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Result Content Idea Research
1 Kotlin adds dynamic method invocation for JVM
2 Spring Boot eases registry publishing pains as it gets more Kubernetes friendly • DEVCLASS
3 Microservices Development Boosted With Integrated Deep Learning
4 How to use Jenkins with Ant to build your Java apps
5 How to install Jenkins on Ubuntu 20 in 7 simple steps
6 How to install the Gradle Build Tool on Linux for automated building
7 Android Adopts Bazel For Build System
8 Introducing Jetpack Compose for Desktop
9 news digest: Kotlin 1.4.20 released, Android releases its target API level requirements for 2021, Accusoft announces beta testing program
10 Global Build Automation Software Market By Leading Key Players- Ansible CloudBees Bamboo Apache Maven CircleCI Azure Automation Gradle Chef Bitrise Codeship Red Hat Jenkins TeamCity Postman Microsoft Team Foundation Server Travis CI
11 Gradle 6.5 adds file system watching to improve build times
12 Gradle 6.3 adds support for Java 14 & more
13 Developer Reviews Apple's M1 Chip: Hardware Great, But Devs Should Wait
14 Gradle 6.4 arrives with support for building and testing Java modules
15 Gradle 6.5 arrives with a new experimental file-system watching feature
16 New Sonatype Scan Gradle Plugin
17 Gradle 6 Brings Significant Dependency Management Improvements
18 Gradle 6.4 Released with Support for Java Modules -- ADTmag
19 How to run Jenkins builds on Docker
20 Global Build Automation Software Market Top Manufacturers: Jenkins, TeamCity, CircleCI, Bamboo, Ansible etc.
21 Gradle 6.0 brings Java 13 support & much more
22 Gradle 6.1 adds relocatable dependency cache and a few more changes
23 Build Automation Software Market 2020 to Global Forecast 2023 By Key Companies – Jenkins, TeamCity, CircleCI, Bamboo, Ansible, Microsoft Team Foundation Server, Apache Maven, Azure Automation, Codeship, Travis CI, Gradle, Chef
24 An introduction to Gradle for complete beginners
25 Gradle 5.6 released – faster Groovy compilation, new plugin for Java test fixtures & more
26 Google Java container tech gets extension framework
27 Gradle 5.0 is here: Now with Java 11 support, production ready Kotlin DSL, and more!
28 Gradle 5.5.1 brings simple plugin generation and more features
29 Setting Gradle properties to build a project [Tutorial]
30 Tooling as code – Having truly self-contained Gradle builds
31 Gradle Releases Version 4.7 with Support for Java 10
32 Kotlin 1.4 reaches release candidate stage
33 Write your first Gradle build script to start automating your project [Tutorial]
34 What's the diff: Trailing commas, unified backends, better performance, oh my
35 What’s new in Gradle 5.2
36 Gradle 5.0 Released with Java 11 Support -- ADTmag
37 Lead Full Stack Software Engineer
38 Quick Tip
39 Gradle 4.8: Dependency locking and performance improvements
40 TensorFlow Lite on Andriod for beginners
41 Gradle build sharing comes out of the cradle
42 Where's Java Going In 2020
43 Kotlin 1.4-M1 updates the standard library and adds new Kotlin/JS backend
44 Global Build Automation Tools Market Top Players By 2026: CircleCI, Jenkins, Atlassian, LambdaTest, JetBrains etc.
45 Gradle 5.2 arrives with a new Java Platform plugin and improved C++ plugins
46 Senior Java Developer
47 Introducing Gradle Build Scans
48 Gradle Grabs $4.2 Million To Expand Commercial Company Around Open Source Build System
49 Gradle's Java 9 support explained
50 Google's Jib Gaining Traction in the Broader Java Dev Ecosystem
51 Dekorate: Generating Kubernetes and OpenShift Manifests for Java Projects
52 One Gradle Plugin to JAR Them All
53 Why Build Your Java Projects with Gradle Rather than Ant or Maven?
54 4 reasons why Gradle may be the right Java build tool
55 Google positions Gradle as the build system of choice for Android
56 Spring Boot 2.3 enhances Docker support with new features
57 Gradle Goodness: Passing Environment Variables in IntelliJ IDEA
58 Writing Build Scripts With Gradle | Dr Dobb's
59 Gradle Goodness: Create a Shortcut Key to Refresh Gradle Projects in IntelliJ IDEA
60 The Long Road to Groovy 3.0 Featuring Their New and Improved Parser
61 Maven vs. Gradle and the Best of Both Worlds
62 Using Gradle to version and build a UE4 project
63 Gradle Tooling API Introduction
64 LTHS Recognizes 2020 AP Scholars | Homer Glen, IL Patch
65 Spring Boot expands cloud native tech support • DEVCLASS
66 Carmel closes section of Monon Trail, Midtown Plaza
67 LinkedIn Introduces PyGradle, an Open Source Python Plugin for Gradle
68 Android Studio 4.0 adds Motion Editor and Build Analyzer
69 Code Analysis With Gradle Plugins
70 Carmel to reopen some shuttered outdoor areas, with changes
71 Top Java technologies in 2020: JVM programming languages, IDEs & more
72 Android Studio 4
73 Build Docker Images With Maven and Gradle
74 E recruitment Market Analysis, Growth Opportunities And Latest Trends By Leading Regions, And Manufacturers From 2020 To 2026
75 Managing Your Database With Liquibase and Gradle
76 Android Studio 4.0 released with Motion Editor, improved Java 8 support, and more
77 Grails Goodness — Changing Gradle Version
78 Apache NetBeans 11.3: JDK 14 preview features & dark mode
79 Introduction to Android Gradle
80 Eclipse Mars Update 1 arrives: Gradle support and bug fixes
81 Android Studio 3.2 Beta 5 out, with updated Protobuf Gradle plugin
82 Multi-Project AspectJ Builds With Gradle and Eclipse
83 Android Studio 4.1 makes it easy to use TensorFlow Lite models and the Android Emulator
84 Gradle – Copy to Multiple Destinations
85 Gradle Goodness: Configure Intellij Idea to Use Gradle as Testrunner
86 Gradle Goodness: Custom Plugin Repositories With Plugins DSL
87 Using IDEA to Delegate Build And Run Actions To Gradle
88 Gradle Goodness: Running Groovy Scripts Using Groovy Command Line
89 Gradle embraces Kotlin for Android app dev
90 Gradle Goodness: Use Command Line Options With Custom Tasks
91 How to Run Multiple Versions of All Your Dev Tools with Jenv
92 Gradle Goodness: Download Javadoc Files For Dependencies In IDE
93 Grails 3.0: Built on Spring Boot and Gradle
94 Convention over Configuration: the Gradle way
95 Gradle Goodness: Run Tasks Ignoring Up-to-Date Checks [Code Snippet]
96 Buildship 2.2 brings major improvements, Java 9 support
97 Gradle Goodness: Running Java Tasks With Gradle
98 Gradle Goodness: Source Sets As IntelliJ IDEA Modules
99 Java on VS Code April update includes Java 14 support
100 Micronaut 2.0 Enhances Tooling, Improves Support for Serverless and GraalVM