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1 Here's how much Gordon Sondland's Provenance Hotels secured in PPP funds
2 Sen. Duckworth says she will block over 1,100 military promotions until Pentagon protects impeachment witness Vindman
3 Who is Gordon Sondland? How is he involved in the impeachment inquiry?
4 Duckworth to hold up confirmations to ensure impeachment witness Vindman's promotion isn't blocked
5 Gordon Sondland, EU Ambassador, And His Role In The Impeachment Inquiry
6 Gordon Sondland, hotelier turned diplomat, wasn't always a Trump supporter
7 Who is Gordon Sondland? The Envoy With a Key Role in the Impeachment Inquiry
8 Gordon Sondland's Relationship With Trump Is A Complicated One
9 Trump’s embattled E.U. ambassador says he’s not resigning
10 Trump Fires Impeachment Witnesses Gordon Sondland and Alexander Vindman in Post-Acquittal Purge
11 Trump’s articles of impeachment — updated
12 Sondland Updates Impeachment Testimony, Describing Ukraine Quid Pro Quo
13 Who Is Gordon Sondland, and What Was His Mission to Ukraine?
14 ‘Disruptive diplomat’ Gordon Sondland, a key figure in Trump impeachment furor, long coveted ambassadorship
15 How Gordon Sondland, ‘a Guided Missile for Getting Access,’ Landed in the Middle of Trump’s Ukrainian Mess
16 Gordon Sondland plugs away in Brussels while playing a central role in Trump’s impeachment trial
17 Gordon Sondland Elbowed His Way Into Ukraine Policy. It Could Cost Him.
18 5 Key Things We Learned From Gordon Sondland
19 Gordon Sondland: US ambassador to EU accused of sexual misconduct
20 Five takeaways from Gordon Sondland's bombshell testimony
21 The many contradictions of Gordon Sondland
22 Donald Trump is the king of cancel culture
23 Impeachment: Gordon Sondland, donor-turned-diplomat, a central player in Ukraine controversy
24 Gordon Sondland's Financial Picture: Private Jet, Multimillion-dollar Art Collections And Much More
25 READ: Gordon Sondland's statement on being recalled from his post
26 Read Gordon Sondland’s Opening Statement
27 How Seattle hotelier Ambassador Gordon Sondland made himself a central figure in Trump-Ukraine controversy
28 Sondland Says He Followed Trump’s Orders to Pressure Ukraine
29 Why Does Gordon Sondland Still Have a Job?
30 Eleven Things You May Not Know About Gordon Sondland
31 Schiff: Bolton could have made a difference, but he chose to make a profit with his book
32 Report: Gordon Sondland's Ambassadorial Bid Was Initially Blackballed By Trump Officials
33 Why Gordon Sondland's Provenance Hotels isn't spending its PPP loan just yet
34 Gordon Sondland, the ambassador at the center of the Trump impeachment inquiry, explained
35 Gordon Sondland selling convention center property despite coronavirus market crash
36 Multiple women recall sexual misconduct and retaliation by Gordon Sondland
37 Gordon Sondland to be recalled from his position
38 House Democrats call for ambassador to EU Sondland to resign
39 Republicans Turn Up Heat on Gordon Sondland in Impeachment Hearing
40 Do We Have to Keep Calling Him “Ambassador Gordon Sondland” Forever?
41 Gordon Sondland's Provenance Hotels gets PPP loan
42 Meet Portland hotelier Gordon Sondland, the European Union Ambassador and a key figure in Ukraine-fueled Trump impeachment inquiry (Video)
43 Gordon Sondland, who flaunted Trump access, may offer first-hand account of Trump's Ukraine aims
44 How Northwest hotelier Gordon Sondland went from UW dropout to central witness in the impeachment inquiry
45 Gordon Sondland, U.S. Ambassador To The E.U., Answers Questions About Ukraine
46 Ambassador from Portland told by State Department not to testify in Trump/Ukraine scandal
47 Readers Respond: Power Couple with Gordon Sondland
48 Portland Businessman Gordon Sondland Pushed Back On Allegations Against Trump, Texts Indicate
49 A Key Impeachment Witness, Gordon Sondland Is Also a ‘Lover of Art.’ Here’s What We Know About His Multimillion-Dollar Art Collection
50 Gordon Sondland is about to undermine Trump’s ‘no quid pro quo’ defense
51 Scoop: EU Ambassador Gordon Sondland to testify next week
52 Trump called Gordon Sondland a 'great American.' Now he says 'I hardly know the gentleman.'
53 Ukraine Scandal: Ambassador Gordon Sondland Blocked From Testifying
54 Transcript: The Witnesses: Gordon Sondland
55 GOP Senators Tried to Stop Trump From Firing Megadonor Gordon Sondland
56 Embattled Ambassador Gordon Sondland vows he’s not quitting and will soon return to Brussels
57 How Gordon Sondland Took Over America
58 Gordon Sondland one of three million-dollar Trump donors to become ambassador
59 Full transcript of testimony of Gordon Sondland, U.S. Ambassador to the E.U.
60 Opening statement before the House Intelligence Committee from Gordon Sondland, U.S. ambassador to the European Union
61 The U.S. State Department Abruptly Cancels Ambassador Gordon Sondland's Testimony in Impeachment Investigation
62 Gordon Sondland’s biggest deal lands him at center of Ukraine scandal. Is all he’s worked for at risk?
63 Read the transcript: Testimony of Gordon Sondland, U.S. ambassador to the European Union
64 'Oregonians expect him to come clean:' Activists march, send message to Gordon Sondland
65 Gordon Sondland had influence on Capitol Hill long before he became ambassador, campaign contributions show
66 Portland Hotelier Gordon Sondland To Testify In Trump Impeachment Probe
67 Who Is Gordon Sondland? | Here & Now
68 E.U. Ambassador Gordon Sondland’s Connection to Portland Restaurants, Explained
69 Takeaways From Impeachment Hearing With Gordon Sondland
70 Salt & Straw severs ties with Gordon Sondland’s Provenance Hotels
71 The Hotelier at the Heart of Trump’s Impeachment Inquiry
72 Sondland seeks to align himself with Taylor after bombshell testimony
73 Gordon Sondland's Contribution to Trump's Impeachment Saga Figures Prominently in House Intelligence Report
74 Gordon Sondland, Trump envoy and key figure in impeachment probe, faces criticism over $1 million taxpayer-funded home renovation
75 Congressman Earl Blumenauer Tweets: “Gordon Sondland, Welcome to the Resistance”
76 Gordon Sondland’s testimony questioned in light of new witnesses
77 Who is Gordon Sondland? Portland hotel magnate’s stunning climb to Trump inner circle lands him in impeachmen
78 Ukraine Whistleblower Complaint: Ambassador Gordon Sondland Followed Up on Trump's Call, Also Sought to “Contain the Damage” Done By Rudy Giuliani
79 Ambassador Sondland’s Revenge in the Trump Impeachment Inquiry
80 Provenance Hotels removed Gordon Sondland from website soon after he became ambassador in 2018
81 Meet Gordon Sondland, the Holocaust survivors’ son whose testimony could get Trump impeached
82 Watch Gordon Sondland's Explosive Testimony
83 Ambassador Gordon Sondland's supplemental declaration
84 Gordon Sondland’s Impeachment Testimony for the Ages
85 Gordon Sondland has a key role in the impeachment inquiry
86 Hotel Owner Gordon Sondland Now Figures In Trump Impeachment Investigation
87 Sondland: Yes, there was a quid pro quo
88 After Changing His Tune, Gordon Sondland Has a Date Next Week With Congress
89 Trump impeachment trial live coverage: The president's defense begins
90 E.U. ambassador to testify in impeachment inquiry, defying Trump administration
91 Ahead of Gordon Sondland's testimony, poll results lean in favor of a hotel boycott
92 Sondland testimony highlight: In opening statement Ambassador Sondland implicates top officials in "quid pro quo" Ukraine scheme
93 Washington Post: US envoy to the European Union to tell Congress Trump relayed to him 'no quid pro quo' text
94 Portland Businessman Embroiled In Impeachment Inquiry Will Cooperate With Congressional Investigation
95 Just halfway through, 2020 has already been a year for the history books
96 Portland hotelier Gordon Sondland taps 'crisis' spokesman
97 Gordon Sondland, US ambassador to EU, in impeachment hot seat
98 US Ambassador to EU Gordon Sondland, key impeachment witness, will testify
99 Trump stops Ambassador Gordon Sondland from testifying in impeachment inquiry
100 Trump escalates impeachment fight: Prohibits EU Ambassador Gordon Sondland, caught up in Ukraine texts, from testifying in inquiry