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Result Content Idea Research
1 Federal Financial Management: Substantial Progress Made since Enactment of the 1990 CFO Act; Refinements Would Yield Added Benefits
2 Natural Gas Exports: Updated Guidance and Regulations Could Improve Facility Permitting Processes
4 Department of Defense: Eating Disorders in the Military
5 COVID-19: FEMA's Role in the Response and Related Challenges
6 Next Generation Combat Vehicles: As Army Prioritizes Rapid Development, More Attention Needed to Provide Insight on Cost Estimates and Systems Engineering Risks
7 Sexual Harassment: Inconsistent and Incomplete Policies and Information Hinder VA's Efforts to Protect Employees
8 F-35 Sustainment: DOD Needs to Address Key Uncertainties as It Re-Designs the Aircraft's Logistics System
9 Southwest Border: CBP Should Improve Oversight of Funds, Medical Care, and Reporting of Deaths
10 GAO’s high risk list receives more recognition
11 GAO to Congress on Facial Rec Tech: Update Consumer Privacy Framework
12 GAO says key steps remain in making agro-defense facility operational
13 GAO to Suggest More than 100 Ways to Secure Federal IT Supply Chains
14 K-12 Education: School Districts Need Better Information to Help Improve Access for People with Disabilities
16 Coast Guard: Actions Needed to Ensure Investments in Key Data System Meet Mission and User Needs
17 Social Cost of Carbon: Identifying a Federal Entity to Address the National Academies' Recommendations Could Strengthen Regulatory Analysis
18 Information Technology: Federal Agencies and OMB Need to Continue to Improve Management and Cybersecurity
19 Agencies Off-Pace to Switch to New Telecom Contract Before Cutoff Date, GAO Says
20 Climate Resilience: Actions Needed to Ensure DOD Considers Climate Risks to Contractors as Part of Acquisition, Supply, and Risk Assessment
21 G.A.O.: Trump Boosts Deregulation by Undervaluing Cost of Climate Change
23 GAO: DATA Act Compliance Still Varies, but Error Rates Remain Low
24 Fiscal Year 2021 Budget Request: U.S. Government Accountability Office
25 GAO Says Protester Abandoned $40M VA Contract Dispute
26 Covid-19: Opportunities to Improve Federal Response and Recovery Efforts
27 Report examines nuclear weapons modernization costs – Homeland Preparedness News
28 GAO examines temporary, term hires by the Department of Defense
29 Military Depots: Army and Marine Corps Need to Improve Efforts to Address Challenges in Measuring Performance and Planning Maintenance Work
30 Gimme Some Money! – Recent GAO Cases on Recovering Bid Protest Costs
31 The 2020 USCIS Ombudsman Report: A Book Review
32 DATA Act: OIGs Reported That Quality of Agency-Submitted Data Varied, and Most Recommended Improvements
33 Office of Management and Budget—Withholding of Ukraine Security Assistance
34 GAO Audits Involving DOD: Status of DOD's Efforts to Schedule and Hold Timely Entrance Conferences
35 FERC, NERC release vendor cybersecurity guide to help identify Huawei, ZTE chips
36 Klobuchar Asks GAO To Examine Prescription Drug Rebate Traps
37 DHS Service Contracts: Increased Oversight Needed to Reduce the Risk Associated with Contractors Performing Certain Functions
38 Cost tripled for missile defense warhead, despite prior warnings, GAO finds
39 Cybersecurity: Selected Federal Agencies Need to Coordinate on Requirements and Assessments of States
40 Congress must enact a plan to keep government workers safe | TheHill
41 Infection Control Deficiencies Were Widespread and Persistent in Nursing Homes Prior to COVID-19 Pandemic
42 The Nation's Fiscal Health: Action Is Needed to Address the Federal Government's Fiscal Future
43 K-12 Education: School Districts Frequently Identified Multiple Building Systems Needing Updates or Replacement
44 U.S. Postal Service: Congressional Action Is Essential to Enable a Sustainable Business Model
45 Bureau of Land Management: Agency's Reorganization Efforts Did Not Substantially Address Key Practices for Effective Reforms
46 USAID: Mixed Progress in Increasing Diversity, and Actions Needed to Consistently Meet EEO Requirements
47 Federal Research: Additional Actions Needed to Improve Public Access to Research Results
48 Indian Education: Actions Needed to Ensure Students with Disabilities Receive Special Education Services
49 Financial Audit: FY 2019 and FY 2018 Consolidated Financial Statements of the U.S. Government
50 The U.S. Needs to Address Its Climate Migration Problem
51 Military Housing: DOD Needs to Strengthen Oversight and Clarify Its Role in the Management of Privatized Housing
52 Data Center Optimization: Agencies Report Progress, but Oversight and Cybersecurity Risks Need to Be Addressed
53 Inspectors General: Independence Principles and Considerations for Reform
54 Agile Software Development: DHS Has Made Significant Progress in Implementing Leading Practices, but Needs to Take Additional Actions
55 State and Local Governments' Fiscal Outlook: 2019 Update
56 Information Technology: DHS Directives Have Strengthened Federal Cybersecurity, but Improvements Are Needed
57 Hanford Cleanup: DOE Should Take Actions to Improve Inspections and Oversight of Contaminated Excess Facilities
58 Federal Workforce: Key Considerations for Agencies Returning Employees to Workplaces during Pandemics
59 Data Act: Quality of Data Submissions Has Improved but Further Action Is Needed to Disclose Known Data Limitations
60 Antibiotic Resistance: Additional Federal Actions Needed to Better Determine Magnitude and Reduce Impact
61 State Department: Additional Steps Are Needed to Identify Barriers to Workforce Diversity
62 Compacts of Free Association: Populations in U.S. Areas Have Grown, with Varying Reported Effects
63 Private Citizens' Involvement in Decision-Making at the Department of Veterans Affairs: Information on the Purpose, Scope, and Time Frames of Interactions between 2016 and 2018
64 Cybersecurity: DOD Needs to Take Decisive Actions to Improve Cyber Hygiene
65 Department of Defense: Actions Needed to Reduce Accounting Adjustments
66 Drug Control: Actions Needed to Ensure Usefulness of Data on Suspicious Opioid Orders
67 Critical Infrastructure Protection: Additional Actions Needed to Identify Framework Adoption and Resulting Improvements
68 Independence Day Celebrations: Estimated Costs for Fourth of July Events on the National Mall for 2016 through 2019
69 Retirement Security: BLS Should Explore Ways to Improve the Accuracy, Timeliness, and Relevance of Its Cost-of-Living Measurements
70 F-35 Joint Strike Fighter: Actions Needed to Address Manufacturing and Modernization Risks
71 Campaign Finance: Federal Framework, Agency Roles and Responsibilities, and Perspectives
72 U.S. Customs and Border Protection—Obligations of Amounts Appropriated in the 2019 Emergency Supplemental
73 Defense Acquisitions: Action Is Needed to Provide Clarity and Mitigate Risks of the Air Force's Planned Advanced Battle Management System
74 Superfund: EPA Should Take Additional Actions to Manage Risks from Climate Change
75 Military Justice: DOD and the Coast Guard Need to Improve Their Capabilities to Assess Racial Disparities
76 Bureau of Prisons: Improved Planning Would Help BOP Evaluate and Manage Its Portfolio of Drug Education and Treatment Programs
77 Telecommunications: Fully Implementing Established Transition Planning Practices Would Help Agencies Reduce Risk of Costly Delays
78 Water Scarcity: DOD Has Not Always Followed Leading Practices to Identify At-Risk Installations
79 Information Technology: Agencies Need to Fully Implement Key Workforce Planning Activities
80 Medicaid: State Views on Program Administration Challenges
81 Whistleblowers: Office of Special Counsel Should Require Information on the Probationary Status of Whistleblowers
82 Federal Management: Selected Reforms Could Be Strengthened By Following Additional Planning, Communication, and Leadership Practices
83 Leidos objects to elimination from defense intell contract
84 Government watchdog warns of cost and technical risk for next-gen combat vehicle effort
85 What Kamala Harris’ record says about major AI policy issues
86 2020 Census: Initial Enumeration Underway but Readiness for Upcoming Operations Is Mixed
87 Public Companies: Disclosure of Environmental, Social, and Governance Factors and Options to Enhance Them
88 Public Health Preparedness: HHS Should Take Actions to Ensure It Has an Adequate Number of Effectively Trained Emergency Responders
89 Commissaries and Exchanges: DOD and Congress Need More Reliable Information on Expected Savings and Costs of Consolidating the Defense Resale Organizations
90 Defense Health Care: DOD Should Collect and Use Key Information to Make Decisions about Incentives for Physicians and Dentists
92 National Preparedness: Additional Actions Needed to Address Gaps in the Nation's Emergency Management Capabilities
93 Management Report: Improvements Needed in the Bureau of the Fiscal Service's Information System Controls Related to the Schedules of the General Fund
94 Disability Employment: Hiring Has Increased but Actions Needed to Assess Retention, Training, and Reasonable Accommodation Efforts
95 Information Management: Selected Agencies Need to Fully Address Federal Electronic Recordkeeping Requirements
96 Positive Train Control: Railroads Generally Made Progress, but Several Must Meet Compressed Schedules to Meet Implementation Date
97 Export Controls: State and Commerce Should Improve Guidance and Outreach to Address University-Specific Compliance Issues
98 Drug Misuse: Sustained National Efforts Are Necessary for Prevention, Response, and Recovery
99 K-12 Education: Education Needs to Address Significant Quality Issues with its Restraint and Seclusion Data
100 2020 Census: COVID-19 Presents Delays and Risks to Census Count