, employees are still mad
78 Founded By Ex-Google Engineers, Meet The Drone Startup Scoring Millions In Government Surveillance Contracts
79 Two ex-Googlers to head Paytm’s cloud, advertising business
80 The Great Google Revolt
81 1,000 False Wakewords: A Letter! Buy 200 Toilet Rolls
82 Google: We Can Look Up Internal PageRank But Toolbar PageRank Is Gone
83 Google: Nofollow Change Was A Policy Change; No Action Was Necessarily Taken By Googlers Yet
84 Study: Googlers still dream of OBX in pandemic
85 Google Blanket Making Workshop
86 Ex-Googler's 'high-tech' doctor's office Forward comes to San Diego
87 Googlers are petitioning against the Heritage Foundation head overseeing its ethicstw
88 Analysis | The Technology 202: These Googlers are dialing Washington to demand an end to forced arbitration
89 Ad-Lib names ex-Googlers as CEO and Creative Director
90 Googlers are calling Congress to end forced arbitration
91 Googlers Can Kayak Between Seattle Offices
92 Top 10 Best 2020
93 IMO: Bill Lambert Is Not A Googler Or Google Spy
94 Google's productivity expert shares advice for working from home
95 The morality of defending America: A letter to a young Googler
96 Analysis | The Technology 202: Googlers demand company renounce working with Trump immigration agencies
97 Sends Googlers to Help Hospitals During Covid-19 Crisis
98 Googlers accuse company of developing a spy tool to monitor large employee meetings
99 Gunmen attack Pakistan Stock Exchange in Karachi, 10 Killed
100 Google’s attempt to shut down a unionization meeting just riled up its employees.