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Result Content Idea Research
1 Unpublished USDA Report: 40% Cash Volume Depressed Cattle Prices More Than $33 Per Head
2 USDA Cattle Investigation Report Coming as R-CALF Releases 2014 GIPSA Study
3 Koontz Sets the Record Straight
4 USDA rolls out new GIPSA language to determine competitive injury | 2020-01-10
5 Is the third time the charm for farmer fair practice rules?
6 New Meatpacker Rules Won’t Support or Protect Farmers
7 USDA proposes rule to ensure competitive meat, poultry markets
8 Ag committee reauthorizes US Grain Standards Act
9 Perdue sets his marker on meat market fairness
10 Feed Testing Market Share 2020 Global Top Companies, Industry Current Trends, Application, Growth Factors, Development and Forecast to 2024 Research Report
11 GIPSA proposal spurs calls for family farm protection
13 Open Markets and Allies Demand Antitrust Enforcement in Meat Industry to Protect Workers, Farmers
14 GIPSA Rules Back On USDA Agenda In 2019
15 The Trump administration chose meatpacking giants over farmers in USDA proposal, critics say
16 USDA Final Rule Ends GIPSA
17 US price fixing indictment showcases need for antitrust enforcement
18 Final Nail in the Coffin: USDA formally eliminates GIPSA
19 Six Actions Sonny Perdue Can Take Today to Save the U.S. Cattle Market
20 Industry, PSD background on USDA investigation into pricing margins
21 USDA announces new Packers and Stockyards Act regulations
22 NFU Comments on Price Fixing Indictments
23 Court Agrees with USDA in GIPSA Ruling
24 Indictment shines spotlight on meat industry consolidation | 2020-06-16
25 Livestock industry applauds withdrawal of GIPSA rules
26 USDA Looks to Strengthen Packers and Stockyards Act
27 Court backs USDA in axing GIPSA rules | Livestock
28 R-CALF USA say changes needed in cattle industry to avoid vertical integration
29 Candidates get detailed on farm policy in bid for rural votes
30 Trump’s Agriculture Department backs giant COVID-ridden meatpacking firms over ranchers and feedlot operators
31 USDA Announces Farmer Fair Practices Rules
32 Sioux Center co-op managers indicted for conspiracy to commit fraud, accused of mixing soybeans and oats
33 Fair Cattle Markets
34 Rally intends to call attention to cattle markets
35 Knowledge at Your Fingertips Makes Every Penny Count
36 Corn and Soybeans Face Strict Inspections Prior to Export
37 Meat Industry 1, Obama Administration 0
38 Ranchers Denounce Corporate Control over Cattle Markets
39 Our Agency
40 USDA delays GIPSA rule, to mixed reaction
41 Glossary of USDA Acronyms
42 USDA names Michael Durando Deputy Administrator and James Ivy as Associate Deputy Administrator
43 Poultry growers decry farm system
44 Farmers and Ranchers Head to DC to Level the Playing Field
45 Hedging issues with CME Lean Hog Futures
46 Grain Inspectors "Make the Grade" with Digital Media Tools
47 A Fair Deal for Farmers
48 Cattle producers call for fair prices to save future of state and nation's cattle industry
49 Federal Web Site Inventory
50 US Grain Inspection – What to Expect
51 Views For 2020: US Democrat Presidential Candidates' Plans in Food and Agriculture
52 Lynch Livestock, Inc. settles false weight case with GIPSA
53 Bureaucracy bonanza? Warren’s plans would create plethora of new federal offices
54 Killing the competition: Meat industry reform takes a blow
55 Farmers Need a Bill of Rights
56 OCM: New JBS violations highlight weak enforcement of Packers & Stockyards Act
57 Meat industry calls on USDA to allow comments on GIPSA proposals
58 GIPSA reboot coming this fall | 2019-07-09
59 US agency withdraws rule aimed at protecting animal farmers
60 Monopolies in Meat: Endangering Workers, Farmers, and Consumers
61 Letter from Langdon: Farmer Protections Are About as Strong as a Puny Pig in a Poke
62 GIPSA Proposals Delayed 60 Days
63 The Cognitive Dissonance of Sonny Perdue
64 Costly mistakes: USDA finds that JBS USA did not keep track of carcasses in plants, some feeders say it's a chronic problem
65 Opponents say USDA reorganization has multiple problems
66 The USDA Rolled Back Protections For Small Farmers. Now The Farmers Are Suing
67 GIPSA's National Grain Center Hosts Secretary Tom Vilsack
68 VICAM's Afla-V AQUA Strip Test Receives USDA-GIPSA Certification for the Quantitative Analysis of Aflatoxins
69 Obama’s Agriculture Secretary, Now Working for the Dairy Industry, Urges 2020 Democrats to Be Nice to the Dairy Industry
70 GIPSA rule kicked down the road for Perdue's eventual decision
71 USDA Settles Lawsuit With Enumclaw Auction Pavilion
72 How a top chicken company cut off black farmers, one by one
73 Farmers seek answers from Democratic presidential candidates; many still support Trump
74 United Producers agrees to pay GIPSA penalty
75 A Day in the Life of Sonny Perdue
76 How Trump's budget proposal would impact USDA | Nation
77 'They're coming after you next.' How poultry giant put black MS farmers out of business
78 Big Business Rules American Agriculture—and Congress Doesn't Seem to Care
79 Sale Barn Accused of Mishandling Funds | Main Edition
80 America runs on poverty: How food monopolies exploit the poor
81 USDA Restructuring Efforts Move Forward
82 Marshall County chicken farmer plaintiff in federal lawsuit against USDA
83 Spending Measure Puts 'GIPSA Rule' On Hold
84 Lynchburg Livestock Market fined $10,000 after USDA complaint
85 Baker wins 3rd term in county judge race
86 Poultry industry objects to new USDA rules on contracts
87 A Green New Deal for Agriculture
88 How Chicken Farmers are Getting Clucked in a Supermarket Near You
89 USDA issues order to stop to Merlin L. Garver
90 Commentary: Biden’s Record at Odds with Much of His Rural Plan
91 To Rinse Or Not To Rinse: How Washing Some Foods Can Help You Avoid Illness
92 The death of the American dream for family farmers | TheHill
93 GIPSA fines Martin D. Yoder Livestock
94 Women Leaders in Agriculture Look to the Future
95 Ibach's confirmation filling USDA staff
96 5 things Trump did this week while you weren't looking
97 USDA issues guidance for possible government shutdown
98 K-State's Barry Flinchbaugh evaluates the Trump administration
99 John Oliver 1, Big Chicken 0?
100 Merger of Two Meat Industry Associations Takes Effect Jan. 1